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Did you know that “you can’t own one guinea pig in Switzerland. You have to have at least two because they get very lonely.”

' AW. LOL - WTF!?'

Yeah, exactly what I thought, someone suggested this amongst others is a great opener to text your crush with instead of 'Hey' or 'Hey big head' if ofcourse you live in this clime. 

Orrrrrrrr, you can just make them a playlist as a conversation starter especially if they are into music - don't ask how I know this.  

So how did last week go for you?  Anyone got up to something interesting - like me? 

I had a really impromptu IG live talking about podcasting for beginners on Friday - podcasting is so my thing, I feel I can do that everyday and for those who missed it, comeback to these 3 links below anytime, as they are the ultimate starter pack if you are looking to start podcasting. 

1 - Should I start a podcast - Podcasting 101

2 - My podcast gear: recording, editing, publishing.
3 - Three things I have learned from editing podcasts.

I have been trying to learn a new language, well who hasn't and no surprises I ( or we) haven't gotten far, I hear it's just difficult to learn a new language as an adult - (such discrimination!) but I will give it another shot with Ten Words - a google chrome extension for immersive language learning - it translates words to English on the spot as you read the news in another language. I liked it at first trial. 

We can also keep tabs on for when they re-open their scholarship for a 3 month online course in couple of foreign languages. Follow them on IG @abrahamlincolnfoundation

Entries for World Football Summit's Start Cup is still open though, if you have an innovative idea that can change football or the sports industry, don't hesitate to pitch to their panel. You never know.

So, FLIPD got rave reviews since I first shared the productivity app in the debut newsletter, but if not having access to all your social apps sounds a little too extreme, here are more tips for unplugging if you are spending too much time online. 

Elsewhere, I found 7 facts you didn't know about your body, a breezy and informative read. 

And I am giving away this book this week - did I mention no one can claim the newsletter prize on back to back weeks - we would all like something for all ourselves, won't we?


Finally, isn't it almost jarring the emotion this picture (as seen on Twitter) elicits in what is now our new normal.


          A priest giving social distance blessings with a squirt pistol. 

And, yes, that's holy water!

Have a great week guys!

See you next week. 


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