Who won awards at the #Party4OurStreets?
December 2014
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Year in Review: A Safe Streets Takeover, Born Out of Love

"We live in a beautiful place where we can sense how we belong to the earth. In three years, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways has transformed that sense of belonging into a deep conversation about how we can use the thirty percent of our landscape currently devoted to storing and moving cars into more positive places for people." Read more. 

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2014 Greenways Awards

Amazing Advocacy: Ballard Greenways 

Ballard Greenways' outstanding policy ride with Councilmember Mike O'Brien with targeted requests and follow-up are a model for future advocacy. More. 

Fact-Finding Award: 
Bicycle Master Plan Update

Thousands of volunteer hours went into updating the Bicycle Master Plan. It now includes nearly 250 miles of safe streets! More.

Special Recognition: 
Memorial Walks and Rides

Thanks to all who helped create these healing and impactful Memorials, which bring #VisionZero sensibilities to Seattle streets  More.

Community Builder Award: Rainier Valley Greenways 

The tireless volunteers in Rainier Valley did extensive outreach at over 40 community organizations and public events. More.

Outstanding New Infrastructure: 
2nd Avenue Protected Bike Lane & Signals

Huge thanks to Mayor Murray and SDOT for this family-friendly bike corridor through downtown! More. 

Exemplary Street Experiment: 15th Ave NE PARK(ing) Day

These friendly folks reclaimed a busy street for people walking and biking, adding a pocket park, and a bike lane on the 15th Ave NE Bridge. More. 

Innovation Award: 
Dongho Chang

Dongho's new bollard curb extension design is a cheap, effective, quick, and easy way to make Seattle streets safer! More. 

Wendy Award:
Seattle Family Biking

This fun community—in person and on Facebook—connects families to the safe routes, smart gear, and supportive allies they need to bike comfortably all across Seattle. More.

Most Improved Group: 
University Greenways

From zero to twenty mph, University Greenways grew into one of the most active groups of 2014, paving the way for Roosevelt Way NE to become a safe and complete street. More. 

Public Servant Award: 
Councilmember Sally Bagshaw

Fellow Councilmembers joke that Sally should have to put a quarter in a jar every time she says “Seattle Neighborhood Greenways.” More. 

Greenways Champion: 
Tom Fucoloro

Tom’s been on fire in the past year as the editor of Seattle Bike Blog, posting incisive editorials about traffic safety for everyone. More. 

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