World Water Day Gathering, March 22, 2014, Unity Pavilion
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World Water Day Gathering

March 22, 2014, Unity Pavilion, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India

The morning session brought together 32 people from various sectors working with water in Auroville: educators, engineers, administrators, and more. Each one briefly discussed his or her work in connection to water, and then filled in a questionnaire, asking about his/her work and the challenges faced. A discussion ensued on the current water situation in Auroville, and the group brainstormed ideas for collaboration.  Three main points emerged from the discussion: 1) The Auroville bioregion water situation is in crisis mode, and collaboration is necessary to move forward. 2) Information gathering and communication are key elements in collaboration on water issues. 3) You don’t have to be a water expert to join in the process! In the afternoon, 17 people enjoyed three different presentations on water, including one on water treatment and quality protection, another on the crystallography of water, and finally a presentation on healing through water.

The group brainstormed many ways to collaborate, including:

  • Create a database of all water works in AV. This could be a webpage, but should be dynamic and translated into Tamil.
  • There should be regular meetings of people involved in water in AV once per month, with notes disseminated by email.
  • Communication is key! Rainfall data publication should begin again in News and Notes. Also publish how much water is used in AV and how much is going to wastewater. Survey water quality in various locations every 3-4 months and publish this information too. Begin again to monitor (rainfall, borewells, etc), and publish this information.
  • Increase efforts in education to call for water conservation.
  • Guest houses should provide information to guests about water situation and conservation.
  • Generally increase communication within AV community and increase communication among key players involved in water in AV.
  • Host workshops on different water projects happening in Auroville and invite everyone (similar to Farm Walks)
  • Use upcoming Earth Day to introduce low-key water-saving technologies.
Water scientist, long-term guest and volunteer, Lars Kostedde, presented his work on water treatment and quality protection. Lars demonstrated his model of a waste-water treatment system, including a vortex as the final step of the process.
Andrea Berni, working with the Laboratory for Subtle Energy Measurement, presented his work on the crystallography of water.
Linda de Lehman spoke on healing with water, specifically her work as a WATSU practitioner.
The team of organizers came together after this meeting and decided upon a number of concrete action steps to follow up proposals made in this meeting. They included getting water issues to the forefront in upcoming Earth Day activities, taking steps to re-publish an important water book for children, and meeting with key water players in the coming weeks.

We ask you: what are you going to do to take this forward?

If you would like to join us in any of our activities, please don't hesitate to reach out.
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