Learn about the Denotified Tribes in India; cook an easy Indian meal; and check out all the educational materials on our Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn partnership.
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The Chapter Meeting Menu | August 2016

The OH, Willoughby Hills-1 chapter has been meeting for more than three years. According to Chapter Leader Nisha Jain, the members “enjoy a potluck lunch, go over the program for the month, have a lively discussion and, above all, enjoy an afternoon with friends with the realization of how blessed we are.” Thank you Willoughby Hills chapter for your commitment to helping women and girls!

Our Featured Grantee: Ashraya Initiative for Children (India)

The Ashraya Initiative for Children (AIC) is dedicated to improving the lives and shaping the futures of vulnerable children in Pune, India by advancing educational opportunities, nurturing holistic development, and building healthy, empowered communities. AIC works with two “Denotified Tribe” (DNT) communities, the Waghris and Sikligars. National Geographic recently referred to the DNT as “the biggest human rights crises you’ve never heard of.”
DFW’s $48,700 grant will fund the Trailblazing Girls Project which aims to prepare girls for successful futures and more empowered lives. The primary goals are to improve educational outcomes, encourage self-expression and empowerment, promote eventual economic self-sufficiency, and encourage home and community environments that are conducive to success.
Our Conversation with Ashraya Initiative for Children will be
posted here by August 1st.

The Proven Platter – A Quick & Easy Indian Meal

By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1

Welcome to India. We’ve traveled there before. Flavors from exotic spices perfume every dish.  Garlic, ginger and chilies add heat. If you love Indian food but are intimidated by long lists of ingredients and techniques, well, I’ve got your back. Baked Chicken Breasts with Tomato and Cream, Turmeric Rice, and Green Beans with Garlic and Mustard Seed form the structure of the meal. I’ve also included a recipe for Mango Iced Tea.



Icebreakers Icebreakers
The Olympics take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from August 5th to 21st.  Here are a few Olympic-themed ice breakers for your August chapter meetings:
  • How do you view the countries/events/activities in the Olympics differently since you joined DFW?
  • What do you wish people watching the Olympics knew about some of the competing countries?
  • Which countries that you have learned about in DFW are you excited to see represented?
Discussion Questions for Discussion
  1. What do you think about the concept of “criminal at birth?”
  2. How can education combat the stigma of being a Denotified Tribe?
  3. Why is an emphasis on self-expression and empowerment such an important part of this project’s mission?
Other Ideas Chapter Leader Tips & Reminders
Volunteer Opportunities We currently have several volunteer positions available on DFW committees, including:
  • Grant Selection Committee (deadline for applications has been extended to August 10th)
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Diversity Committee
  • Summit Committee
Please visit the Volunteer page of our website for more details and to complete an application.
Educational Materials on Peace Corps’
Let Girls Learn Partnership

There are a number of educational materials available on DFW’s grant to the Peace Corps’ Let Girls Learn Fund. Please share with your chapter members: Also, remember that Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) are available to speak at your chapter meetings. Why not invite an RPCV who served in the same country as one of our featured grantees? Be sure to plan in advance as requests must be made at least 4 weeks prior to your chapter meeting. If you would like to schedule an RPCV speaker, please complete this online Registration Form.
Questions About Our Program Funding Model? — We encourage you to watch and share this video. Beth Ellen Holimon, President, and Susan Stall, Vice Chair and former Treasurer, answer some of the most common questions about the changes to our program funding model.
Watch video.
2015 Annual Report — The financial information in the report has been updated based on our recently-completed audit. The audit was conducted by an independent, third-party CPA. The complete 2015 audit and IRS Form 990 will be available on our website soon.
Read our 2015 Annual Report
Print our 2015 Annual Report
Member Profile Survey — Don’t forget to complete our Member Profile Survey and encourage all your chapter members to participate as well.
Member Profile Survey
Quarterly DVDs If your chapter watches the grantee videos online and would like to opt out of receiving our quarterly DVDs, please send an email to  Be sure to include your name and that of your chapter.  Thanks for helping DFW save money!
DFW Board Chair and Co-Founder Barb Collins recently gave a presentation to the members of our FL, Jacksonville-1 chapter, which is led by Peggy Emeis. This enthusiastic group is hoping to grow DFW in the Jacksonville area.  Barb’s daughter, Jeanette, is also a member of the Jacksonville chapter.
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