We extend our season's greetings, review our 2016 grantees, and hear about the joys of being a DFW Mentor.

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Season's Greetings
Season's Greetings!
There are so many wonderful things to celebrate at this time of year and, here at Dining for Women, we celebrate you … our dedicated and passionate volunteer leaders. Thank you for giving generously of your time and talents over the past year. Your efforts have helped thousands of women and girls around the world – from the refugee communities in Amman, Jordan to the cloud forests of Guatemala and the remote, neglected areas of Togo, West Africa. We are humbled and honored by everything you have done to support DFW and the women and girls we serve.

2016 will bring many new and exciting initiatives for DFW as we take important steps toward achieving our 2020 Vision. We look forward to sharing all this with you. Together, we will make an even bigger impact on gender equity and empowering women and girls.

We extend our very best wishes to you and your family. May the gifts of the season -- peace, hope, love, health and happiness -- be yours throughout the New Year.
Beth Ellen Holimon
Executive Director
Barb Collins
DFW Board Chair
Our Featured Grantee from Mexico
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Our first featured grantee for 2016 is Puente a la Salud Comunitaria (Bridge to Community Health). This organization contributes to food sovereignty and advances the health and well-being of rural communities in Mexico by promoting the cultivation, consumption and commercialization of amaranth, a highly nutritious local grain crop.

The goal of Puente is to empower rural Oaxacan women to farm amaranth, improve family nutrition and health, and form microenterprise groups to create jobs and economic opportunities locally.
Fact Sheet | Recipes, Customs & Cuisine | Powerpoint Presentation | Video
Google Hangout: Available Here.
DFW Grantees for the First Half of 2016
Last fall, we announced an exciting new slate of grantees for the first half of 2016:

January -- Puente A La Salud Communitaria – Mexico
February -- Vacha Charitable Trust – India
March -- Americas Association for the Care of Children (AACC) – Nicaragua
April -- Hands in Outreach – Nepal
May -- African People & Wildlife Fund – Tanzania
June -- Regional Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Girls in Latin America and the Caribbean (CATW-LAC) – Mexico

See and print our one-page fact sheet on these grantees. This is a great document to hand out to your members at your January meeting!
Sustained Program
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Sustained Funding Grantee: Anchal
Anchal is our sustained funding grantee for January. Anchal's mission is to address the exploitation of women around the world by using design thinking to create employment opportunities, services and products that support empowerment. DFW first funded Anchal in October 2012, which which was the first grant we funded that assists commercial sex workers.

Anchal will use our sustained funding grant of $60,000 ($20,000 per year for three years) to expand employment opportunities in textiles and design for commercial sex workers in India through a natural dye initiative. The Designing Colorful Change (DCC) project will provide 35 new women trainees and 100 current artisans with natural dye education and training workshops. Over the course of three years, the project will fund the employment of 35 new artisans and the education of Anchal's current 100 artisans.
The Proven Platter
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The Proven Platter – Mexican Stuffed Peppers
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1
Are you familiar with amaranth? We're going to go all amaranth this month! Perhaps you've used it in breakfast porridge, or granola, maybe even a smoothie.

A highly nutritious cereal crop native to Mexico, amaranth is easy to grow, drought tolerant and very adaptable. It also has significantly more protein, calcium and iron than many other cereals like oats, wheat and rice – and bonus points for the leaves being completely edible as well, containing higher levels of calcium and Vitamin C than spinach. As if that wasn't enough to praise its glories, amaranth also has a higher market value than other crops, and therefore farmers can earn considerably more growing amaranth than other grains.

So how can we use it in ways other than as a breakfast cereal? We are going to adapt some recipes with a Mexican flavor and add in some protein-packed amaranth.
See This Month's Proven Platter
See All Recipes from MEXICO »
Meeting Ideas & Suggestions
Icebreakers Icebreakers
Here are a few New Year's themed icebreakers:
  • What is one of your resolutions for 2016?
  • Name one of your past New Year's resolutions that you were able to keep; name a past resolution that you did not keep!
  • What do you hope for your DFW chapter in 2016?
Icebreakers Questions for Discussion
  • How do you think encouraging women to engage in agriculture can make an impact on future generations?
  • Have you considered the paradox of malnutrition and obesity? Why do you think it exists?
  • Why do you think Amaranth Day is an important part of sustaining women's role in farming this crop?
Reminder Other Meeting Ideas & Reminders

  • 13th Month Donations – All donations must be postmarked by December 31st to receive 2015 tax credit. This includes the proceeds of any chapter fundraisers held this year.
  • Share the Workload – Prepare a sign-up sheet at the start of the year to recruit volunteers for various tasks, such as hosting and presenting. Pass the list around at your January meeting and confirm assignments by email.
  • Encourage recurring donations. – The start of a new year is a great time to set up a monthly recurring donation. Make available or hand out copies of our Monthly Giving by Automatic Withdrawal form at each meeting. An automatic bank withdrawal that is set up by completing this form is strongly encouraged as it is the least expensive payment method for DFW, costing only about 11 cents per transaction. It also avoids time-consuming changes when credit card numbers or expiration dates change. Please note that DFW must be informed about any change if you are using a credit card for your recurring donation. Sometimes your credit card number will stay the same, but your expiration date or security code changes (e.g. this is occurring a lot right now when people receive new cards with the new chip technology). When this occurs, your automatic payment cannot be processed. So please inform home office whenever you get a new credit card and help ensure your recurring donation continues as you planned. Recurring credit card donations may also be set up online by clicking the "Donate" button on our website and choosing a monthly or quarterly recurring payment plan.
  • Update Emails – Receipts and other important information are sent to members via email, so please be sure to check your roster each month for missing emails. If anyone says they are not receiving receipts, check their email for typos or updates.
Sharing Best Practices
Mentors help launch new DFW chapters like the just-formed Baltimore, MD chapter co-founded by Kathy Porsella and Laurie Stroope.
Sharing Best Practices – The Joys of Mentoring
By Peggy Smith, Regional Leader for the Mid-Atlantic Region

Let's hear it for our DFW Mentors. These are our foot soldiers, they walk the talk.

So what does it take to be a mentor? It takes a commitment to DFW and its mission, and an interest in sharing that passion to inspire and motivate others.

Mentors play an important role at the grassroots level of DFW by answering inquiries from people who want to join an existing chapter or start a chapter of their own. They have to know their territory well so they can match up potential new members with the most appropriate chapter within their geographic area. They also help launch new chapters, which includes educating potential Chapter Leaders about how to start and manage a DFW chapter, helping them organize their first meetings, attending the new chapter's first meeting where possible, and answering any questions that arise.

Mentors also maintain regular, ongoing contact with Chapter Leaders in order to inspire and motivate them to stay engaged and active. They work hand in hand with DFW Regional Leaders.

Enjoying a Taste From the Featured Country
Many of our chapters enjoy preparing and sampling foods from the country being featured each month. Thanks to our volunteer Recipe Curator, Linda McElroy, this is so easy to do – with her monthly Proven Platter blog and other recipes provided on our website. It's no surprise that Linda's blog is always the most read article in our newsletters! Thank you Linda for doing such a great job and for tempting our taste buds every month.

Here, the DE, Newark-2 chapter members enjoy a Nepalese Potato, Tomato and Pea Curry as well as the Nepalese Sweetened Yogurt featured in the December Proven Platter blog. Everything looks delicious!
Newark Chapter
Newark Chapter
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