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January 2017

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Overcoming cardiovascular disease in Indigenous Australians
Alex Brown and Leonard Kritharides
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (1): 10-12.

Healthy Futures—Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services Report Card 2016
AIHW December 2016

The burden of invasive infections in critically ill Indigenous children in Australia Research
Justyna A Ostrowski, Graeme MacLaren, Janet Alexander, Penny Stewart, Sheena Gune, et al
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (2): 1

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Supporting Family Caregivers of Older Americans 
J.L. Wolff, J. Feder, and R. Schulz
N Engl J Med 2016;375:2513-2515

Development of consumer questions to assess quality in residential aged care underway
Natasha Egan
Australian Ageing Agenda magazine  January 11, 2017

What a Study of 33 Countries Found About Aging Populations and Innovation
Andreas Irmen, Anastasia Litina
Harvard Business Review January 19, 2017 

No one should have no one: working to end loneliness amongst older people.
Jill Mortimer
Age UK, December 2016

The economic burden of dementia in China, 1990–2030: implications for health policy
Junfang Xu, Jian Wang, Anders Wimo, Laura Fratiglioni & Chengxuan Qiu
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2017, 95(1): 18-26

Misconceptions and hospital systems restricting older patients’ food intake
Dallas Bastian
Nursing Review January 18, 2017

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Ireland’s digital health system boosted by upgrade at major hospital
Building Better Healthcare  December 19, 2016

eHealth Queensland appoints five-strong executive team
Kate McDonald
Pulse + IT Magazine 18 January 2017.

Electronic Health Records May Help Customize Medical Treatments
NPR  January 9, 2017

Electronic health records and online medical records: an asset or a liability under current conditions?
Judith Allen-Graham, Lauren Mitchell, Natalie Heriot, et al
Australian Health Review Published online 20 January 2017

Going digital: a narrative overview of the clinical and organisational impacts of eHealth technologies in hospital practice
Justin Keasberry, Ian A. Scott, Clair Sullivan, Andrew Staib and Richard Ashby
Australian Health Review Published online 09 January 2017

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Harmonisation and standardisation of health sector and programme reviews and evaluations – how can they better inform health policy dialogue?
Nabyonga-Orem J, Tumusiime P, Nyoni J, Kwamie A
Health Research Policy and Systems 2016, 14 :87

Supporting carers: mental health carers’ assessments in policy and practice
Kirsty Mattews
Centre for Mental Health 18 January 2017

Faulty by design. The state of public-service commissioning
Eleonora Harwic
Reform UK January 2017

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Future Clinic Trends Pose Construction Implications
Philip Macey
Healthcare Design Magazine January 5, 2017

Natural Remedy: Biophilic Design Supports Behavioral Health
Ed Clark and Marty Brennan

Healthcare Design Magazine January 6, 2017

Types of internal facilitation activities in hospitals implementing evidence-based interventions.
Baloh, Jure; Zhu, Xi; Ward, Marcia M.
Health Care Management Review January 25, 2017

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Electronic health records and online medical records: an asset or a liability under current conditions?
Yolande Stirling, Kate Higgins and Melissa Petrakis
Australian Health Review  20 January 2017

Health care variation: time to act
Heather A Buchan, Anne Duggan, Jenny Hargreaves, Ian A Scott and Luke Slawomirski
Med J Aust 2016; 205 (10 Suppl): S30-

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NHS in 2017: the long arm of government
BMJ 2017;356:j41

Outlook for 2017: Healthcare re-reform
Harris Meyer
Modern Healthcare A.M. December 31, 2016

The Future of the ACA and Health Care Policy in the United States  
Gail R. Wilensky, PhD
JAMA. 2017;317(1):21

Effect of continuity of care on health-related quality of life in adult patients with hypertension: a cohort study in China
Ye T, Sun X, Tang W, Miao Y, Zhang Y, Zhang L
BMC Health Services Research 2016, 16 :674

Health Care in the United States: A Right or a Privilege
Howard Bauchner
JAMA 2017; 317(1): 29

Spending on US Health Care, 1996-2013 
Joseph L. Dieleman, et al
JAMA 2016; 316(254): 2627-2646

Large Reductions In Amenable Mortality Associated With Brazil’s Primary Care Expansion And Strong Health Governance
Thomas Hone, Davide Rasella, Mauricio Barreto, Rifat Atun, Azeem Majeed, and Christopher Millett 
Health Aff January 2017 36:149-158

A View from the Front Line — Physicians’ Perspectives on ACA Repeal
Craig Evan Pollack, M.D., M.H.S., Katrina Armstrong, M.D., and David Grande, M.D., M.P.A.
New England Journal of Medicine, January 25, 2017

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Reducing medication errors in hospital discharge summaries: a randomised controlled trial
Erica Y Tong, Cristina P Roman, Biswadev Mitra, Gary S Yip, Harry Gibbs, Harvey H Newnham, De Villiers Smit, Kirsten Galbraith and Michael J Dooley
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (1): 36-39.

Why The Best Hospitals Are Managed by Doctors
James K. Stoller, Amanda Goodall, Agnes Baker 
Harvard Business Review  December 28, 2016

Patient Hospital Experience Improved Modestly, But No Evidence Medicare Incentives Promoted Meaningful Gains
Irene Papanicolas,  José F. Figueroa,  E. John Orav,  and Ashish K. Jha
Health Aff January 2017 36:133-140;

How hospital activity in the NHS in England has changed over time
David Maguire, Phoebe Dunn, Helen McKenna
The King's Fund, 20 December 2016

The cost–quality relationship in European hospitals: a systematic review
Rikke Søgaard, et al.
Journal of Health Services Research & Policy  Dec 6, 2016

Higher mortality rates amongst emergency patients admitted to hospital at weekends reflect a lower probability of admission
Rachel Meacock, Laura Anselmi, Søren Rud Kristensen, Tim Doran, Matt Sutton
Journal of Health Services Research & Policy Vol. 22(1), 12-19; 2017

Using geographic variation in unplanned ambulatory care sensitive condition admission rates to identify commissioning priorities: an analysis of routine data from England
John Busby, Sarah Purdy, William Hollingworth
Journal of Health Services Research & Policy Vol. 22(1), 20-27; 2017

Hospital Chief Executive Officer Perspectives on Health Care Administration Academic Preparations
Lieneck, Cristian; Collins, Sandra; McKinnies, Richard; More
Health Care Manager . 36(1):21-28

Assessing the Quality of Services Provided in the Teaching Hospitals: A Case Study of Iran
Ravangard, Ramin; Farhadi, Payam; Shokrpour, Nasrin; et al
Health Care Manager . 36(1):69-77

Comparing the Financial Impact of Several Hospitals on Their Local Markets
Rotarius, Timothy; Liberman, Aaron
Health Care Manager . 36(1):42-49

Big Data Management in US Hospitals: Benefits and Barriers
Schaeffer, Chad; Booton, Lawrence; Halleck, Jamey; et al
Health Care Manager . 36(1):87-9

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New Health Technologies: Managing Access, Value and Sustainability
Paris: OECD; 2017

Cloud Technology Delivers Modern ERP Solutions For Healthcare
Modern Healthcare A.M. whitepaper, December 2016

The future of healthcare technology: 5 developments to look out for
Building Better Healthcare 24-Jan-2017

Cloud Technology Delivers Modern ERP Solutions For Healthcare
Modern Healthcare A.M. January 2017

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Introducing a new series on innovations in medical education
Zsuzsoka Kecskes and Imogen Mitchell
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (1): 13.

Reforms to Human Services 
Productivity Commission Issues Paper, December 2016

99.7% Recommend This Innovative Leadership Development Experience: Corporate International Service Learning (CISL)
Chief Learning Officer January 5, 2017

The 5 Skills That Innovative Leaders Have in Common
Katherine Graham-Leviss
Harvard Business Review January 19, 2017 

Models as Strategic Actants in Innovative Architecture
Liisa Naar, et al.
Journal of Management Inquiry Dec 23, 2016

Fifteen Years of Research on Business Model Innovation
Nicolai J. Foss, Tina Saebi
Journal of Management 2017, 43(1):200–227

Introducing a new series on innovations in medical education
Zsuzsoka Kecskes and Imogen Mitchell
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (1): 13.

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A guide to systematic review and meta-analysis of prediction model performance
Thomas P A Debray, et al
BMJ 2017;356:i6460

Developing online accreditation education resources for health care services: An Australian Case Study 
Amanda Pereira-Salgado; Leanne Boyd; Matthew Johnson
International Journal for Quality in Health Care 15 December 2016

10 Workplace Collaboration Technologies to Try in 2017
Ilya Pozin
Inc. Nov 29, 2016

Balancing Clinical Care Goals with Security Needs (white paper)
Synchronoss HIMSS Analytics, January 2017

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The Best Strategic Leaders Balance Agility and Consistency
John Coleman
Harvard Business Review January 04, 2017

Use Design Thinking to Build Commitment to a New Idea
Roger L. Martin 
Harvard Business Review January 03, 2017

To Lead a Digital Transformation, CEOs Must Prioritize
Laurent-Pierre Baculard 
Harvard Business Review January 02, 2017

3 Popular Goal-Setting Techniques Managers Should Avoid
Dick Grote
Harvard Business Review January 02, 2017

Giving Employees an Educational Helping Hand: Current perspectives on tuition assistance and tuition benefits programs (white paper)
Chief Learning Officer January 12, 2017

From Learning to Marketing, One Leader’s Worthwhile Switch
Nidhi Madhavan
Chief Learning Officer January 09, 2017

Organizing Conflict: The Rhizome of Jihad
Tuomas Kuronen and Aki-Mauri Huhtinen
Journal of Management Inquiry 2017 26(1): 47-61

The Best Strategic Leaders Balance Agility and Consistency
John Coleman
Harvard Business Review January 19, 2017 

Bringing competencies closer to day-to-day clinical work through entrustable professional activities
Cate O, Tobin S, Stokes M-L
Medical Journal of Australia. 2017;206(1):14-6.

Swimming together or sinking alone: health, care and the art of systems leadership
Richard Vize
Institute of Healthcare Management  UK 10 January 2017

Defining and measuring unmet need to guide healthcare funding: identifying and filling the gaps.
Maria Jose Aragon Aragon, Martin Chalkley and Maria Goddard. 
CHE Research Paper 141, 2017

Navigating the Study of Executive Leaders’ Spirituality
Stuart Allen, et al.
Journal of Management Inquiry  Dec 20, 2016

Crises and Crisis Management
Jonathan Bundy, et al.
Journal of Management  Dec 8, 2016

Leadership Process Models
Thomas Fischer, et al.
Journal of Management  Dec 19, 2016

The Efficiency Challenge
Rita A. Durant, et al.
Journal of Management Education  Dec 5, 2016

Not All Transformational Leadership Behaviors Are Equal
Jie Li, et al.
Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies Dec 19, 2016

5 Tips to Effective Performance management (white paper)
Chief Learning Officer January 2017

The Most Crucial Skill for Your Next Wave of Leaders: Why Mindfulness is Imperative to Learning and Development (eBook)
Chief Learning Officer January 26, 2017

Adaptive Learning Methods Could Close the Trained Worker Skills Gap
Ulrik Juul Christensen
Chief Learning Officer January 23, 2017

How to Get People to Collaborate When You Don’t Control Their Salary
Heidi K. Gardner
Harvard Business Review January 23, 2017
Managerial Risk Taking: A Multitheoretical Review and Future Research Agenda
Robert E. Hoskisson, Francesco Chirico, Jinyong (Daniel) Zyung, Eni Gambeta
Journal of Management 2017, 43(1):137–169

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The heroism of incremental care
Gawande A
The New Yorker. 2017 January 23, 2017.

Universal healthcare without the NHS: towards a patient-centred health system
Institute of Economic Affairs, UK, 14 December 2016

Can Community Health Centers Fill The Health Care Void Left By Defunding Planned Parenthood?
Sara Rosenbaum
Health Affairs Blog January 27, 2017

Patient Engagement: Driving Behavior Change for Better Health 
NEJM Catalyst January 27, 2017

Health Service Management Interns Serve as Practice Facilitators for Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition: East Carolina University–Appalachian State University Initiative
Sasnett, Bonita; Watkins, R.W.; Ferlazzo, Marianne
Health Care Manager . 36(1):96-103

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Population Health Equity: Rate and Burden, Race and Class  
David Kindig, MD, PhD
JAMA. Published online January 09, 2017.

Population Health — A Bipartisan Agenda for the Incoming Administration from State Leaders 
C.F. Koller, T. Alexander, and S. Birch | N Engl J Med 2017;376:200-202 | Published Online December 14, 2016

Highest Blood Pressure Levels Shift From Rich to Poor Countries  
M.J. Friedrich
JAMA. 2017;317(3):246

Tobacco-Product Use by Adults and Youths in the United States in 2013 and 2014
Karin A. Kasza, M.A., Bridget K. Ambrose, Ph.D., et al
N Engl J Med 2017; 376:342-353

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Rural health service planning: the need for a comprehensive approach to costing
Kornelsen JA, Barclay L, Grzybowski S, Gao Y
Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2016; 16: 3604.

Health concerns associated with unconventional gas mining in rural Australia
Haswell MR, Bethmont A. 
Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2016; 16: 3825. 

Overcoming cardiovascular disease in Indigenous Australians
Alex Brown and Leonard Kritharides
Med J Aust 2017; 206 (1): 10-12.

Testing for cost efficiency differences between two groups of rural hospitals
I. Cristian Nedelea & J. Matthew Fannin
International Journal Of Healthcare Management Published online: 29 Nov 2016

Community awareness of the availability of health services and information-seeking practices across a large health service district in rural Australia
David Buckley, Setchen Brimson & Jill Reyment
International Journal of Healthcare Management, January 18, 2017

Health promotion and empowerment in Henganofi District, Papua New Guinea.
Barcham R, Silas E, Irie J.
Rural and Remote Health (Internet) 2016; 16: 3553.

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The frequency of intravenous medication administration errors related to smart infusion pumps: a multihospital observational study
Kumiko O Schnock, Patricia C Dykes, Jennifer Albert, Deborah Ariosto, et al
BMJ Qual Saf 2017;26:131-140

International recommendations for national patient safety incident reporting systems: an expert Delphi consensus-building process
Ann-Marie Howell, Elaine M Burns, Louise Hull, Erik Mayer, Nick Sevdalis, Ara Darzi
BMJ Qual Saf 2017;26:150-163

The patient reporting and action for a safe environment (PRASE) intervention: a feasibility study
O’Hara J, Lawton R, Armitage G, Sheard L, Marsh C, Cocks K, McEachan R, Reynolds C, Watt I, Wright J
BMC Health Services Research 2016, 16 :676

Assessing patient safety culture in Tunisian operating rooms: A multicenter study 
Manel Mallouli; Mohamed Ayoub Tlili; Wiem Aouicha; Mohamed Ben Rejeb; et al 
International Journal for Quality in Health Care 10 January 2017

Toolkit To Improve Safety for Mechanically Ventilated Patients
AHRQ Safety Program for Mechanically Ventilated Patients project. 2017

Patient Safety Incidents Involving Sick Children in Primary Care in England and Wales: A Mixed Methods Analysis
Rees P, Edwards A, Powell C, Hibbert P, Williams H, Makeham M, et al
PLoS Medicine. 2017;14(1):e1002217.

Toolkit to Improve Safety for Mechanically Ventilated Patients
The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released its Toolkit to Improve Safety for Mechanically Ventilated Patients. 
AHRQ Safety Program for Mechanically Ventilated Patients project, January 2017 

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Encouraging employees to speak up to prevent infections: Opportunities to leverage quality improvement and care management processes
Julie Robbins, Ann Scheck McAlearney
American Journal of Infection Control 2016, 44(11): 1224-1230

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Global Employee Benefits Watch Report  2016/17
Thomsons Online Benefits. January 2017

Significant changes to doctors’ training are needed for future-proof workforce, peers are told
Adrian O’Dowd
BMJ 2016;355:i6605

Diversifying the Health-Care Workforce Begins at the Pipeline: A 5-Year Synthesis of Processes and Outputs of the Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students Program
Alex Camacho, George Zangaro, Kathleen M. White
Evaluation & the Health Professions First Published December 9, 2015
Workforce Interventions to Deliver Postnatal Care to Improve Neonatal Outcomes in Low- and Lower-Middle-Income Countries: A Narrative Synthesis
Tasnima Akter, David Sibbritt, Angela Dawson
Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 2016, 28(8): 659–681

Building A Culture Of Workplace Health: More Complicated Than Offering Workers Money To Be Healthy
Ron Goetzel, Enid Chung Roemer, Rachel Henke, Karen Butcher Kent, Jeffrey Berko, and Kate McCleary
Health Affairs Blog January 23, 2017

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Caring for Quality in Health: Lessons learnt from 15 reviews of health care quality 
Paris: OECD; 2017

Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine , January 11, 2017

Accounting for Social Risk Factors in Medicare Payment: Social Risk Factors Framework (Overview of Report Series) 
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine ,January 2017

What We Learned About Management in 2016, in 19 Charts
Gretchen Gavett 
Harvard Business Review January 02, 2017

Association of Leisure Time Physical Activity With Risk for Mortality
Gary O'Donovan, et al
JAMA Internal Medicine January 09, 2017

End of life care for infants, children and young people with life limiting conditions: summary of NICE guidance
Gemma Villanueva, et al
BMJ 2016;355:i6385

Global Burden of Hypertension and Systolic Blood Pressure of at Least 110 to 115 mm Hg, 1990-2015  
Mohammad H. Forouzanfar, PhD; Patrick Liu, BS; Gregory A. Roth, MD; et al
JAMA. 2017;317(2):165

Patient-reported outcome measures: an environmental scan of the Australian healthcare sector
Thompson C, Sansoni J, Morris D, Capell J and Williams K
Sydney: ACSQHC; 2016.

A View from the Edge — Creating a Culture of Caring
Awdish RLA
New England Journal of Medicine. 2017;376(1):7-9.

At Women's March: Widespread Fear of Losing Access to Care
Alicia Ault
Medscape Medical News, January 21, 2017

Leading Causes of Death in Nonmetropolitan and Metropolitan Areas — United States, 1999–2014
Ernest Moy, et al
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR),  January 13, 2017 / 66(1);1–8

Smokeless Tobacco use and the Risk of Head and Neck Cancer
Annah B. Wyss; et al
Am J Epidemiol. 2016;184(10):703-716. 

Global monitoring of action on the social determinants of health: a proposed framework and basket of core indicators - Consultation Paper (WHO)
World Health Organisation, 31 December 2016

Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia in Australian public hospitals 2015–16: Australian hospital statistics
AIHW: 13 Jan 2017

Your Writing Isn’t as Good as You Think It Is
Josh Bernoff
Harvard Business Review September 28, 2016

Medicaid State Fact Sheets (US)
Kaiser Family Foundation January 26, 2017

State of Child Health Report 2017 (UK)
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, January 2017

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2901.0 Census Dictionary, 2016 (Replacement Content)

3401.0 Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, Nov 2016

4430.0 Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2015 (Additional Information)

4430.0.30.002 Microdata: Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia, 2015 (Additional Information)

5368.0 International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia, Nov 2016

5372.0.55.001 International Merchandise Trade: Confidential Commodities List, Dec 2016

5609.0 Housing Finance, Australia, November 2016

5671.0 Lending Finance, Australia, November 2016

6202.0 Labour Force, Australia, Dec 2016

6224.0.55.001 Labour Force, Australia: Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Families, June 2016 (Replacement Content)

6291.0.55.001 Labour Force, Australia, Detailed - Electronic Delivery, Dec 2016

6306.0 Employee Earnings and Hours, Australia, May 2016

6354.0 Job Vacancies, Australia, Nov 2016

6401.0 Consumer Price Index, Australia, Dec 2016

6427.0 Producer Price Indexes, Australia, Dec 2016

6457.0 International Trade Price Indexes, Australia, Dec 2016

7111.0 Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary, 2015-16

7121.0 Agricultural Commodities, Australia, 2014-15 (Replacement Content)

7218.0.55.001 Livestock and Meat, Australia, Nov 2016

7501.0 Value of Principal Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia, Preliminary, 2015-16

7503.0 Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia, 2014-15 (Additional Information)

8501.0 Retail Trade, Australia, Nov 2016

8731.0 Building Approvals, Australia, Nov 2016

8731.0 Building Approvals, Australia, Nov 2016 (Additional Information)

8752.0 Building Activity, Australia, Sep 2016

8762.0 Engineering Construction Activity, Australia, Sep 2016

8782.0.65.001 Construction Activity: Chain Volume Measures, Australia, Sep 2016

9314.0 Sales of New Motor Vehicles, Australia, December 2016

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