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OK. Let's rein it in for the last time: The Salah right after Ramadan (fasting) is NOT the one you call your Muslim friend to ask 'where's my meat?'

Your meat and the merriment comes exactly 90 days after!

Now, count, do the math and exploit your Muslim friends with this information - book those meats ahead fam!

On that note – Happy Eid Fitr to every Muslim pal present here – hope you had a great celebration? Seeing it is still a holiday, I will try to keep this week’s notes really simple.

1 - So, I saved a seat at Muck Rack’s ‘Fundamentals of Social Media certification’ for Journalists, PR Pros, and anyone really - it will cover everything you need to know about the most popular social media platforms for professional use, they say. You can save your seat too.
2 - My story on a Belgian-Nigerian footballer, Cyriel Dessers (he cute!) whose dreams to play for Nigeria hit the rocks only one week away due to the Corona Virus is published here on the BBC Sport Africa website. 

3 - It was a 30 minutes clear audio interview I stalled on transcribing for about a week but I had a light bulb moment and used Happy Scribe - the 8 page long interview was all done in less than 30 minutes - use my referral to help yourself to this easy to use app. 

4 - Do you want see 56 pictures of Children and teenagers in their school playgrounds from across the world? I found this soothing.
5 - Meanwhile, Naeto C and MI probably were the most talked about people on Nigerian internet last week, yes, there was Davido and my president Burna Boy, but leave them for now.  Isn’t it impressive how Naeto did it? Bagged himself a great rap career, ticked stuff off bucket lists, remained scandal free, withdrew when he had his fill into the other type of life he wanted. Didn’t let anyone stain his white Kaftan literally. A case study. 
6 - The nostalgia was pretty heavy and maybe this hilarious clip from Funke Akindele will remind you of the good ol’ days.
7 - If there is ONE thing you will do from this week's letter, follow my call to action and listen to either this podcast episode or this other episode.

The first one is a hilarious episode about the weirdest thing that happens to women during pregnancy, one woman said she grew two extra nipples, another said her butt became flatter. Lmao. E be things!

And the other pod which frankly had me hooked is a feel good, bitter sweet story about a community radio station in Syria which was way too sarcastic for terrorists and also was/is a guide to the community, ranging from mild issues to complex ones like 'watch out, there is a missile coming.' It's a brilliant listen from 'This American life.' 

And that will bring this 'rather late' newsletter to an end - (for the first time in 14 years, I had intense, debilitating menstrual cramps, probably calls for some celebration.


Hope you enjoyed this one, keep sharing the mail if you have, thank you and please start if you haven't. 

Believe me, we all are on to something here.
I wish you joy and happiness this week, something like the one on this Monkey's face.

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