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March Newsletter

Welcome to Autumn!    What a fabulous summer we've had!
Our March newsletter features 'Jess' who survived life-threatening pyometra surgery, and is a reminder to consider neutering your pet if you haven't done so already.  Jess' family had a nervous few days waiting for her get well enough to go back home.  
Our online shopping and home delivery is becoming popular - supporting your local clinic means increased quality services for your pets, and its super-convenient having your pet supplies delivered to your home. 
Veronika is back with us after her maternity leave and we've included a cute pic of her new addition below....

'Jess' has a narrow escape

Jess arrived recently at our clinic critically ill and requiring urgent surgery to save her life.   She is 8 years old and wasn't spayed.  The worst happened and she got an infection in her uterus (called a pyometra).
Her abdomen was very bloated and painful, she was vomitting and drinking lots of water.  We did tests to confirm our suspicions - her white blood cell count was very high, and the ultrasound image (in the picture above) showed a very enlarged, fluid filled uterus - those big dark circles are cross sections through the uterus.  The uterus weighed 3.4kg (!) and was filled with pus - no wonder she was sick!  (we included a pic taken during surgery to show how big it was - black and white, so not too scary!)
Jess came through the surgery after lots of intensive care and recovered to go home.
Pyometra is a life-threatening disease, and one of our main reasons for recommending having your female dog spayed.  Ring us if you would like to discuss neutering your pet.
Veronika's baby Saul is now 5 months old, doesn't the time fly...and Veronika is now back at the clinic working almost all of her original hours.  She is available three evenings a week and the majority of the weekends for consultation.

Shop from home for your pet supplies

At The Vets now has online shopping! It's so easy to have those large bags of food delivered straight to your door.. You can buy food, flea and worm treatments, toys, leads, collars, and more! FREE shipping when you spend over $100. Click here to begin shopping!
Rabbit Dentistry
We frequently get bunnies coming to see us with various types of dental disease.  Overgrown incisors like those in the picture result in the bunny being unable to eat properly, and they need trimming or if the bite can't be corrected properly, removal. 
Too often, we have to try to repair damage done when nail cutters or pliers are used to trim the teeth - this is cruel, never results in an even cut edge and often results in fracture of the tooth further down the socket, and exposure of the sensitive pulp.   Surgery to extract broken abscessed teeth is painful and expensive, and requires extended periods on antibiotics.
NEVER, NEVER cut your rabbit's teeth with pliers. 
Overgrown incisors should be professionally trimmed with a high speed dental disc, while protecting the tongue and gums with a guard (we use a syringe to keep soft tissue out of the way).   We often elect to extract these teeth as they grow again rapidly and require frequent trimming.

Pet of the Month!

Pet of the month winner: Ashes
Ashes was in the clinic this week entertaining us and being super-friendly.  
Congratulations! He wins a free bag of premium pet food.

For your chance to win, send us a super-cute pic of your furbaby.
Email your photo to 
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