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First, I want to remind everyone to vote in our upcoming local elections.  You can advance vote now at the County Clerk’s Office.  Tuesday, April 7th, is the date of the general election.  Please talk to our local candidates and make an informed decision about the future direction of our city and schools. Listen to the debates, read the articles in the paper, and consider the candidate’s character.  On the local level we know the candidates. We know who they are and what they have done.  We know how they treat others.  Government is really about representation and building community.  At the state and federal level there is so much spin it is hard to know truth from fiction.  On the local level we have the opportunity to know the candidate.
Second, I want to thank all of you running in the local elections and all of you who have served.  It is a great sacrifice.  You have put your self out there. You are making a difference.  Your words and deeds will determine the future of our community.

In the legislature

This week we changed course. Up to this point most of the work has been in committee.  The committees vet legislation, tweak it or kill it.  The committee work is very important. This week we were on the floor all day, every day, voting on bills that had been passed out of committees.
As bills come to the floor legislators try to amend them for numerous reasons.  Most amendments fail.  Many are traps so different groups have ammunition to use against you in the next election; they are called post card votes. The amendment may deal with policy issues that have no chance of passing the senate and getting the Governors signature so they wind up killing a good bill. Maybe it is an amendment that sounds good but there is no way to pay for it. Maybe it is a good idea but no one has had the time to tweak it to remove or look for unintended consequences. Maybe it is a good idea but on the floor there isn’t time to read and understand a long amendment. There are good amendments but most the time we need to trust the committee process.
Next week we will be on the floor all week.  Our work will be centered on passing legislation from conference committees. When house and senate versions of bills don’t agree 3 members from each legislative body meet in conference committee.  The members of the conference committee are usually the Chair, Vice Chair and Ranking Minority Committee Member of the Committee that passed the bill in that legislative body.  These individuals will work out the differences and then ask each body to approve their changes.  This is where bundling happens.  The conference committee members can use this committee to change the bill.  This is one of the many places you can wind up voting for a bill before you vote against a bill.
When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred.” - Thomas Jefferson
The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” - Benjamin Franklin

Weekly Coffee Meetings

I will not be having a coffee on Saturday, April 4th.  The legislature will be out of session from April 4th through April 26th while leadership and staff prepare for the veto session. Friday April 3rd will probably be a very long day.

Contact Info

Thank you for the opportunity to serve during these challenging times.  Our rural communities are the backbone of a strong Kansas.  During the session please contact me any time. My office is 167-W, my phone number is 785-296-7655 and my email is

Shannon Francis
125th District Representative
Kansas House of Representatives

Contact Shannon

At the Legislature:

State Capitol
Room 167A-W
Topeka, KS 66612

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