July 1st, 2015
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Dear Members and Friends,
Have you ever dreamt of a way to capture the semantics of your patient summary specification in an electronic tool so that the conformity of any instance can be validated with a testing tool directly generated from the specification? 
This unprecedented level of automation is now possible as a result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently signed between IHE-Europe and the Art-Décor expert group.  By enabling a native combination of their complementary open source tooling, gaps and inconsistencies in CDA document testing are drastically reduced whilst enhanced rigour in conformity testing is attainable.
Art-Décor provides both a methodology for the capture of data requirements and scenarios, as well as a user interface to enter the specification constraints of exchanged documents based on the HL7 CDA standard.
ObjectsChecker is one of the testing tools supported by Gazelle, the IHE test-bed. The role of Gazelle ObjectsChecker is to validate the syntax, structure and terminologies content of medical documents based on HL7 CDA or other HL7 artefacts, other profiles such as XDS or XDW and various terminology standards. 
“This MoU reinforces collaboration between the two organisations to combine the strength of Art-Décor in terms of specifications authoring with the testing rigour of Gazelle ObjectsChecker for CDA document conformance checking” 
Eric Poiseau, IHE-Europe technical manager.
This new generation of tools is expected to promote further the usage of CDA for medical documentation world-wide and to facilitate and increase the efficiency of the development process from specifications to implementation and testing. 
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