Volume 9, Issue 5, December, 2017
Preparation for ISTEP+ Mathematics
Grades 3-4-5
Are You Ready???

December 4, 2017

The 3rd session of this workshop is full!

Thank you for making it so successful!
Google Certified Educator
Level 2 Training

2-day Boot camp

December 5, 2017
December 6, 2017

If you are a super user and lover of all things G Suite for Education, then plan on attending the Google Certified Educator Level 2 boot camp.  In this 2-day workshop, plan to go beyond the basics and learn how to integrate G Suite for Education tools on a daily basis to create a 21st Century learning environment.

Boot camp participants will:
  • Attend 2 days of training with a Google Certified Trainer
  • Learn about the Google Certified Educator Level 2 test and its requirements
  • Dig deeper into the G Suite for Education toolbox and learn how to effectively implement these tools to maximize teaching and learning within their educational environment
Curriculum Compacting for High Ability
Grades 1-8

December 7, 2017

This session will focus on the "how-to" steps of curriculum compacting, a process that allows students to move more quickly through curriculum after demonstrating mastery.

Curriculum Compacting is a process used to give students validation for what they already know.  It allows students who demonstrate mastery to omit portions of assigned curriculum, or to move more quickly through curriculum.  Students thus "buy time" which can be used to accelerate content or to pursue alternate or extension activities while the unit is being taught to other students.  A variety of examples will be provided as well as time for participants to reflect upon ways they could implement the process in their setting.  Practical resources and tools will be shared.

Ditch That Homework
December 12, 2017

Wouldn't it be nice if you and your students needed homework less and less until you didn't need it at all?  If we can be more efficient and effective, we can lessen our reliance on homework - maybe completely.  This isn't a homework-bashing session.  It's a practical one with strategies you can use in your classroom immediately.  Use brain-friendly activities, creative approaches to assignments, student-centered practices and more.
Google Suite for Beginners
Become a Techier Teacher with Google Tools

December 13, 2017

In this workshop, you will:
  • Discover Google Tools (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and Forms)
  • Learn how to use these tools to simplify your life and become more efficient
  • Create daily routines, lessons, or units of study using G Suite
  • Collaborate on some of the most powerful production tools available to educators today
  • Organize your creations so that you are able to continue improving and sharing them
  • Learn how you can become a Google Certified Educator
Using Social Media in the Classroom
December 14, 2017

How can you embrace and embed social media in your classroom to ensure that it is truly transformational to teaching and learning, and utilize it to ehance communication, creativity, and collaboration which will lead to improvement in student learning?

Join Andy Wallace, certified Google educator and expert tech presenter, for an exciting, hands-on workshop that will focus on using Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube.  No prior experience is necessary.  This workshop will start with the basics of each platform, then move towards integration into your classroom so that you can speak the lingo and use the tool like a pro!  Find out how you can ramp up your teaching with social media that is easy to access and cutting edge in this digital age!

ISTEP+ 10 Mathematics 2018
 A Steep Hill to Climb

January 18, 2018

ISTEP+ 10 Mathematics is a process and not an event.  Students are scored on both content knowledge and process knowledge used to support answers.  Successful schools have designed a year-long plan for spring testing to ensure students are ready to meet the challenge.

This workshop is designed to help schools, teachers, and students to be better prepared for the spring 2018 math ISTEP+ assessment.

Workshop Objectives Addressed:

Identify Grade 10 Math "Big Ideas"
-Identify instructional strategies
 -Learn appropriate kinds of discourse
 -Learn appropriate kinds of assessment questions
 -Understand depth of knowledge

Use ISTEP+ Data from 2017 to make decisions for 2018
 -Participants are requested to bring their 2017 ISTEP+ Report:  Grade 10 Applied Skills Frequency Distribution Report
 -Apply report to student discourse and content knowledge

Scoring Student Work
 -Participants will be sent a set of sample applied skills problems to administer to 10th grade students.  These student papers will be scored during the workshop for content and process.

Participants will receive resources ready-made for ISTEP+ 2018 math.

Leveraging NWEA Data for ISTEP Success
January 23, 2018

This workshop will be facilitated by EdgED Consulting.  They will help participants identify the NWEA reports school staff can use with a proven graphic organizer.  This easy-to-use organizer helps educators analyze student, school, and district NWEA data to identify challenges and successes.  Participants will be talked through their planning document so that everyone leaves the workshop with a ready-to-use ISTEP review action plan.

In this workshop, participants will:
  • Prepare for ISTEP using your NWEA data
  • Create data-based review plans that will help prepare your students for Round 1 and Round 2
  • Use proven tools and organizers to plan for all learners
Preparing for the ISTEP+ 2018 English/Language Arts
Grades 3-4-5

January 24, 2018

Are your students prepared for the rigor of the ISTEP+?

In your classroom, are test preparation and daily instruction aligned with the Depth of Knowledge required in this and future high-stakes assessments?

In this session, teachers and administrators will:  examine requirements of ISTEP+ Part 1 Applied Skills questions; discover ways of modifying daily classroom instruction to meet the rigor of these questions; view videos of teachers successfully applying these methods in their classrooms; practice scoring student samples of Applied Skills questions; and take home materials and resources to assist in test preparation.


Preparing for the ISTEP+ 2018 English/Language Arts
Grades 6-7-8

January 25, 2018

Preparing for the ISTEP+ 2018 English/Language Arts
Grade 10

February 6, 2018

Cancellation Policy
The East Central Educational Service Center offers many professional development opportunities throughout the year.  It is our intent to consistently provide excellent, high quality programs for you.  We strive to make sure that our conferences meet your immediate and/or long term needs.

Should you need to cancel a workshop registration, the Service Center requests that a district administrator email a notice of cancellation to a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event.  Handouts will be mailed to a registrant after the workshop and the corporation billed for any registration not cancelled a minimum of two days before the event.  The reason for this advance notification is that the ECESC already has incurred presenter expenses, as well as food and copying costs for the event.

With many upcoming workshops scheduled for the winter months, the ECESC wants to make sure you know where to find information about possible workshop cancellations due to the weather.  Workshop cancellations will be telecast on Channel 8 WISH-TV (Indianapolis), Channel 13 WTHR-TV (Indianapolis), and Channel 5 WLWT-TV (Cincinnati).  Registrants will be advised about a re-scheduled date as soon as possible.
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