North Star Games is growing! 
We have two positions that need to be filled and we're reaching out to our fan list to see if there's a good fit. Read on if the idea of working in the board game industry makes you giddy with excitement... 

Content Marketing Manager: 
We are looking for someone with a passion for social media / digital outreach and the skills to manage an engaging process. The tasks for this position include:

        - Develop and implement social media strategies to engage audiences
               - BoardGameGeek / Reddit / Facebook / Twitter / Our Website / Monthly Newsletter, etc
        - Managing all of the content for our website
               - Overseeing a weekly blog
               - Managing an Evolution forum
               - Driving eCommerce for games and accessories
               - Overseeing the creation of fun game designer stories
        - Creating a monthly email blast
        - Managing Kickstarter campaigns
        - Managing internet advertising on YouTube, Facebook, and the BoardGameGeek

Significant content marketing experience is required.  Relocation to the Washington DC area is highly desirable. This position needs to understand how our different brands appeal to their respective fans - from Evolution (for hobby gamers) to Wits & Wagers and Say Anything (party games sold at Target, Toys-R-Us, Barnes & Noble) to Happy Salmon (a family game sold to moms at specialty toy stores). Metrics for success include the number of fans on our mailing list, social media followers, and eCommerce sales on our website. 

Customer Service and Shipping Coordinator: 
The tasks for this position include:
               - Answering all of our customer service inquires
               - Sending out replacement parts, store demos, review copies, and marketing materials 
               - Maintaining and keeping our shipping room, office, and demo games organized 

               - Filling in on whatever project is understaffed including (sometimes) game testing

Relocation to the Washington DC area is mandatory since shipping comes from the office.

For Applicants:
We are only interested in very talented people who are passionate about our industry.  Do some soul-searching before responding!  Although the board game industry cannot pay as much as other more lucrative industries, we make up for it through quality of life.  If you are still interested, send a resume to Thanks!

About North Star Games 
North Star Games is a quickly growing board game company with 20 employees located outside of Washington DC in Kensington MD. We sell games into the hobby channel, the specialty toy channel, and the mass market.  We recently started a digital division (6 of our employees) to create digital versions of our hit games.  We do not want a large product line.  Our product line philosophy is to focus on a small number of highly polished games with the goal of creating evergreen blockbusters.  We want brands that are unique, inspiring, and worthy of being passed down from generation to generation.
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