Damanhur's Path of Initiation in Scotts Valley
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A New School of Initiation in Nine Steps inspired by the Temples of Humankind

December 11-13, 2015

Module 2: The Hall of Victory – The new time line, from Atlantis to us, and back to a new future.  With Gorilla Eucalipto and Esperide Ananas. Participation in this Module is open to everyone.
Memories of Atlantis are opening for more and more and more people, while artifacts are being found all over the world that are pushing for a new definition of our history.
In the mid 90's Damanhur conducted a series of experiments to re-connect with Atlantis. In this extraordinary module you will have the opportunity to meet Gorilla Eucalipto, who was our most experienced “time traveler”. For the first time outside of Damanhur, he will share his experiences, the purpose of his missions to Atlantis and what re-connecting to Atlantis means for humanity now.

Esperide Ananas will present the basis of Damanhur's theory on time, and illustrate why Atlantis is relevant for the future of all of us in the Grand Design of the evolution of humanity and the re-composition of divinity on our plane of existence.

Participants will be guided through meditations and dynamics aimed at awakening their awareness of their presence in Atlantis, and of their personal mission in these times of transition.
The first day of the seminar will be held in a beautiful public venue in Santa Cruz.
The following 2 days will be held in a wonderful private estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains that hosts a Selfic Painting Cabin - a Portal for Consciousness that connects to the energies of Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind, and a Selfic Spiral.

Over the last six years, Damanhurian sacred work has been regularly carried out on this land. In April 2015 the redwood forest around the house has been consecrated as a Sacred Wood and is now energetically connected to the Sacred Wood at Damanhur.

Friday, December 11, 9:30am-7:00pm
Saturday, December 12, 9:30am till late evening
Sunday, December 13, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Program Cost:
$400 (food and accommodations not included)
A $100 deposit is required to register. Click Here to pay the deposit

Once we receive your deposit we will send additional information and directions.

Retreat Contacts:
Jessica Jacobson:
or Teresa Collins:

Additional Information and Costs:


Food Cost: $50.00 includes: Dinner on Saturday night plus snacks and drinks all three days will be provided.

Please bring your own lunch each day.


Onsite - Private Home in Scotts Valley
There are some shared rooms available at the location we will meet at on Saturday and Sunday. The cost is $65 per person, per night (includes a light breakfast). If you are interested in staying onsite please contact Teresa at

Note: If you want a private room and/or bath than we recommend you book at one of the local hotels.

Local Hotels - Scotts Valley or Santa Cruz
There are a number of Hotels in Scotts Valley (within 20 minutes driving time) or in Santa Cruz (30+ minutes depending on the location).
Click here to view your options.
Learn more about the:
The Traditional “School of Meditation” and the “New School”
The Traditional “School of Meditation”
Damanhur is an Initiation School, whose purpose is to create a path to spiritual freedom for all humanity. The Traditional School of Initiation of Damanhur was founded in 1974 by Falco Tarassaco (1950-2013) and is called “School of Meditation”.

According to Damanhur's philosophy, the evolution of humanity follows a specific “Program of the Species”, that has times of maturation and maturation phases, also in response to spiritual and cosmic codes. Planet earth and every human being are a part of this Program: those who join Damanhur's School of Meditation choose to dedicate their life to the fulfillment of this evolutionary program. The objective is to make every aspect of the universe of forms fully aware of its divine nature.

Every human being has a mission, a reason why they are incarnated in this time and in their specific circumstances: choosing an Initiation Path means to become aware of one's mission and to acquire the necessary knowledge, powers and tools to accomplish it in service to the good of all.

The Traditional School of Meditation is an Initiation path with many levels. It has specific rules and gives access to individual and group rituals. It can be abandoned if one does not feel aligned to it, but for those who keep their choice, it is a path that lasts all their life, and beyond. It can be attended in Damanhur, or in Damanhur's centers around the world.
The New School in Nine Steps
Thanks to the reservoir of energy and knowledge of the Traditional School of Meditation, in 2015 a New School was born, for all those who want a connection with Damanhur on their path to spiritual freedom, applying the values of the new millennium in a concrete way. For those who so wish, it is a path that leads to a first level of Initiation, giving a connection with the unity of the Divine Forces of the new era.

The reservoirs of energy at Damanhur —­ first of all the Temples of Humankind and the Sacred Forest ­­­ —­ provide the field of energy to orient one's heart and mind toward the objective, awakening at all levels the divine intelligence that lives in each one of us.

In alignment with Damanhur's fundamental principle that being an Initiate means first of all to be in service of humanity, the New School encourages participants to turn spiritual ideas also into practical actions towards a transformation of society.
The Nine Steps
The New School comprises nine modules, connected to nine main Halls of the Temples of Humankind. Each Hall is connected to specific meditations, ritual practices and explorations that, at each passage, help reach a higher level of awareness, knowledge and happiness.

The Temples of Humankind are a one-of-a-kind work of sacred art. They are unique thanks to the devotion of Damanhurians who created them completely by hand; for the love of life and the beauty that permeates every inch of mosaic, every stroke of color, every piece of glass in order to create a bridge between our ancient past, our present and a future of human and spiritual harmony. The Temples are an example of how a small group of people united by a strong ideal can create an extraordinary work, and turn an impossible dream into reality. They are testimony to hope, optimism and faith in the goodness of human nature.

The Temples are a song to the most sacred essence of the human soul, as well as a magical instrument to connect the divine within every human being and the Higher Forces that, allied to humanity, can open new paths of peace and evolution for our planet and her people.
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