In this update: from Chicago-to-Ireland-to-England to Ireland-to-Chicago; Spiritual warfare with Spotlight; and our Irish friend Max marks his territory in Chi-town...
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Pic:Max & Cormac visit 'Merica; Couldn't get Cormac in a costume

Dear Orland Park CRC,

CUBS WIN!!! Sorry, had to say it...still trying to get our heads around that one:) Seriously, it was actually an emotional time for us as Carey's grandpa, who passed away earlier this year, was a lifelong Cubs fan. We grieved that he didn't live long enough to see it; but praise the Lord that he put his trust in Christ before he left us!

Just a quick update on a few other things on our minds...


  • Roger's trip to Ireland went very well. That's actually an he put it, it was "good for his heart and soul" to be back with some of our great friends and ministry partners in Cork, Limerick and Dublin. His trip to England was very productive as well, as he spent several days in strategic meetings with our Reach Beyond Europe/Eurasia Planning Team.
  • We had more visitors from Ireland! Our good friend Cormac and his 5 year old son Max flew over with Roger and then stayed with us in Chicago for ten days. Max has always referred to Riley & Cole as "ColeRiley" and calls them as his sister & brother. It was good for all of our souls to show them around Chicago! (more details below) 
  • Spotlight is facing opposition. Why is that a praise? (more details below)

Prayer Requests:  

  • Spotlight is facing some serious opposition from a secular company in Germany. They are claiming that the ministry is in violation of their trademark (which is not true); and they've had our APPs removed across the European Union. Please pray that we'll be able to reach a compromise with them with minimal legal costs (more details below)
  • Part of our new strategy with Spotlight is to recruit more missionaries who can serve as English Club Coordinators in the various regions of the world. Unfortunately, two of our prospective members informed us this week that they won't be joining us. Please continue to pray that the Lord would send more laborers to the harvest! 
  • Ireland faces a referendum in 2017 to decide whether or not to repeal the 8th Amendment (which currently bans abortion on demand and protects the right to life of the unborn child). Focus on the Family Ireland is currently in the process of producing a series of new Pro Life radio programs. It is a lot of work for a very limited team; so do pray that they'll be able to produce some high quality material that can be used by the the coming year.
  • Now for a few more details…
Pic: EE Planning Team, Roger & one of his youngest fans; Spotlight Clubs in Madrid & Vietnam
Spotlight on Spiritual Warfare

Someone recently told Roger, "Be patient, the honeymoon period with Spotlight may end soon and then it'll take time to wrestle through some challenges." Roger couldn't help but laugh and say, "Oh, the honeymoon ended a loooong time ago!

We do see the challenges as a definite sign of life--and of spiritual warfare--which actually makes it easier to bear. As we mentioned above there is a possible legal battle pending, and it seems we are always in need of more people. Sometimes though it seems like the term "spiritual warfare" is only used to describe the challenges--but not the victories!

In the midst of the difficulties, in the past several weeks we've seen some very real answers to prayer: A new Club Coordinator stepped up to fill in for a veteran missionary who is on a 6 month sabbatical. We've also had some new English Conversation Clubs start up this past month in Spain, Russia and Vietnam!
Poor Max struggled with a bad cough while he was here. One of the great things about a 5 year old though is that despite lack of sleep, sickness and missing his "precious Momma," he had seemingly boundless energy every day.

The cold really didn't keep him from enjoying anything in 'Merica--and certainly didn't curb his sense of humor. Roger went to sit down on the couch, and Max said,

"Rog, you shouldn't sit there. I was coughing in that seat."

Roger said, "Sure, but you've been coughing all over Chicago!!."

To which Max replied, "Well I have to mark all my territory!"
We are very thankful for you continuing to stand with us--have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

In Christ,
Roger, Carey, Riley, & Cole
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