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Flying blind: trying to find solutions to Indigenous oral health
Andrea M. de Silva, Jacqueline Martin-Kerry, Alexandra Geale and Deborah Cole
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):570-583

Improving maternity services for Indigenous women in Australia: moving from policy to practice
Sue Kildea, Sally Tracy, Juanita Sherwood, et al 
Med J Aust 2016; 205 (8): 374-379.

The prevalence and clinical associations of HTLV-1 infection in a remote Indigenous community
Lloyd J Einsiedel, Hai Pham, Richard J Woodman, et al
Med J Aust 2016; 205 (7): 305-309

Primary health care for Aboriginal women and children in the year after birth: findings from a population-based study in South Australia
Jane Yelland, Donna Weetra, Deanna Stuart-Butler, et al
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 2016, 40: 418–423

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Managing older medical patients in hospital: a study of the outcomes from a shift of resources to the ‘front door’
Divya Tiwari, Michael Vassallo, Charlotte Owen, Richard Renaut, and Stephen Allen
Future Hosp J 2016 3:174-177

Valuing older people: time for a global campaign to combat ageism
Alana Officer, Mira Leonie Schneiders, Diane Wu, et al
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2016;94:710-710A

The State of Seniors Health Care in Canada
Canadian Medical Association (CMA)  September 2016

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C2C to bring RingMD telemedicine platform and Cardea Skype bot to Oz
Kate McDonald
Pulse + IT Magazine 12 October 2016

MoH releases strategic assessment for establishing single EHR
Kate McDonald
Pulse + IT Magazine 12 October 2016

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Barriers to and Facilitators of Evidence-Based Decision Making at the Point of Care: Implications for Delivery Systems, Payers, and Policy Makers
Ann S. O’Malley, Anna Collins, Kara Contreary, and Eugene C. Rich
MDM Policy & Practice July-December 2016

Comparison of medication policies to guide nursing practice across seven Victorian health services
Mariann Fossum, Lee Hughes, Elizabeth Manias, et al
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):526-532

Developing and Evaluating a Clinic-Based Decision Aid Delivery System
Carmen L. Lewis, Alexandra F. Dalton, et al
MDM Policy & Practice July-December 2016 

Value of Information Analysis Informing Adoption and Research Decisions in a Portfolio of Health Care Interventions
Haitham W. Tuffaha, Louisa G. Gordon,  Paul A. Scuffham
MDM Policy & Practice July-December 2016

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Prevention by Design: Construction and Renovation of Health Care Facilities for Patient Safety and Infection Prevention
Olmsted RN
Infectious Disease Clinics of North America. 2016;30(3):713-28

Designing wellbeing and improved outcomes into cancer centres
Building Better Healthcare 29 September 2016

Getting Smart With Technology
Anne DiNardo,
Healthcare Design October 17, 2016

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Opens Building for Transformative Medicine
Jennifer Kovacs Silvis
Healthcare Design October 5, 2016

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A framework for administrative claim data to explore healthcare coordination and collaboration
Uddin S, Kelaher M, Srinivasan U
Australian Health Review. 2016;40(5):500-10.

Better, Safer Care: Delivering a world-leading healthcare system
Victorian Government
Melbourne: State of Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services; 2016

Comprehensive primary health care under neo-liberalism in Australia
Fran Bauma
Social Science & Medicine 2016,168:43–52

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Regionalization: What Have We Learned? 
Gregory P. Marchildon
HealthcarePapers 2016, 16(1): 8-14

Health System Regionalization – the New Zealand Experience 
Tim Tenbensel
HealthcarePapers 2016, 16(1): 27-33

Transforming Regions into High-Performing Health Systems Toward the Triple Aim of Better Health, Better Care and Better Value for Canadians  
Yves Bergevin, Bettina Habib, Keesa Elicksen-Jensen, et al
HealthcarePapers 2016, 16(1): 34-52

Cost, Effectiveness, and Value: How to Judge?  
Michael D. Rawlins, MD
JAMA. 2016;316(14):1447

Cough It Up: A Health Care Paradox  
Lisa M. Bebell, MD
JAMA. 2016;316(14):1449

Low-Value Health Care Services in a Commercially Insured Population.
Reid RO, Rabideau B, Sood N.
JAMA Intern Med. 2016;176(10):1567-71

Quality Of Health Care In India: Challenges, Priorities, And The Road Ahead
Manoj Mohanan, Katherine Hay, Nachiket Mor
Health Aff October 2016 35:1753-1758;

Quality in Home and Community-Based Services to Support Community Living: Addressing Gaps in Performance Measurement 
National Quality Forum September 2016

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Trends and disparities in sepsis hospitalisations in Victoria, Australia
Timothy Ore
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):511-518

Update on the Future Hospital Programme
Future Hosp J 2016 3:158-159

Understanding patient flow in hospitals
Karakusevic S
London: Nuffield Trust; 2016

A framework for administrative claim data to explore healthcare coordination and collaboration
Shahadat Uddin, Margaret Kelaher and Uma Srinivasan
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):500-510

The Future Hospital: a blueprint for effective delirium care
Sarah J Richardson, James Michael Fisher, and Andrew Teodorczuk
Future Hosp J 2016 3:178-181

Taking an organisational approach to quality improvement
Robert E Klaber and Ralph A Critchley
Future Hosp J 2016 3:165-168

Rethinking Thirty-Day Hospital Readmissions: Shorter Intervals Might Be Better Indicators Of Quality Of Care
David L. Chin, Heejung Bang, Raj N. Manickam,  Patrick S. Romano
Health Aff October 2016 35:1867-1875

Organizational solutions to improve timeliness and effectiveness of the stroke care
Maria Crema, Chiara Verbano, Jacopo Guercini, et al
Safety in Health 2016, 2:12

Efficiency and hospital effectiveness in improving Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems ratings
Al-Amin, Mona; Makarem, Suzanne C.; Rosko, Michael
Health Care Management Review 2016, 41(4): 296-305

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Communication and general concern criterion prior to activation of the rapid response team: a grounded theory
Martland J, Chamberlain D, Hutton A, Smigielski M
Australian Health Review. 2016;40(5):477-83.

Communication Tools for End-of-Life Decision-Making in Ambulatory Care Settings: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Oczkowski SJ, Chung H-O, Hanvey L, Mbuagbaw L, You JJ
PLoS ONE. 2016;11(4):e0150671.

The Ethics of Behavioral Health Information Technology: Frequent Flyer Icons and Implicit Bias  
Michelle Joy, MD; Timothy Clement, MPH; Dominic Sisti, PhD
JAMA. 2016;316(15):1539

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Health reform needs more science, less politics
MJA InSight 10 October 2016

Health Care Reform And A Failed Vision Of Bipartisanship
Timothy S. Jost  
Health Aff October 2016 35:1748-1752

The role of technology in Australian youth mental health reform
Jane M. Burns, Emma Birrell, Marie Bismark, Jane Pirkis, Tracey A. Davenport, Ian B. Hickie, Melissa K. Weinberg and Louise A. Ellis
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):584-590

Relationships central to innovation in new public health service structure
Perspectives in Public Health September 2016 136: 264-265,

Getting patients quicker access to innovative healthcare
Department of Health and Accelerated Access Review 24 October 2016

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Cancer screening education: can it change knowledge and attitudes among culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Queensland, Australia?
Katherine Cullerton, Danielle Gallegos, Ella Ashley, Hong Do, Anna Voloschenko, MaryLou Fleming, Rebecca Ramsey and Trish Gould
Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2016; 27(2):140-147

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Leadership development programs for health care middle managers: An exploration of the top management team member perspective.
Whaley, Alan; Gillis, William E
Health Care Management Review 2016, Oct 14 online first

Internationalization at a Distance: A Study of the Online Management Curriculum
Ruslan Ramanau
Journal of Management Education October 2016 40: 545-575

Controlling healthcare professionals: how human resource management influences job attitudes and operational efficiency
Julie Ann Cogin; Ju Li Ng and Ilro Lee
Human Resources for Health 201614:55

Training healthcare professionals in quality improvement
Calum Worsley, Stephen Webb, and Emma Vaux
Future Hosp J 2016 3:207-210

Leadership development programs for health care middle managers: An exploration of the top management team member perspective.
Whaley, Alan; Gillis, William E.
Health Care Management Review. published online 2016 October 14

Leaders Can Shape Company Culture Through Their Behaviors 
Jim Whitehurst
Harvard Business Review 2016; Oct. 13

Why Leadership Development Isn’t Developing Leaders 
Deborah Rowland
Harvard Business Review 2016; Oct. 14

What Happens When Underperforming Big Ideas in Research Become Entrenched?  
Michael J. Joyner, MD; Nigel Paneth, MD, MPH; John P. A. Ioannidis, MD, DSc
JAMA. 2016;316(13):1355

Doctors in China: improving quality through modernisation of residency education
Jiming Zhu, Wenkai Li, Lincoln Chen
Lancet 2016, 388(10054 ): 1922

Help Managers Manage Tough Talks
Bravetta Hassell
Chief Learning Officer 6 October 2016

Availability of primary care team members can improve teamwork and readiness for change
Rodriguez, Hector P.; Chen, Xiao; Martinez, Ana E
Health Care Management Review 2016, 41(4): 286-295

NHMRC funding of mental health research
Batterham PJ, McGrath J, McGorry PD, Kay-Lambkin FJ, Hickie IB, Christensen H
Medical Journal of Australia. 2016;205(8):350-1.

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When patient-centred care is worth doing well: informed consent or shared decision-making
Kunneman M, Montori VM
BMJ Quality & Safety. Published Online First: 26 September 2016

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Will Precision Medicine Improve Population Health?  
Muin J. Khoury, MD, PhD; Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH
JAMA. 2016;316(13):1357

Impact of the Australian National Cervical Screening Program in women of different ages
Megan Smith and Karen Canfell
Med J Aust 2016; 205 (8): 359-364.

The influence of population mobility on changing patterns of HIV acquisition: lessons for and from Australia
G. Crawford, R. Lobo, G. Brown and B. Maycock
Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2016; 27(2):153-154

Global women’s health issues: sex and gender matter
Patricia M Davidson, Nancy E Glass and Michelle DiGiacomo
Med J Aust 2016; 205 (8): 346-348.

The Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes
C. Dinakar and G.T. O’Connor
N Engl J Med 2016; 375:1372-1381

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Using a competition model to help rural communities become healthier: lessons from the NSW Healthy Town Challenge quality assurance process
Santosh Khanal, Chris Rissel and Bev Lloyd
Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2016; 27(2):178-179

Rural health professionals‘ experiences in implementing advance care planning: a focus group study
Sophie Fletcher, Craig Sinclair, Joel Rhee, Desiree Goh and Kirsten Auret
Australian Journal of Primary Health 2016, 22(5): 423-427

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Fostering transparency in outcomes, quality, safety, and costs
Austin J, McGlynn EA, Pronovost PJ
JAMA Published online September 26, 2016.

Preventing Patient Falls: A Systematic Approach from the Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare Project
Health Research & Educational Trust
Chicago, IL: Health Research & Educational Trust; 2016

Patient Safety in Ambulatory Settings
Effective Health Care (EHC) Program, October 2016

Clinician-identified problems and solutions for delayed diagnosis in primary care: a PRIORITIZE study
Car LT, Papachristou N, Bull A, Majeed A, Gallagher J, El-Khatib M, et al
BMC Family Practice. 2016;17(1):131.

Relationship between patient safety climate and adherence to standard precautions
Amanda J. Hessels, Vinni Genovese-Schek, Mansi Agarwal, Teri Wurmser, Elaine L. Larson
American Journal of Infection Control 2016; 44(10): 1128-32

Getting It Right for Patient Safety:  Specimen Collection Process Improvement From Operating Room to Pathology
D’Angelo R, Mejabi O
American Journal of Clinical Pathology. 2016;146(1):8-17.

Measurement of patient safety: a systematic review of the reliability and validity of adverse event detection with record review
Hanskamp-Sebregts M, Zegers M, Vincent C, van Gurp PJ, de Vet HCW, Wollersheim H
BMJ Open. 2016;6(8):e011078.

Characterising the nature of primary care patient safety incident reports in the England and Wales National Reporting and Learning System: a mixed-methods agenda-setting study for general practice
Carson-Stevens A, Hibbert P, Williams H, Evans HP, Cooper A, Rees P, et al.
Health Services and Delivery Research. 2016;4(27).

As a critical behavior to improve quality and patient safety in health care: speaking up!
Ahmet Nacioglu
Safety in Health 20162:1

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Creating supportive environments: tackling behaviours that undermine a culture of safety
Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' Trainee Doctors Group
London: Academy of Medical Royal Colleges; 2016

Patient safety and workplace bullying: an integrative review
Houck NM, Colbert AM
Journal of Nursing Care Quality. 2016

Factors influencing workplace violence risk among correctional health workers: insights from an Australian survey
Aaron W. Cashmore, Devon Indig, Stephen E. Hampton, Desley G. Hegney and Bin B. Jalaludin
Australian Journal of Primary Health 2016, 22(5):461-465

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Preferred strategies for workforce development: feedback from aged care workers
Sarojni Choy and Amanda Henderson
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):533-537

Rethinking the Primary Care Workforce — An Expanded Role for Nurses
Thomas Bodenheimer, M.D., and Laurie Bauer, R.N., M.S.P.H.
N Engl J Med 2016; 375:1015-1017

General practice registrars’ intentions for future practice: implications for rural medical workforce planning
Catherine Harding, Alexa Seal, Joe McGirr and Tim Caton
Australian Journal of Primary Health 2016, 22(5):440-444

Arming for the Workplace Cultural Dynamics

Tim Garrett
Workforce Week 29 September 2016

Demographics of the Australian orthotic and prosthetic workforce 2007–12
Emily Ridgewell, Michael Dillon, Jackie O'Connor, Sarah Anderson and Leigh Clarke
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):555-561

Development of a multiple risk factor Brief Health Check for workplaces. 
Lloyd B, Khanal S, Macoun E, Rissel C.
Public Health Res Pract. 2016;26(4):e2641649.

7 Trends for Workforce 2020: How to Make Today’s Ever-Changing Workplace Work for You
Chief Learning Officer 6 October 2016

Hunt aims for fully home grown doctor workforce
Ingrid Torjesen
BMJ 2016;355:i5399

Nursing staff work patterns in a residential aged care home: a time–motion study
Siyu Qian, Ping Yu and David Hailey
Australian Health Review 2016; 40(5):544-554

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The HSJ100: people with the greatest influence over the English NHS.

The HSJ100 was launched in 2005 and has become the benchmark by which to gauge the changing fortunes of the leading figures in the NHS and health policy. It is judged by a group of experienced health service leaders and attempts to paint as accurate picture as possible of who will exercise most power over the English NHS and health policy until September 2017.

Fairer decisions, better health for all: Health equity and cost-effectiveness analysis
Cookson RA, Mirelman A, Asaria M, Dawkins B, Griffin S
Centre for Health Economics, University of York. 2016 Sep

New care models: Emerging innovations in governance and organisational form
The Kin's Fund October 2016

Improving the health of the public by 2040: optimising the research environment for a healthier, fairer future
The Kin's Fund September 2016

State of Care 2015/16
State of Care – our annual overview of health and social care in England – looks at the trends, highlights examples of good and outstanding care, and identifies factors that maintain high-quality care.
The Kin's Fund October 2016

Fourth study of mortality and cancer incidence in aircraft maintenance personnel: a continuing study of F-111 Deseal/Reseal personnel 2016
AIHW 17 October 2016

Perinatal deaths in Australia 1993-2012
AIHW 12 October 2016

Mental health services in Australia tranche 4
AIHW 14 October 2016

Trends in alcohol availability, use and treatment 2003-04 to 2014-15
AIHW 6 October 2016

Health expenditure Australia 2014-15
AIHW 6 October 2016

Incidence of end-stage kidney disease in Australia 1997-2013
AIHW 4 October 2016

2016 Blue Ribbon Panel Report: Learnings on Governance from Partnerships that Improve Community Health
 AHA’s Center for Healthcare Governance, 2016

Volume Four 2016 Report on State Finances
Auditor-General of NSW, 6 October 2016

Diagnosing Corruption in Healthcare
Petkov M, Cohen D
London: Transparency International UK; 2016.

Hospital productivity growth in the English NHS 2008/09 to 2013/14.
María José Aragón, Adriana Castelli, Martin Chalkley and James Gaughan.
Centre for Health Economics, University of York. 2016 Oct, p. 1-44. (CHE Research Paper; 138).

Hip fracture care: clinical care standard
Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care 2016

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4430.0.10.001 Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: First Results, 2015 (Replacement Content)

1001.0 Australian Bureau of Statistics -- Annual Report, Report on ABS performance in 2015-16

1002.0 Australian Statistics Advisory Council - Annual Report, 2015-2016

1006.0 Forward Work Program, 2016-17

5372.0.55.001 International Merchandise Trade: Confidential Commodities List, Sep 2016

5609.0 Housing Finance, Australia, Aug 2016

8731.0 Building Approvals, Australia, Aug 2016 (Additional Information)

3401.0 Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia, Aug 2016

5368.0 International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia, Aug 2016

7218.0.55.001 Livestock and Meat, Australia, Aug 2016

8501.0 Retail turnover rises 0.4 per cent in August (Media Release), Aug 2016

8153.0 Internet Activity, Australia, June 2016

8501.0 Retail Trade, Australia, Aug 2016

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Teams at Work: Emotional Intelligence (with Facilitator’s Guide)

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