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Hi Permaculture SA members and supporters,

It is with profound embarrassment that I must announce yet another change to our Winter Gathering plans.

Sadly, Pedro and Kamilah, are no longer able to host the gathering.

The good news is that Selina and Angus have offered to host the gathering at their work-in-progress retrofitted suburban home at Millswood.  Same date as planned last time - Saturday 1st August.

This is Selina and Angus' place before much of the interesting stuff was done.  Imagine a few water tanks, trellises and useful plantings.

The Permaculture Association of South Australia are having a gathering @ Millswood
Saturday 1st August 2015

@ Selina and Angus' retrofitted suburban home

Please get in touch with Selina,

 to let her know you are coming and to obtain the street address.


  • 10:30 - Morning Tea and Meet n Great
  • 11am - Selina will talk about permaculture and how it plays a role in their lives, give a bit of a history of the property, and give an (outside) tour of the house
  • 11:30am - Working bee to build a wicking bed
  • 1pm - Lunch and Local Group Share n Chat - (OPTION FOR Local Grow Co and Seed Freedom )
  • 2pm - Seed Saving and Sharing with Chris Day - Bring your abundant seeds, ready for spring. Learn how to grow, harvest, store and plant. 
  • 3pm - Angus will talk about energy and appropriate technology and answer questions, he will point out features of the property such as passive solar heating, energy management, and rainwater collection
  • 3:30pm - Close
The finishing time is a bit early since Selina and Angus have young kids who "will be a bit ratty by that point in the day," and Selina will be going on to the opening of her photographic exhibition.  Phew, big day for her!


  • Warm and weather proof clothes
  • Food and drink to share
  • Seeds/Cuttings if you have any, especially uncleaned seeds the a seed saving workshop
  • Shopping list and cash for any books you want from our catalogue at
  • Friends and Family and kids, so long as you've checked in with Selina about this

Joinery Crowdfunder - So Close!

The Joinery is working out really well for Permaculture SA's committee meetings, and we hope to start getting activities for members happeing there soon too.  It's great to have so many like-minded organisations rubbing shoulders and getting involved with one anothers stuff.  

Conservation SA are running a crowd funding campaign to help realise the amazing visions that have been brewed up for the place.  As of right now, they are only $891 short of their 'tipping point' of $10k, but the deadline is only 3 days away!  

As usual with crowdfunding, its not just a donation, there are various rewards attached to different contribution amounts.  Surely some of you have a lazy few bucks to help this very beneficial project over the line?  No time to waste, do it now!

In the News

Can the Cuban Miracle Survive?

Probably every permie has heard of the amazing localised food system that arose in Cuba during the 1990's and beyond.  Well, international trade is about to open up. This article in the Conversation shows that the worlds cities could learn a lot about how to achieve a sustainable and healthy future from what Cuba has done, but warns that the powerful big-food companies will be there trying to take this market for themselves. 

Check it out.

Gardens are Good for Kids Brains

The Advertiser recently reported on research that shows that kids brains develop better if there is some green space and gardening happening at school.  Well who'd have thunk?  There is an inspiring video showing this happening at Trinity Gardens Primary.

Read and watch it if you haven't already.


Work and the Economy, Post-Transition -
Workshops in NSW and Vic

Much of what we are on about as permies points to a very different way of life and social organisation to the destructive nonsense we find ourselves in right now.  These workshops, by Head of Economics at Schumacher College Jonathan Dawson, explore "the trends that historians of the future will identify as being central to the drama that we are currently living through. It aims to better equip participants in the choices they make as employers and employees, consumers, activists and stewards of the earth that is our home."

That's it for now.  It might be cold, but next time you hear from us, the days will be longer, yay!

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