April 24th, 2015
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IHE-Europe NEWS Pulse
As the IHE-Europe Connectathon begins to draw to a close in Luxembourg the Conformity Assessment Programme comes into its own and a number of vendors have submitted their products for accredited testing. Kereval, in partnership with IHE-Services, will perform the testing and issue an IHE International Conformity Assessment Report, valid for two years. This News Pulse includes some quotes from the user community, the vendor side and the management side of the Conformity Assessment Programme.
Claudio Saccavini “The Conformity Assessment Report is of great value in a Public Tender as we can take the Report from an accredited source as proof of interoperability without the need to retest, saving time and money. From the perspective of quality, Conformity Assessment ensures a guaranteed consistency of product and solution – that is of great value when evaluating vendors and making procurement decisions."

Chris Lindop “From the vendor perspective Conformity Assessment brings real market credibility for the company and its products and it ensures that solutions are cross vendor interoperable for the customer’s needs. They can feel confident in what we are delivering. It is also of great benefit to a vendor to know that the procurement process is being handled professionally and vendors would applaud the ISO standard accreditation initiative coming from IHE International”.
Chris Carr “Connectathon testing has primarily focused on practical interoperability – peer to peer. Conformity Assessment adds greater rigour in detailed testing of standards performance against validation tools, by an accredited laboratory. This provides greater assurance of consistent uniform adherence to specifications and easier deployment for end-users”.
Further details on the Conformity Assessment Programme can be found on the IHE-Europe Website.
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