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June Newsletter
We've been busy furthering our education over the last couple of months. Heather attended the World Dermatology Conference in France, and our nurses Becky and Caitlyn have been attending puppy behaviour and training classes once a week at Kuri dog training school in order to bring more knowledge and skills to the puppy preschool classes held at our clinic. Nurse Zoe also recently finished a 4 week course on IV fluid therapy.
Read about 'Midgit's' story of being diagnosed with Lymphoma, and what it's been like for a dog to have weekly chemotherapy sessions.
Also we have the interesting story of 'Magic' the cat who came in with a blade of grass in a very uncomfortable (and painful!) place. 
Canine Chemotherapy - Midgit's Fight with Lymphoma.
Midgit is an American Staffy who was rehomed from the SPCA by Gethyn about 5 years ago. Despite her melting brown eyes and friendly manner, she has had a rough start to life, and has made it through many tough situations. Earlier this month, Gethyn noticed that Midgit had swollen lymph nodes under her jaw, so he brought her in for a checkup with the vet. We performed a fine needle aspirate (FNA) on the lymph nodes, and our pathologist Nicki took a look at the cells and diagnosed high grade lymphoma. After discussing the options with Gethyn, he decided to go ahead and quickly start chemotherapy sessions, as the cancer was potentially fast-moving.
Chemotherapy for Midgit meant she has to come into our clinic once a week for a blood test to check her red and white blood cell count, and then (all going well on the blood test), we place her on IV fluids and administer the specially calculated dose of chemotherapy drugs intravenously. During the chemotherapy course, she is on medications for anti-nausea, to protect her stomach lining, and steroids to reduce inflammation and swelling. So far, according to Gethyn, she has handled the chemotherapy very well, and even playful the day after her first session. Also the swelling of her lymph nodes reduced significantly over a few days. Chemotherapy side effects do not tend to be as drastic as for humans. There is no hair-loss or extended sickness, but they may be tired or off their food for a couple of days following chemotherapy.
So we wish Midgit all the very best with her fight against lymphoma, and Gethyn tells us that he's promised her a few months on the road around NZ if she makes it through! Now that's a great incentive for any dog!
Heather attends World Dermatology Conference
Heather was lucky enough this month to be invited by Royal Canin, to attend the World Dermatology Conference in Bordeaux, France.  The conference is held every 4 years, for a week, and brings together the latest research and presentations from international experts in Veterinary Dermatology.   Over 3000 vets attended from around the world.
The conference covered subjects such as immune-mediated diseases, the latest treatments for demodex, parasitic and fungal/yeast diseases, atopic (allergic) skin disease, and methods of managing recurrent skin infections to try to avoid development of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains affecting dogs and cats.
There was time to do some sightseeing, sample some of France's wonderful foods and wines and catch up with old friends and colleagues....
Heather also had a tour through Royal Canin's Campus near Montpellier.  This incredible campus houses their research and development facility and the factory that supplies NZ with our dry diets - its a bit like the Wonka chocolate factory tour for vets!
Lunch was in their restaurant (not the factory!)
And thanks to the French strikes, she almost missed the plane home (really!)
Royal Canin !!
Grass-Blade Causes Trouble for 'Magic'.
'Magic' came into our clinic one Monday morning. He had been gagging, coughing, lethargic and not eating over the weekend. Heather listened to his chest and found the right side of his lungs to be quite noisy when he was breathing in. On X-ray, he had an unusual pattern in his right lung, which indicated some sort of infection. Heather used an endoscope to have a look down into his throat and lungs. She saw the tip of a blade of grass in his right bronchus, going down into his lung. He had properly inhaled the grass! The blade of grass was pretty long, it measured 8cm. Heather used tiny endoscope forceps to reach down and remove the grass.
As the grass had caused infection and inflammation of his right lung, Magic was sent home with a course of antibiotics, and some anti-inflammatory pain relief. At his check-up a few days later, his owners said he was doing well and back to his normal self, which we were very glad to hear!
The green line shows how far down into the bronchi the grass blade had been inhaled! 
Puppy Behaviour School.
Our nurses Becky and Caitlyn went on an 8 week Puppy Behaviour course at the Kuri Dog Training centre in order to learn more useful techniques to our puppy classes. The training techniques learned are stress-free, pain-free, and reward-based. As well as learning how to correct and prevent unwanted behaviours, they also learned how to teach owners to communicate and bond with their new puppy. At puppy preschool, your puppy will learn lot of useful commands such as 'sit, 'down', stay', and 'drop', as well as learn how to interact with different breeds of dogs and different people too. Owners will learn about how to toilet train their new puppy, about vaccinations, de-sexing, and also have the chance to ask questions and even have a look around our clinic. We are happy to show you where your fur-baby will be staying when they are neutered/spayed, or if they are unwell and need to be hospitalised. 

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