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March 2020

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More than a refresh required for closing the gap of Indigenous health inequality
Chelsea J Bond and David Singh
Med J Aust 2020; 212 (5): 198-199.e1 

Lessons learned in genetic research with Indigenous Australian participants
Steven YC Tong, Heather D'Antoine, Melita McKinnon, Kyle Turner, Maui Hudson, Ngiare Brown, Jonathan R Carapetis and Dawn C Bessarab
Med J Aust 2020; 212 (5): 200-202.e1 

Investing in the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents: a foundation for achieving health equity
Peter Azzopardi, Ngaree Blow, Tara Purcell, Ngiare Brown, Tirritpa Ritchie and Alex Brown
Med J Aust 2020; 212 (5): 202-204.e1 

Setting the record straight: sexually transmissible infections and sexual abuse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
James S Ward, Belinda Hengel, Donna Ah Chee, Olga Havnen and John D Boffa
Med J Aust 2020; 212 (5): 205-207.e1 

Differences in stroke risk and cardiovascular mortality for Aboriginal and other Australian patients with atrial fibrillation
Lee Nedkoff, Erin A Kelty, Joseph Hung, Sandra C Thompson and Judith M Katzenellenbogen
Med J Aust 2020; 212 (5): 215-221

Non‐clinical eye care support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: a systematic review
Aryati Yashadhana, Ling Lee, Jessica Massie and Anthea Burnett
Med J Aust 2020; 212 (5): 222-228 

Skin infections in Australian Aboriginal children: a narrative review
Lucy Davidson, Jessica Knight and Asha C Bowen
Med J Aust 2020; 212 (5): 231-237 

Understanding Aboriginal peoples’ cultural and family connections can help inform the
development of culturally appropriate cancer survivorship models of care

Ristevski, E., Thompson, S., Kingaby, S., Nightingale, C., Iddawela, M.
JCO global oncology, 6, 124-132, 2020

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GEN: Residential aged care quality indicators
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  20 March 2020

GEN: People using aged care
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  24 March 2020

GEN: People's care needs in aged care
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  24 March 2020

Adverse Outcomes of Polypharmacy in Older People: Systematic Review of Reviews
Davies LE, Spiers G, Kingston A, Todd A, Adamson J, Hanratty B
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association. 2020;21(2):181-187.

People living with dementia a priority for aged and health care COVID-19 coronavirus responses
Health Times | Published: 19-03-2020

Strengthened guidelines to protect aged care residents
Health Times | Published: 19-03-2020

Home and dry: the need for decent homes in later life
Centre for Ageing Better March 2020

Social Isolation and Loneliness in Older Adults: Opportunities for the Health Care System (2020)
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. March 2020

Older Adult Factors Associated With Identified Need for Family Caregiver Assistance During Home Health Care
Julia Burgdorf, Alicia Arbaje, and Jennifer L. Wolff
Home Health Care Management & Practice Volume: 32 issue: 2, page(s): 67-75

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03 AI & eHEALTH 

Instagram as a tool for study engagement and community building among adolescents: A social media pilot study
Veronica L Thomas, Marisol Chavez, Erica N Browne, and Alexandra M Minnis
Digital Health March 17, 2020

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When Guidelines Recommend Shared Decision-making 
Doreen M. Rabi, MD, MSc; Marleen Kunneman, PhD; Victor M. Montori, MD, MSc
JAMA. Published online March 13, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.1525

Can Social Policies Improve Health? A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis of 38 Randomized Trials
The Milbank Quarterly March 2020

Achieving scale and spread: learning for innovators and policy-makers
Nuffield Trust  March 2020

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Effects of Birthing Room Design on Maternal and Neonate Outcomes: A Systematic Review.
Nilsson C, Wijk H, Höglund L, Sjöblom H, Hessman E, Berg M.
HERD. 2020 Feb 20:1937586720903689. doi: 10.1177/1937586720903689. [Epub ahead of print]

A Scoping Review of the Impact on Children of the Built Environment Design Characteristics of Healing Spaces.
Gaminiesfahani H, Lozanovska M, Tucker R.
HERD. 2020 Feb 20:1937586720903845. doi: 10.1177/1937586720903845. [Epub ahead of print]

Positive Distractions and Play in the Public Spaces of Pediatric Healthcare Environments: A Literature Review.
Jiang S.
HERD. 2020 Feb 3:1937586720901707. doi: 10.1177/1937586720901707. [Epub ahead of print]

Special Report: Elevate & Evolve 
Healthcare Design 02 March 2020

The effect of the waiting room's environment on level of anxiety experienced by children prior to dental treatment: a case control study.
Fux-Noy A, Zohar M, Herzog K, Shmueli A, Halperson E, Moskovitz M, Ram D.
BMC Oral Health. 2019 Dec 30;19(1):294. doi: 10.1186/s12903-019-0995-y.

Evidence-Based Design in Hospital Renovation Projects: A Study of Design Implementation for User Controls
Evan Bingham, David Whitaker, Jay Christofferson, Justin Weidman
HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal Mar 16, 2020 | OnlineFirst

Exploring Managers’ Opinions on Planning and Designing Adult Day Care Centers
Sheng-Wen Su, Shwn-Jen Lee, Mei-Wun Tsai, Hong-Ji Luo
HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal, Mar 6, 2020

Environmental Needs, Barriers, and Facilitators for Optimal Healing in the Postoperative Process: A Qualitative Study of Patients’ Lived Experiences and Perceptions
Gijs Hesselink, Merlijn Smits, Mariël Doedens, Sharon M. Nijenhuis, Denise van Bavel, Harry van Goor, Tom H. van de Belt
HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal Mar 5, 2020

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Strengthening care for children: pilot of an integrated general practitioner-paediatrician model of primary care in Victoria, Australia.
Hiscock H, O'Loughlin R, Pelly R, Laird C, Holman J, Dalziel K, Lei S, Boyle D, Freed G.
Aust Health Rev. 2020 Feb 12. doi: 10.1071/AH19177. [Epub ahead of print]

Healthcare Quarterly: October to December 2019
Bureau of Health Information (BHI) 18 March 2020

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Productivity of the English National Health Service: 2017/18 update.
Adriana Castelli, Martin Chalkley, James Gaughan and Idaira Rodriguez Santana.  
York, UK: Centre for Health Economics, University of York. 2020 Feb. (CHE Research Paper; 171).

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Organizational and environmental factors associated with local multihospital systems: Precipitants for coordination?
Shay, Patrick D.
Health Care Management Review: February 27, 2020

Evaluating research investment and impact at a regional Australian Hospital and Health Service: a programme theory and conceptual framework
Alexandra Edelman, Amy Brown, Tilley Pain, Sarah Larkins and Gillian Harvey 
Health Research Policy and Systems 2020, 18:30 | Published on: 6 March 2020 

A review of adverse event reports from emergency departments in the Veterans Health Administration
Gill S, Mills PD, Watts BV, Paull DE, Tomolo A
Journal of Patient Safety. 2020; [epub]

Potentially Preventable Readmissions: Conceptual Framework To Rethink the Role of Primary Care: Final Report
Maxwell J, Bourgoin A, Crandall J
Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 2020.

Implementing a sustainable medication reconciliation process in Australian hospitals: The World Health Organization High 5s project
Stark HE, Graudins LV, McGuire TM, Lee CYY, Duguid MJ
Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 2020;16(3):290-298.

Prevalence, nature and predictors of omitted medication doses in mental health hospitals: a multi-centre study
Keers RN, Hann M, Alshehri GH, Bennett K, Miller J, Prescott L, et al
PLOS ONE. 2020;15(2):e0228868.

The Association of Increasing Hospice Use With Decreasing Hospital Mortality: An Analysis of the National Inpatient Sample
Christa A. Schorr, Mark Angelo, Gaughan John, Krista LeCompte, R. Phillip Dellinger
Journal of Healthcare Management: March-April 2020 - Volume 65 - Issue 2 - p 107-120

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Could the prevention of health care–associated infections increase hospital cost? The financial impact of health care–associated infections from a hospital management perspective 
John Shepard, John Frederick, Frances Wong, Sasha Madison, Lucy Tompkins, Eric Hadhazy 
American Journal of Infection Control 2020; 48(3): 255-260

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Professional faultlines and interprofessional differentiation in multidisciplinary team innovation: The moderating role of inclusive leadership.
Mitchell R, Boyle B.
Health Care Manage Rev. 2020 Feb 27. doi: 10.1097/HMR.0000000000000276. [Epub ahead of print]

Professional faultlines and interprofessional differentiation in multidisciplinary team innovation: The moderating role of inclusive leadership
Mitchell, Rebecca; Boyle, Brendan
Health Care Management Review: February 27, 2020

A New Approach To Mental Health Care, Imported From Abroad
Rob Waters
Health Affairs 2020, 39(3): 362-366

The Past, Present, And Possible Future Of Public Opinion On The ACA
Mollyann Brodie, Elizabeth C. Hamel, Ashley Kirzinger, and Drew E. Altman
Health Affairs 2020, 39(3): 462-466

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How Your Organization’s Experts Can Share Their Knowledge
Dorothy LeonardJames Martin
Harvard Business Review December 09, 2019

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A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers
Barbara Z. Larson , Susan R. Vroman and Erin E. Makarius
Harvard Business Review March 18, 2020

How Companies Can Keep CEO Behavior In Check
Wojtek Dabrowski
Harvard Business Review March 11, 2020

Best Practices for Instant Messaging at Work
Dustin York
Harvard Business Review March 11, 2020

Anxiety Is Contagious. Here’s How to Contain It.
Judson Brewer
Harvard Business Review March 18, 2020

Making Mentorship a Team Effort
Vineet Chopra , Justin B. Dimick and Sanjay Saint
Harvard Business Review March 17, 2020

How to Spot an Incompetent Leader
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Harvard Business Review March 11, 2020

Build “Hardiness” Into Your Organizational Culture
Paul T. Bartone and Steven J. Stein
Harvard Business Review March 09, 2020

The Key to Inclusive Leadership
Juliet Bourke and Andrea Espedido
Harvard Business Review March 06, 2020

Value Added of Management to Health Care Organizations.
Issel ML.
Health Care Manage Rev. 2020 Apr/Jun;45(2):95.

Management and outcomes of health practitioner complaints in Australia: a comparison of the national and New South Wales systems.
Walton M, Kelly PJ, Chiarella EM, Carney T.
Aust Health Rev. 2020 Feb 19. doi: 10.1071/AH18262. [Epub ahead of print]

How to Manage Someone Who’s Related to the Boss
Nihar Chhaya
Harvard Business Review March 05, 2020

Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis
Martin Reeves , Nikolaus Lang and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak
Harvard Business Review February 27, 2020

Jack Welch’s Approach to Leadership
Claudio Fernandez Araoz
Harvard Business Review March 03, 2020

The Best Leaders Are Versatile Ones
Robert B. Kaiser
Harvard Business Review March 02, 2020

Why the CEO Shouldn’t Also Be the Board Chair
Joseph Mandato and William Devine
Harvard Business Review March 04, 2020

Every Leader Needs to Navigate These 7 Tensions
Jennifer Jordan , Michael Wade and Elizabeth Teracino
Harvard Business Review February 20, 2020

How to Create the Perfect Meeting Agenda
Steven G. Rogelberg
Harvard Business Review February 26, 2020

Approachable managers linked to better error reporting, analysis finds
Annabelle Collins
Health Service Journal 28 February 2020

Build Your Resilience in the Face of a Crisis
Rasmus Hougaard , Jacqueline Carter and Moses Mohan
Harvard Business Review March 19, 2020

Virtual Meetings Don’t Have to Be a Bore
by Andy Molinsky
Harvard Business Review March 19, 2020

The association between organizational cultural competence and teamwork climate in a network of primary care practices
Tina Kumra, Yea-Jen Hsu, Tina L. Cheng, Jill A. Marsteller, Maura McGuire, Lisa A. Cooper
Health Care Management Review: 4/6 2020 - Volume 45 - Issue 2 - p 106-116

Advancing theory on the multilevel role of leadership in the implementation of evidence-based health care practices
Erick G. Guerrero, Jemima Frimpong, Yinfei Kong, Karissa Fenwick, Gregory A. Aarons
Health Care Management Review: 4/6 2020 - Volume 45 - Issue 2 - p151-161

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The Impact Of Decision Aids On Adults Considering Hip Or Knee Surgery
Vanessa B. Hurley, Hector P. Rodriguez, Stephen Kearing, Yue Wang, Ming D. Leung, and Stephen M. Shortell
Health Affairs 2020, 39(1): 100-107

Developing an assessment tool for Australian general practices transforming to a Patient-Centred Medical Home model of care
Deeble Institute Evidence Brief No. 19
Elliott A, Sweeney S, Langford-Ely A, Bruce A, Harvey S, Silk K
Canberra: Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association; 2020. p. 15.

Contemporaneous patient and health professional views of patient-centred care: a systematic review 
Daniel Jaensch, Nicky Baker, Susan Gordon
Int J Qual Health Care, mzz118,

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Advancing population health management
NHS Clinical Commissioners February 2020

Developing a screening tool to recognise social determinants of health in Australian clinical settings.
Browne-Yung K, Freeman T, Battersby M, McEvoy DR, Baum F.
Public Health Res Pract. 2019;29(4):e28341813. First published: 1 November 2018.

Exposure to fast-food and sweetened-drink marketing at community sports clubs in Australia.
Ooi JY, Wiggers JH, Kingsland M, Lecathelinais C, Tindall J, McFadyen T, Rowland BC, Sherker S, Murphy A, Heaton R, Wolfenden L.
Public Health Res Pract. 2019;29(4):e2941929.

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Developing a mobile data collection tool to manage a dispersed mental health workforce.
Maddox S, Read DM, Dalton HE, Perkins DA, Powell NN.  
Rural and Remote Health 2020; 20: 5616.

Supporting holistic care for patients with tuberculosis in a remote Indigenous community: a case report.
Miller A, Cairns A, Richardson A, Lawrence J.  
Rural and Remote Health 2020; 20: 5552. 

Prevocational Integrated Extended Rural Clinical Experience (PIERCE): cutting through the barriers to prevocational rural medical education.
Hanson D, Carey E, Harte J, Bond D, Manahan D, O'Connor P.
Rural and Remote Health 2020; 20: 5437.

Improving palliative and end-of-life care for rural and remote Australians.
Wenham S, Cumming M, Saurman E.
Public Health Res Pract. 2020;30(1):e3012001.

A longitudinal review of rural health policy in Ontario
Jim Whaley
Healthcare Management Forum 2020, Volume: 33 issue: 2, page(s): 53-56

A rural approach to quality improvement for small rural hospitals: Lessons from rural Texas
Robert S. Steele, MD, Elizabeth F. Wenghofer, PhD, et al
Healthcare Management Forum 2020,

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Changes approved for National Patient Safety Goals for Home Care program
The Joint Commission recently approved changes to its National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) for the Home Care Accreditation program. These changes go into effect July 1, 2020.
Joint Commission 22 March 2020

Case Study: More Patient Safety by Design - System-based Approaches for Hospitals.
Kobler I, Angerer A, Schwappach D.
Adv Health Care Manag. 2019 Oct 24;18. doi: 10.1108/S1474-823120190000018001.

“Thank You for Listening”: An Exploratory Study Regarding the Lived Experience and Perception of Medical Errors Among Those Who Receive Care
Terry D, Kim J-a, Gilbert J, Jang S, Nguyen H
International Journal of Health Services. 2019:0020731419893036

Patient safety in marginalised groups: a narrative scoping review
Cheraghi-Sohi S, Panagioti M, Daker-White G, Giles S, Riste L, Kirk S, et al
International Journal for Equity in Health. 2020;19(1):26.

Systemic causes of in-hospital intravenous medication errors: a systematic review
Kuitunen S, Niittynen I, Airaksinen M, Holmström A-R
Journal of Patient Safety. 2020 [epub].

Consultation open: draft National Safety and Quality Digital Mental Health Standards
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care  2020

Patient Safety in Medical, Nursing, and Other Clinical Education
Medical Education and Patient Safety, March 2020

Making Healthcare Safer III: A Critical Analysis of Existing and Emerging Patient Safety Practices
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) , March 2020

Identifying adverse events: reflections on an imperfect gold standard after 20 years of patient safety research 
Kaveh G Shojania, Perla J Marang-van de Mheen
BMJ Quality & Safety 2020;29:265-270.

It’s time to step it up. Why safety investigations in healthcare should look more to safety science 
Siri Wiig, Jeffrey Braithwaite, Robyn Clay-Williams
Int J Qual Health Care, mzaa013, Published: 18 March 2020

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"Why would you want to stand?" an account of the lived experience of employees taking part in a workplace sit-stand desk intervention.
Hall J, Kay T, McConnell A, Mansfield L.
BMC Public Health. 2019 Dec 17;19(1):1692. doi: 10.1186/s12889-019-8038-9.

Working hours, common mental disorder and suicidal ideation among junior doctors in Australia: A cross‐sectional survey
Petrie, K., et al.
BMJ Open, 10, 2020

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Supporting the Health Care Workforce During the COVID-19 Global Epidemic 
James G. Adams, MD; Ron M. Walls, MD 
JAMA. Published online March 12, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.3972

Developing the health workforce for universal health coverage
Giorgio Cometto, James Buchan & Gilles Dussault
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2020, 98(2):  109-116

Health workforce demography: a framework to improve understanding of the health workforce and support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Szabo, S., Nove, A., Matthews, Z. et al.
Hum Resour Health 18, 7 (2020).

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How Working Parents Can Prepare for Coronavirus Closures
by Stewart D. Friedman and Alyssa F. Westring
Harvard Business Review March 10, 2020

Child protection Australia 2018–19
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 18 March 2020

ICD-11 Review stakeholder consultation report
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 12 March 2020

Healthcare Quarterly: October to December 2019
Bureau of Health Information (BHI) 18 March 2020

Balancing Act: managing the trade-offs in retirement incomes policy
Brendan Coates and Jonathan Nolan
Grattan Newsletter 01 March 2020

COVID-19: The endgame, and how to get there
John Daley
The Conversation, March 21 2020

COVID-19: residential care, supported living and home care guidance
Public Health England 13 March 2020

Exploring Key Policy Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Care for People with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders: A Workshop
National Academy of Sciences, March 2020

Leading Health Indicators 2030: Advancing Health, Equity, and Well-Being.
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2020.
Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

Australian health sector emergency response plan for Novel Coronavirus
Australia. Department of Health
Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia, 2020

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1205.0.55.001 Information Paper: Cause of Death Certification Australia, 2008 (Additional Information)

Public Consultation - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey Workshops, 2020

1700.0 Microdata: Multi-Agency Data Integration Project, 
Australia (Additional Information)

Older Australians working longer (Media Release), ACLD

Older Australians working longer (Media Release), ACLD

3101.0 Australian Demographic Statistics, Sep 2019

3218.0 Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2018-19

Criminal Courts, Australia, 2018-19

4740.0 Future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Surveys - Have Your Say , 
2020 (First Issue)

Government Finance Statistics, Australia, Dec 2019

6150.0.55.003 Professional and scientific jobs grew in December 2019 (Media Release), December 2019

6202.0 Trend unemployment rate remained steady at 5.1% (Media Release), Feb 2020

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

First a reminder of some handy government links here in Australia and New South Wales specifically.

  Infection maps
Online Resources
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The Leader You Want to Be: Tools for Bringing Your Best Self to Work
Amy Jen Su 

Publication Date: January 31, 2020

With these comprehensive tools, you'll be better positioned to tap into and expand your leadership capacity so that you can be your best, sustain yourself, and thrive as a leader. 



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