July 29, 2021
Sunday Schedule:
8:30 am      Premiere of Woodlawn Without Walls Online Service on Facebook and
9:00 am      Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary 
9:45 am       Adult Sunday School classes 
                   3rd Grade Class in Children’s Wing at Woodlawn
10:45 am    Contemporary Worship in the Worship Center
11:00 am    Children - Wiggles & Worship
Woodlawn Office Hours:
8AM - Noon & 1 - 5PM Mon – Thurs; and 8AM - Noon & 1 - 3PM Fridays.
  Phone (316) 788-1507 or email
Woodlawn’s Reopening Team is meeting this evening, 7-29-21 to discuss the rising number of Covid cases in Sedgwick County and the recent change in the CDC recommendation for vaccinated persons.  If there is any change to our current mask policy, it will be communicated in an email to the congregation on Friday, 7-30-21. 
Woodlawn Without Walls
This Is Us: We are Worthy
Ephesians was originally a letter written to circulate among early Christian communities up and down the Mediterranean shore meant to ease tensions between Jewish and Gentile Christians. The first two chapters of Ephesians might be summed up in a single sentence: “We are adopted by God, one family in Christ Jesus, being built as one holy temple, a dwelling place for God.”
Last Sunday we read in the 3rd chapter prayers offered for this one family of God, that they might be strengthened and know the breadth, length, height and depth of God’s love for them as his children.
This coming Sunday, we will move into the 4th chapter, where the author provides direction for how we are to live then if we are indeed one, united family of God. “Be worthy of the calling to which you were called,” he writes. And of course, we’ll have another illustration featuring the Pearson family from the television drama, “This is Us.”
Once again, I challenge you to read the entire book of Ephesians. It is short, just 6 chapters long, and shouldn’t take you much more than 20 minutes to read. By doing so, you can see for yourself how these themes are amplified throughout the entire book.
Until Sunday,

Many teachers, parents, students, administrators, staff and families are preparing to head back to school. What a busy time of year it is!

Today I offer you a devotion from the booklet we assembled around this time last year, “WOW for Educators: Words of Warmth, Compassion, Grace and Hope in 2020.” These devotions remain relevant for those heading back into the school year. Additionally, many of the devotions are applicable to all!
"A prayer for when I’m feeling Overwhelmed"
Holy God, I am overwhelmed. There is such a long list of things that need to be done… and I cannot do them all. I am drowning in endless responsibilities with no relief in sight. Leaving me in chaos and confusion.

But you, God, you bring order to chaos. When the earth was formless and void you swept over the water and called light into existence. Let there be light in my darkness right now, God. Help me see my next step forward.

Remind me, your love does not depend on what I accomplish or on anything that I can do or achieve. Your love rests solely on who I am. And I am yours.

Help me feel your presence with me. Guide me and sustain me.
And God, help me see myself through your eyes, with grace and forgiveness.
 “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30
“The earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.”
Genesis 1:2-3

Pastor Lori
Lori Patton Aguilar
Associate Pastor
Woodlawn's Weekly Worship is available online on our Facebook Page
(click HERE), our website at (click HERE), and YouTube (click HERE).
“He said, ‘My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’” – Exodus 33:14             

This week we are moving to a new house. It is a small move – just across town – but it has brought a barrage of questions from my four year old. Are we going to take my bed and quilt? Are we really going to pack up everything in the house? How will we fit all of our stuff in the car?
As I have reflected on the move and her need for information to alleviate the anxiety that she feels over this move, I have thought about some of the stories of moving from the Bible. The moves that come to mind are much more invasive to the lives of the people in the Bible. Think about some of them for a moment – Jacob moving his family to Egypt to be with Joseph during a time of great famine, the Exodus from slavery in Egypt to the promised land, being exiled to Babylon, Ruth leaving her people to live with her mother-in-law Naomi… These are stories that not only involve people moving, but they are stories where their very lives are uprooted and begin anew.
Of course, much like my daughter, they had anxieties and concerns as they began their new lives. They probably couldn’t take everything with them. But the one thing they could take with them was the comfort of the promise made by God. Listen to the words from Exodus 33. “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” When everything is changing and the Israelites are moving to a new land and a new life, God promises to go with them. And of course, God is going to be with us in our small move as well.
What new thing are you facing? What is bringing you anxiety? Whatever it is, know that God is with you as well.

Bryce Fuhrmann
Youth Director
A Word from Our Children's Director
Fall is just around the corner!!  Seems so weird to type that.  I am pretty sure I just typed “summer is just around the corner” yesterday.  Fall is exciting around here!  Lots of things starting back up for kids and youth.  With all those things starting back up, comes the need for help.  If you have ever considered volunteering with kids, I would love to chat with you.  Once or twice a month and a love for kids are all that is required!  I am needing help on Sundays morning and Wednesday evenings.  So lots of opportunities!  Please send me an email or call the church office if you are interested or have any questions.

Jenna Roskilly
Children's Director
Rev. Lance Carrithers   316-347-5506
Rev. Lori Patton Aguilar   785-338-1944
Lois DeWitt   316-788-1507 ext. 0
Rachel Getchell   316-253-5678
Bryce Fuhrmann   317-850-4414 *note area code
Jenna Roskilly   316-250-9888
Moment for Mission
Victory in the Valley

Providing support to cancer patients/survivors & their families for over 38 Years.
Victory In the Valley is a Non-Profit Cancer Support Organization. It was founded in 1983, in Wichita, KS, by Lois Thomi and her daughter, Diana Thomi. Their mission began to encourage cancer patients and their families on their journey by offering HOPE through emotional and spiritual support, while providing practical services to improve the quality of their lives.

The Hospitality Center, located next to the Cancer Center of Kansas across from Via Christi/St. Francis, has volunteers who offer snacks and drinks to patients' families or friends waiting for them. In treatment rooms at this location and Wesley Medical Arts Tower, volunteers offer a friendly face and conversation with someone who understands where they are. These volunteers also carry a basket with a variety of snacks for the patients. New patients to treatment receive a small teddy bear as a reminder they are loved and cared for. The Hospitality Center and treatment rooms serve an average of 700 people per week or 36,000 per year. At their office, on East Douglas, newly diagnosed patients receive a New Patient Kit. The various items in the New Patient Kits accompany a hand-made quilt, provided by the Stitches of Hope Quilting Group.

In addition to these items, gas cards are available to patients from out of town to help with the cost of travel and if needed negotiated lower rates at specific hotels. They have a food pantry to help supplement families in need; a Women’s Boutique that provides wigs, hats, scarves and various other fun things; medical equipment to loan and support groups.

Victory In The Valley provides these items at no charge to the patients.  Of each dollar donated to Victory in the Valley, 88 cents is spent directly on the patients. There are only 3 full time and 6 part time paid staff members.  Everything else is run by over 200 incredible volunteers.

Please consider supporting this wonderful ministry.  Thank you.
If you would like to become a volunteer for Victory in the Valley, contact Benita Baker, Volunteer Coordinator at (316) 682-7400.
Giving remains critical to our church’s mission and ministry. You may mail contributions to the church at 431 S. Woodlawn Blvd. Derby, KS  67037 or
go to and click the “Giving” link to give online.

Funeral Dinners $280
Peace with Justice $220
Operation Back to School $832
USD 260 Summer Lunches $155

Weekly announcements can now also be found on our website at
Overseas Care Packages

The Overseas Care Package ministry currently has 2 service members receiving the next care packages. Donations can be dropped off in the church kitchen before 9:45AM on Thursday, August 5. Boxes will be packed at the church on the 5th at 10AM in Room 11E.  In addition to homemade cookies, other suggested items are hard candy, crackers, gum, snack bars, trail mix, peanuts, and chapstick (no chocolate until further notice).

Just a reminder that if you have the name and address of a deployed service member (they do not have to be a member of Woodlawn), please let Jolyne Archer know at Thank you for your support of this mission!
Thursday Morning Men's Breakfast Group Re-starting!

The Thursday 7 AM (new time!) Men’s Breakfast resumes on July 29 by reviewing, “Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors,” by Edward Niedermeyer.  The title is taken from a Tesla Model S Optional acceleration mode that produces a zero-to-60 time of 2.5 seconds!  The book is about Tesla, but Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, are inseparable.  Musk, an immigrant from South Africa founded a company that then created a new market for an all-electric car that had speed, luxury, style and elite-appeal: the TESLA.  The writer credits Musk with visionary leadership, but also explores some of his demonstrated failings.

Tesla is listed on the NASDAQ exchange (TSLA); its stock has had large excursions.  The stock market valuation of the company (i.e., no. of shares x share price) far exceeds the valuation of any other U.S. car company.  Its main plant is in Fremont, CA with its HQ in Hawthorne, CA.

The Tesla car is named for Nicola Tesla (1856-1943), an immigrant to the USA from Serbia (now Croatia).  He is given credit for developing the primary elements of the alternating current (AC) system which is today the basis for the long-distance transmission of electric power.  Tesla was personally a quirky individual whose unconventional life ended in obscurity and poverty.

Ed Niedermeyer followed his father’s lead as a journalistic critic of the auto industry.  His day job is writing for various print publications and podcasting for Mobility Technology.  He resides in Portland, OR; this is his first book.

Date: Begins Thursday, July 29, and runs about 6 weeks
Time: 7:00am
Place: Worship Center
What: Breakfast & Book Study 
Operation Back to School - Time to Pack!
Backpacks will be packed on Sunday, Aug. 1, from 2-4pm, in the Youth Center. Any and all are welcome to come help with the last step of getting backpacks and school supplies ready for our USD 260 children and youth. Thank you for the many donations you made. 

We are still taking donations - Bring yours by the church office this week or on Sunday! 
Thank you for all your support!!
College Care Gearing Up for Fall

Attention College Students and Families – it’s time for college students to be heading back to school or moving to new addresses. The College Care Team is needing updated information for each student. Please email information to Sarah Brown at or text information to 316-573-7981. You can also scan the QR code to enter your student's information.
The following information is needed:
Student’s name
College/trade school attending
Email address
Phone number. 

Care packages will be sent for fall semester and spring semester.
Food Pantry - August
August food pantry needs are:
jello, syrup, peanut butter, toilet paper,
laundry detergent, and shampoo.

Thank you to everyone who donated in June and July.
Thrift Shop
Open Thursday - Saturday
9am - 2pm
103 N. Baltimore
Coffee Fellowship Time has returned to Woodlawn!

The two fellowship time slots have already expanded : 
8:45am-10:00am (Foyer kitchen window)
10:00am-11:00am (Worship Center kitchen window)

Would you like to sponsor coffee for your birthday, anniversary or for no occasion at all?  $35 will list you as the day’s “Coffee Sponsor” on signage in the coffee window and in the bulletin.
Stephen Ministry
Do you feel God has forgotten about you in all the Covid despair?  Stephen Ministers are available to help you deal with all your feelings about the crazy days Covid has brought to our world. Whether you are grieving losses, feeling anxious, or financially impacted, Stephen Ministers are here to help.
Call Stephen Leader Kelly Gifford at 316 708 0961 to be matched with a Stephen Minister for confidential care through the despair in your life.
Gifted to Care
God gives spiritual gifts to each of us, and we pass them along by using them to serve others. If you are seeking a new way to use your gifts for caring ministry, Stephen Ministry may be just what you have been looking for! Contact Roylene Klein @ 316-250-0135 or Connie Sneeringer @ 316-737-1793 to learn more about this ministry. Training begins September 14.  Applications are available in the church office and will be accepted through August 20.
Blood Drive - August 23
Sign-up Today!
You may have heard - there is a severe shortage of blood available to hospitals right now. Your help is asked to meet this need. Monday August 23, from 12:00pm until 6:00pm, the American Red Cross will hold a blood drive at Woodlawn. To give this "Gift of Life" you can sign up at by clicking on the following link Enter woodlawnumc as the site code. You can also call 1-800-REDCROSS (1-800-733-2767) to sign up.
Anyone 17yrs and older can give blood. A consent form is available in the office for youth 16yrs old that wish to give blood.
Current Stage: Yellow
For more information on Woodlawn's reopening plan, visit our website by clicking this link:
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Visit our Website
Shoot us an Email
July 19-25 Giving
General: $3,140
Capital:   $470

Last Month (June)
General Giving:       $42,390
Other Misc Income: $1,114
General Expenses:  $55,326
               Shortage: - $11,822
Capital Giving:          $5,674

YTD through June

General Donations:   $259,646
Cares Loan Funds:    $97,215
Other Misc Income:   $6,706
General Expenses:    $325,646

                 Surplus:     $37,920
Capital Giving:           $40,509
Note: Other Misc Income includes funds from 2019 Carryover, Bank Interest, Building use and Endowment Dividends.
Without the funds from the
CARES Loan our
YTD General Fund Balance
            would be -$59,295          
Move A Mountain
Income YTD through May:   $97,369
April Mortgage Payment:   
Loan Balance as of 5-31-21: $714,151

Attendance July 25
9:00 Traditional: 85
10:45 Contemporary: 72

Marti Lichlyter’s foot surgery went well and she was able to return home July 22. Please keep Marti in your healing prayers as she recuperates.
Rex Galbraith asks your prayers for his wife, Marta, who fell and injured her back.  She is to have an MRI this week.  Also prayers for their granddaughter, Logan Riley, who is at Wesley Medical Center with a kidney infection. 
Andrea Henderson asks prayers for her niece, Liana in Connecticut. She is going through some medical testing. Her body is showing an immune response, but they can’t find the cause.
Connie Milheim’s granddaughter had a successful surgery on her spine, & is now home. She says she's taller now. Please continue healing prayers as Jaelynn recovers from her surgery.
Our sincere condolences go out to Kathy Edwards on the sudden death of her husband, Robert, Saturday, July 24. Please keep Kathy and her family in your prayers.
Jenna Roskilly asks prayers for her cousin who lives in Tulsa. He has been admitted to the hospital with complications from Covid. Prayers for recovery and no more complications are asked.
Lois Dewitt asks prayers for her daughter's partner, Barton, who is undergoing medical tests. They have recommended he see a hematologist for further testing. Please pray that answers are found soon.
Marianne Scripp shares her thanks: “Thank you to all my church friends for the many cards and prayers on my son’s death and for my health. I am getting better.”


If you, or someone you know, has a joy, a concern, or just needs prayers, send to or call the church office at 788-1507.

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