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SCT3xxxAR and KR
SiC MOSFETs with Kelvin Source Connection
No tail current during switching results in faster switching operation while low ON resistance reduces power loss and contributes to greater miniaturization. In addition, this new series adopts a 4-pin package that minimizes the effects of the inductance component by separating the source and driver pins, resulting in even lower switching loss.
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System Power Good + Watchdog Timer + Reset for Automotive

This automotive power supply monitoring IC integrates a self-diagnostic function ideal for functional safety.
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3.75kV AECQ Isolated Gate Drivers

These 3.75kV AECQ Gate Drivers for driving SiC FETs include galvanic isolation, active Miller clamping, and undervoltage lockout functionality.
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Single Buck DC/DC Converter with Boost Function For Automotive

Our synchronous rectification buck DC/DC converter features boost control functionality, 2.7-36V Vin range, 2A output, and 2.2MHz operation.
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Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter with 2 A Switches

Industry-leading efficiency combined with best-in-class low power consumption prolong operating time in battery-equipped applications.
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AC/DC Converters (Integrated FET)
ROHM's high current external FET controller type switching regulators are compatible with virtually all types of switching power supply applications due to their wide input voltage range, multi-operation capability (step-up/negative voltage/step-down), and flexible operating frequency.
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AC/DC Converter IC Support Page
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