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Newsletter of the ORM

Welcome to the latest edition of the Orange Regional Museum Newsletter.  The newsletter aims to inform the community of current programs and forthcoming events. 

Orange Regional Museum
Construction continues with the balustrade being installed on the roof and landscaping of the precinct area. 

New Acquisitions

Orange Regional Museum is building its collection through strategic acquisitions, these items have recently been added to the collection. 

Nardoo Dish and Grinder Stone
Gift of Ms Kylie Winkworth

This Aboriginal grinding stone with a top stone is 46cm long and 28.5cm wide with a height of 12 cm and was used for grinding small seed. Aboriginal people would gather the pods and grind them into a rough yellow coloured flour which before adding water to produce a “Nardoo Cake” (a dough that was baked on hot coals).  This artefact is provenance as being from Orange NSW. 

Cook Park Shelly china souvenir plate and Orange spoon
Gift of Ms Shahreen Alford

Shelley (known as Wileman until the early 20th century) began producing beautiful china items in the 1820s. Based in Staffordshire, the pottery crafted thin yet strong china items .Shelley pottery began making souvenirs pieces for use around the world from 1880 to the 1950's. Each piece shows an interesting tourist spot, many of which still exist. Tourism souvenirs were often purchased as a reminder of special place visited while on holiday.

Temporary Exhibition (working title - Making the Museum)
Making the Museum (working title) will be the temporary exhibition when the new museum opens in 2016.  The themes for the exhibition celebrate and showcase the museum and its 14 year development, the region, and its partners.  The exhibition will allow visitors to explore the building and discover what the regional museum is about and celebrate the design and construction of the building and the skills and trades involved in its development.  The exhibition will orient visitors to the history, heritage, people and museums in the region.  In doing so each museum of the region and its
establishment will be featured in the exhibition along with a selection of objects that tell the story of the museum and its unique area.

A working group has been set up to assist with the development of the content for the exhibition.  Should you require further information, please email the

Wentworth Main Mine

Wentworth Mine continues to be a developed as a tourist and education facility.  Work on the poppet head has recently been completed with the next open day allowing visitors to look down the shaft. 

The working Blacksmith, Mr Greg O'Meally and his partner Melissa recently tendered their resignation from operations at the mine due to other private and work commitments.  During the two years that Greg and Mel have operated out of the Mine, only missing only 1 day in 24 weekends there has been over 2500 visitors to the site.  It is with regret that we farewell Greg and Mel to greener pastures.  Expressions of Interest for an experience Blacksmith to operate out the mine will shortly be advertised.

On Sunday 8 October 2015, 40 cyclists from an Orange Cycle Group rode out to Wentworth Mine for a tour of the site by Tully Richards.

Image courtesy Phil Stevenson



The Sustainable Collections Program

15 December 2015 - Presentation by Michael Huxley
Guess Who’s Going to the Museum?
Museum audiences, demographics, visitation patters and motivations

Michael Huxley is the General Manager of Museums and Galleries of NSW (M&G NSW) and has been the senior researcher on the two Audience evaluation studies Guess Who’s Going to the Museum? and Guess Who’s Going to the Gallery?

A presentation on the recent study that identifies that museum audiences are a type of cultural audience.  The study also suggests ways to better connect with particular segments of museum audiences and how to manage their expectations.

Continued funding from Arts NSW

The Museum was a recent recipient of an Arts and Cultural Development Program Funding allocation of $64,500 towards the 2016 Orange Regional Museum Program. The program in 2016 will concentrate on Aboriginal and migration history in the Orange region and activities to engage young people in exploring the museums of the region. The award winning Sustainable Collections Program will continue working with community museums across the region.

Central NSW Museums website
After eight years the Central NSW Museums website is undergoing a new look.  It is still in its draft format, but it is hoped a launch of the website will be in the coming months.  The website is much improved and now connects to regional museum collections, stories and villages across the region.  If you would like to contribute to any part of the website, please email and include a relevant photo where possible.

Villages of the Heart

Collections Documentation
Rebecca and Margot are working with the regional museums to document their significant food related collections. This project will complete in February with the uploading of 10 entries to eHive by each museum on their significant objects - either food related or illustrating  themes pertinent to the history and museum collections of their villages.These entries will be featured on the new Central NSW Museums website.

The project has been assisting with the documenting of the Bloomfield and Orange Health Service collection and more recently the WE Agland War Memorial Museum Collection.  A dedicated group of volunteers have been meeting regularly to undertake this work. A  total of over 2000 objects catalogued since the volunteer teams started work.

The Lucknow Picnic
The picnic was held on the Queen's Birthday by Mine Manager, WH Newman in 1887.  A newspaper article of the event gives a detailed report of the picnic as 'the most striking object of the scene was an immense arbour, which had been rapidly erected the evening before by some of the miners, of small trees, saplings, boughs, and gun leaves cleverly arranged.....This ingeniously designed arbour was large enough to accommodate about a hundred persons at the time for lunch and afforded ample space for two long tables with seats each side.  The lunch began at about one o'clock, the children and ladies being first regaled, and then the men and youths.  The spread was a varied and tremendous one, and seemed from its abundance as if a feast of giants was provided for.  There were turkeys and fowls, rounds of beef and hams, and tongues, enough to feed the people of Orange, instead of Lucknow, with some to spare apparently, and tarts, cakes and buns and puddings enough to furnish a Christmas dinner for a regiment of soldiers on the march.  For irrigation purposes too there was no scarcity; tea, lemonade, and ginger ale, and bottled ale, etc. were lavishly dispensed.  The spread was more than a baronial feast than a mere picnic, and though appetites generally were good and capable trenchermen not scarce, little impression was made upon the prodigious supply of 'eatables' and 'drinkables'.

There was not a shabbily dressed man, a poorly dressed woman, or meanly attired girl, boy or child.....After lunch, when the sports of the day were resumed with fresh vigour.....all boys and girls busily engaged in different games and amusements.  All the prizes competed for were the gifts of Mr and Mrs Newman, and were displayed in the School of Arts Hall, Lucknow and were not only pretty but in some case valuable.

The program will be held in conjunction with Sydney Living Museums (SLM) as part of Villages of the Heart.  It is anticipated that Jacqui Newling will assist with the development of the menu. It is anticipated the will be held in March 2016.  Further information will be forthcoming as it comes to hand. 

Around the Region

  • Molong Historical Society major fundraiser for the year will be drawn on Tuesday 26 January at the Australia Day celebrations. Prizes include 520 Westinghouse stainless steel Refrigerator (donated by Electrolux) and various books, hampers, vouchers and gifts. Tickets available from Molong Express Office, Molong Museum or by contacting Marie Hamilton 6360 4799 or John Austin 0428 719 645.
  • Molong Historical Society Christmas Party will be held on Thursday 10 December at the Molong RSL Club. Further information available from Sue Milne 6362 8960
  • ORMAA (Orange Regional Museum Advancement Association) are planning a bus trip to Yeoval during the Banjo Paterson Festival on 14th February 2015. For further information contact Elizabeth Griffin 6361 1920 or 0437 868 595. 

  • ORMAA will also be conducting Twilight Historical Walking Tours to celebrate the heritage buildings of the city. To commence from January 8 from the northern end of Robinson Park (near the CWA Hall). For further information contact Elizabeth Griffin 6361 1920 or 0437 868 595.

  • ORMMA will be holding their Christmas Party in Cook Park from 12 noon on Sunday 13 December near the bird cages and shade. Please bring along your own chair, table, food, drinks nibbles. A brass band will be playing from 1 pm.


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