September 16, 2021
Sunday Schedule:
8:30 am      Premiere of Woodlawn Without Walls Online Service on Facebook and
9:00 am      Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary
10:00 am    Adult Sunday School classes 
                   Victory Class - Parlor
                   CATS - 12E
                   Spiritual Quest - 13E
                   ** Wired Word on break

10:00 am    Contemporary Worship in the Worship Center
10:15 am    Children's Church

Woodlawn Office Hours:
8AM - Noon & 1 - 5PM Mon – Thurs
8AM - Noon & 1 - 3PM Fridays
  Phone (316) 788-1507 or email

Covid Precautions: Facemasks are strongly encouraged for everyone in Woodlawn’s building, regardless of vaccination status. Masks may be lifted to eat or drink, but should not be removed.
Cravings & Conflict
Last Sunday, we began three weeks and three important passages from the book of James.  Last week we affirmed our faith with two phrases from James, “Faith without works is dead” and “By my works, I will show you my faith.”
This week’s passage from the third and fourth chapter of James continues with advice on how believers might demonstrate their “works” and live a life that exemplifies righteous and moral living.  But James knows that our cravings can often get in the way of doing so!
I encourage you to take some time to read the entire little book of James, found near the end of the New Testament. It’s just five chapter long, and in my bible, takes up just 4 ½ pages!  Take a few minutes and read this short letter and what it has to say about structured Christian community!
Until Sunday,
Woodlawn's Weekly Worship is available online on our Facebook Page
(click HERE), our website (click HERE), and YouTube (click HERE).
I love the video series “Nooma," in which Rob Bell creates several short videos that reflect on spiritual themes. One of the videos in this series, “Dust," explores what it would mean to be a disciple. Rob shares a story of a disciple walking in the footsteps of his rabbi.  With the hot, dry climate of the middle east, the dust from the rabbi’s feet would kick up and stick to the disciples who were following him. So by the end of the day the disciples would be caked in whatever their rabbi stepped in. So this saying developed, “May you be covered in the dust of your rabbi.”
This week our youth kicked off our year-long theme, “Renegade Gospel," as we heard Jesus call the first disciples. Like them, we will walk with Jesus along his journey.  We are going to get covered with his dust as we follow in his footsteps. As we do, we are going to see what Jesus saw, hear what he had to say, watch as he performs miracles, and will bear witness to just how counter-cultural and revolutionary Jesus’ ministry truly was. This journey will take us out of our comfort zones as we learn to serve the least and the lost. It will ask our youth to live against a culture that tells us to put ourselves first, instead loving others as much as we love ourselves. And it will ask us to commit our entire lives to following Christ.
Will you join us on this journey and follow in the footsteps of Jesus this year?

Bryce Fuhrmann
Youth Director
Woodlawn Finances
Woodlawn’s finances are much like your own bank balance.  There must be enough income going in to cover the payments going out. If a balance is on hand, then one can occasionally spend more than one makes, but only so long as there are funds on hand to cover the difference.
Over the first eight months of this year, Woodlawn hasn’t had enough income (contributions) to cover its expenses. While every effort has been made to hold expenditures down, the straight truth is that contributions have continued to fall short about $10,000 each month, or $76,771 year to date.
The good news is Woodlawn received funds from the federal Paycheck Protection Program last year and early this year, which has covered our losses so far. God also blessed our congregation in 2018 and 2019, allowing Woodlawn to build some reserves ahead of the pandemic. However, if contributions don’t increase before all reserves are spent, then hard decisions will need to be made going forward.
Each week, a giving statement can be found near the bottom of our newsletter. Remember, you may have to open the attachment to read the entire newsletter to the end. Many email preview panes limit the size that is displayed in the preview. This information is shared to keep our congregation well-informed and build trust in the transparency with which Woodlawn handles church funds. Please review this information often, and keep your church in your prayers. At the same time, prayerfully consider any way you might be able to make a personal response to our church’s efforts to fully fund our ministry. 
Thank you for giving your tithes, offerings and gifts to Woodlawn UMC. Your giving, especially as the church continues to experience this turbulent season, makes an important difference as we work together to shape people to be the heart, hands and feet of Jesus in the world. 
Rev. Lance Carrithers   316-347-5506
Rev. Lori Patton Aguilar   on Family Leave
Lois DeWitt   316-788-1507 ext. 0
Rachel Getchell   316-253-5678
Bryce Fuhrmann   317-850-4414 *note area code
Caitlin Ott   316-258-5536
Moment for Mission
Operation Holiday
Last year was a time full of uncertainties and a time of need. The blessings from our church families and the Derby community made us remember to trust in Him! We were humbled with so many willing to serve, but we were sad not to get to see those faces of our community last year, due to restrictions. So many people did help with donations and prayers lifted up for those we help. We had a total of 25 volunteers, committee and our immediate family, doing the work of what normally over 300 volunteers do. We were able to have guests drive through and pick up boxes of non-perishable food items, hamburger meat, gift cards, household goods, books, blankets, socks, and gifts for the children. We are so thankful for your help in providing these blessings! 
Derby Operation Holiday served 658 individuals, 207 families in 2020. We had 65 families adopted, a new record, which reached 268 individuals. Our committee also served 63 residents in senior living facilities. It was amazing to be able to serve so many despite numerous hurdles. Thank you for making it all possible through your kind donations! Please watch our Derby Operation Holiday Facebook Page for upcoming registration information, ways to serve, and donation requests. We have a donation Drive Thru here at WUMC again this year, October 9, 10AM-1PM. We also will have a pancake feed, sponsored by the Derby Chamber of Commerce, and food prepared by the American Legion Family Post 408 on November 6, 8-11AM.

Giving remains critical to our church’s mission and ministry. You may mail contributions to the church at 431 S. Woodlawn Blvd. Derby, KS  67037 or
go to and click the “Giving” link to give online.

UMCOR Sunday (July 25) $385   
Victory in the Valley $120
Derby Circles $115
PANDO $270
DCFS $210
Ronald McDonald $130
UMCOR Disaster $610
Weekly announcements can now also be found on our website at
Coffee Fellowship Time extended
8:45am - 10:00am (Foyer kitchen window)
Dedication Celebration for Carol Wojcik
Do you know a family who was taken care of by Carol Wojcik in our nursery? Invite them to worship on Sunday, September 26! There will be a special service at 9am and 10am and between service times, there will be a dedication ceremony outside of the nursery to honor Carol's 45 years of service to the families of Woodlawn. All are invited to attend!
Food Items Needed for Open Door
Donations of food items are needed for the Open Door lunch on September 23.  The sign-up sheet is outside the church office. Thank you for helping Woodlawn serve those in need!
Neighboring Tip of the Week -
Acknowledge an issue your neighborhood struggles with, and then ask, “What gifts do I have that can address this issue?”

Greetings, friend!
This week, we’ve been thinking about a couple different tendencies that we think a lot of people, including ourselves at The Neighboring Movement, experience when encountering various neighborhood issues. First, it seems that there is a tempting human tendency to complain about neighborhood issues but not take action to help address them. Second, when addressing these neighborhood issues, it seems that there is a cultural tendency to look outside our neighborhoods to governing bodies and institutions. This tip seeks to address both of these tendencies - to give us space to start brainstorming how we, ourselves, can embody the change we seek. Along with that, this tip also really gets to the core of who we are as community developers, and not just community developers, but asset-based community developers as well. At The Neighboring Movement, we often talk about the gifts or assets within neighborhoods, but that is not to say that neighborhoods don’t struggle with issues; they do! It’s just that we start with the assets in order to help address the various issues.
We have broken this experiment down into what we think are six simple steps, and we hope these steps are helpful for you!
  1. Acknowledge that you are gifted. - For us, this is where it all starts. At The Neighboring Movement, we have always held fast to the beliefs that “every person is gifted and that when people use their gifts, they experience wholeness and the community gets stronger."
  2. Make a list of some of your gifts. - We believe that you possess a ton of gifts, and we know that it would take a long time for you to write all of them down! For this experiment, just take a couple minutes to jot down the first ones that come to mind.
  3. Before even thinking about the specific issues, acknowledge that your neighborhood does not “have issues” but instead “struggles with issues." - This step may seem like semantics, but we think that our language has a profound impact upon who we are as people and neighborhoods. Saying that your neighborhood “has issues” seems to imply that there is something inherently wrong with your neighborhood, and we don’t believe that to be true at all! Just as we at The Neighboring Movement believe ALL people are inherently good and inherently gifted, we also believe that ALL communities are inherently good and inherently gifted! If we are going to start seeing the world through a lens of abundance, we believe that this is where we have to start.
  4. Acknowledge that your neighborhood does indeed struggle with various issues. - While we do live in communities that are truly good, we must also acknowledge that our communities struggle with various issues, whatever they may be.
  5. Think of one issue that you and/or others see your neighborhood struggling with. - This issue may be more small-scale; such as, there’s trash in a few areas, a couple empty lots, or this one yard that doesn’t get mowed. Or, this issue may be more large-scale; such as, the presence of racism, discrimination, gentrification, or crime. Whatever the issue may be, write it down, and do your best to name it honestly.
  6. Ask yourself, “What gifts do I have that can address this issue?” - As you look at the gifts you named and then at the issues you named, are there any that seem naturally related? Do any of your gifts seem related to the issue? Do any directly address the issue? If so, how might that look? How might you use your gifts to address the issue? We encourage you to reflect upon these questions and to own your own agency and potency! You can make change happen, and you will!
This tip is a bit long-winded, so if you’ve read all of this, thank you for doing so! We wanted to draw the experimenting process out a bit more, and we hope that doing so is helpful. Above all, we hope this is an empowering practice for you! 
As one final note, this tip brings to mind one of the most famous quotes from Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” In the midst of this rapidly changing period of human history, let’s own our power. Let’s be the change. Let’s be the Movement.
Happy neighboring!

Kristopher Swanson @ The Neighboring Movement
Woodlawn Thrift Shop
Open Thursday - Saturday
9am - 2pm
103 N. Baltimore
For the safety of you and others, we highly recommend wearing masks at this time. We continue to sanitize work areas and the front desk as well as door knobs after each shift.
Shawn Carroll, a Boy Scout in Troop 683, is organizing a food drive for DCFS for his Eagle Project. See flyer below for details.
Boxed potatoes (scalloped, au gratin, etc.)
    Pancake syrup
    Peanut butter
    Canned chili
    Canned sloppy joe sauce (Manwich, etc.)
    Canned vegetables (No corn, or beans of any kind)
    Tomato sauce
    Spaghetti sauce
    Laundry soap
    Dish soap
   Toilet paper

Derby Food Pantry News:
Good news! The Derby Food Pantry is now a member of the Kansas Food Bank! They had their inspection and training this past week. For more information about the Derby Food Pantry, visit their new website at
Operation Saint Francis will host a Pet Pawlooza on Saturday October 23 from 10am-2pm in the church parking lot. It will include:
Blessing of the Animals
Pet-friendly treats
Dog Training and Demos
*Microchipping Service
*Nail Trimming Service
Basic Health Exams
Photo Booth
Bake Sale
Food Trucks
Adoptable Pets
*Cost for services
They are collecting pet items and food for the various pantries. To volunteer to participate, email Carla Stroot at, sign up on the sign up sheet located on our community board in the Narthex, or go to their volunteer sign up page online at
Trunk or Treat is back at Woodlawn, and we are excited!  To decorate a trunk and pass out candy to kids, sign up in the church office! Want to be involved but don't have any decorations for a trunk? We can help! Our children's ministry has decorations/props from past events that we would be happy to loan, and which you can expand upon! Candy will be provided.
Join our team of organizers for this event by talking to Jenah Moody in the church office.
Current Stage: Yellow
For more information on Woodlawn's reopening plan, visit our website by clicking this link:
This Week at Woodlawn
Thursday- September 16
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8:00p    AA
Woodlawn Worship Services

6:30      High School Youth Group
8:00p    AA
8:00p    AA 
9:00a    Food Pantry
10:00a  Morning Circle
1:00p    Al-Anon
6:00p    WOW
7:00p    Chancel Choir
8:00p    Praise Band Rehearsal
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September 6-12 Giving
General: $8,303
Capital:   $560

Last Month (August)
General Giving:       $45,741
Other Misc Income: $2,522
General Expenses:  $55,241
               Shortage: - $6,978
Capital Giving:          $5,657

YTD through August

General Donations:   $346,714
Cares Loan Funds:    $97,215
Other Misc Income:   $10,274
General Expenses:    $433,760

                 Surplus:     $20,443
Capital Giving:           $53,725
Note: Other Misc Income includes funds from 2019 Carryover, Bank Interest, Building use and Endowment Dividends.
Without the funds from the
CARES Loan our
YTD General Fund Balance
  would be -$76,772  
Move A Mountain
Income YTD through August:   $140,424
August Mortgage Payment:   
Loan Balance as of August 31: $690,326

Attendance September 12
9:00 Traditional: 95
10:45 Contemporary: 55

Thank you note from Cooper Elementary: Dear Woodlawn United Methodist Church, Your continued donation of school supplies is very much appreciated. Everything you do for the Derby School District is appreciated, as well. Thank You
Thank you note from El Paso Elementary: To our friends at Woodlawn United Methodist Church – Thank you so very much for your donation of backpacks and school supplies! The first day you dropped them off we were able to provide a family with them and the relief on the mother’s face was priceless. It is such a blessing to have a community care for our school. From your friends at El Paso Elementary
Thank you note: To the ladies who prepared our lunch for the families of Bob Miller, we sincerely thank you. It was just the right lunch for everyone and very delicious. We had families here from St. Louis, Arizona, Michigan, Arkansas and California and it gave everyone a time to gather to visit before returning to their homes. Thank you so much. From: Joan Miller, Rick (son) & Cindy Miller and Candy (daughter) & Mike Kurimsky
Marsha Slack asks your prayers for her brother-in-law, Dennis Franchione, who has been diagnosed with bone cancer.
Barb Chambers asks your prayers for her husband’s niece’s adult son who is having brain surgery on Sept. 20. Prayers are asked for healing, comfort and strength.
Please keep Joan Miller’s daughter-in-law, Cindy, and the Miller family in your prayers. Cindy went onto Hospice yesterday with the progression of her cancer. Please lift prayers of comfort for Cindy and prayers of support for the Miller family, especially so close to Bob’s death last week.
Tammy Cuadra asks prayers for her sister (Andrea) & family of Tucson for continued difficulties with their son (Ian) and the need for an emergency out-of-home placement bed to be open for him that meets the criteria, as Andrea & Ryan are not coping well with all of his intensive needs. Without this assistance, Andrea won't be able to join the rest of the family for their Mom's 80th birthday celebration in Colorado next week.
Pastor Phyllis Provost-Saas asks your prayers. She has tested positive for Covid. Please lift prayers of healing and support for Phyllis and her family.
Lois DeWitt asks your prayers for her daughter Melanie’s family. She and Barton are still struggling with long-term effects from having had covid, and Melanie was exposed again this past weekend. Prayers are asked for her kids’ immune systems to stay strong, especially her youngest, Jack, who is having issues with his asthma and for Melanie and Barton to stay well.
Continued prayers are asked for Benny Griffin who remains at Rock Regional as he has developed an obstruction. Keep Linda Kay in your prayers of support.
Phil Smith was able to return home today and thanks you for all your prayers. He said they helped. Please continue healing prayers as Phil recuperates.


If you, or someone you know, has a joy, a concern, or just needs prayers, send to or call the church office at 788-1507.

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