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How are you? I truly hope you are well?

So, I discovered while I curated this week's content that there are as many men as they are women present in this brilliant circle. I tickled me, (lmao, don't know why I opted for that word) but yooo, that is really cool - as I assumed there'd be more women.

I checked because I chose to lead with Michelle Obama's
statement that trended over the weekend, amongst other 'women things' - so Michelle in her newly released Netflix documentary 'Becoming' said 'having kids was a "concession" that cost " her aspirations and dreams."

I thought she was only stating the obvious but people disagreed, women even, some obtusely (in my opinion), why I dug up this uplifting article I bookmarked from 2018 about women in demanding careers and how they navigated this terrifying reality: “I’m 30, crushing my career, and want to have a baby. How screwed am I?”

Here is another article I bookmarked from way back, Alain de Botton on the True Hard Work of Love and Relationships. Botton is a brilliant philosopher and the guy who dropped a bombshell in the New York Times in 2016 on why we will marry the wrong person. I don't know if you remember how that article sent everyone scampering and became the most read article on the NYT's website that year.

Speaking of, an artist has a ton of submissions on her Instagram Stories when she asked people to reply a 
'I knew they were the one when' caption - sharing this because I aw-ed too much and laughed my head off at the rest. Check it out, it's up for just a few more hours!

I teased about sharing this concept I came across called 'The Liz Lemoning.' It is when a successful (not necessarily single) woman downplays her largely great state of life so as not to come across as perfect! It's like feigning chaos especially on social media for relatability. I found this fucking hilarious because I do this however subtly, a lot - like I make it a point to complain about a minimal problem just to show I don't always have my shit together - and it's frankly not the reality because as women we are instinctive fixers that don't have problems lying around for too long, anyway here is the article that got me triggeerrrrrrred. 

To some work stuff, I am sure my colleagues in the sports industry would find these series of recent webinars from Soccerex and The Football Business Academy very useful. I found The Impact of COVID-19 on media and broadcasting in football interesting. In related news I will be interviewed on the future of sports media and it's opportunities on my Instagram Live at 6pm today.

To our creative friends, here is a suggestion on how to solve the ever present dilemma of creating content and in what format - how about you start with your strongest platform, make content and then recreate same content into other formats e.g Write a blog on 'how to be badass and bougie', and afterwards read that article into a recording to create a podcast. It sure gives a sense of effectiveness, read more tips

In that light I am choosing to move everything on this week's newsletter to an Instagram Live conversation this Friday - I would like that some of us join me in having a 2 way chat - please let me know if you are up for this tea!

Speaking of liquid in a cup, would you like a pair of this cute wine glass? It's yours if you are the first to claim them. 

Finally, did you know you can now schedule your tweets on your Twitter for Web? I only just found out yesterday and that will be all for this week!

Thank you for reading. 

{I am aware about how lengthy this is, and will look to try designs to keep content short and precise in the future - stick with me.}

Do share this to someone maybe?


Stay positive and full of cheer.


See you next week!


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