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Upcoming Dining for Women Announcement
In the upcoming issue of The Dish, Dining for Women's Board will be making an important announcement to all DFW members about changes it is making to its program funding model. This is one of the most important things we can do for our organization's long-term sustainability. These changes will also improve our ability to fulfill our mission of ensuring gender equity and improving the lives of women and girls in the developing world.

Since you are an important part of DFW's volunteer leadership team, we are sharing the Board's announcement with you in advance so that you can familiarize yourself with the information before it is communicated to all members in The Dish on April 27th. We have also prepared a Member FAQs document that answers many of the questions you or your members may have, along with a glossary of new DFW terms.
Read Board Blog FAQs Glossary of Terms
We would appreciate it if you would discuss this information with your members. To assist you in this, we are producing a video that you can show at your chapter meetings. If you have any questions that you would like us to address in the video, please send them to We will share the link to this video in May.
Our Featured Grantee for May
African People & Wildlife Fund
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African People & Wildlife Fund (APW) builds the capacity of rural Africans in Northern Tanzania's Maasai communities to engage in environmental conservation and sustainable livelihood strategies that promote biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation.

Dining for Women's $47,500 grant will fund the Women's Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Initiative, which empowers women to protect their natural resources for themselves and for future generations, through entrepreneurship and environmentally-friendly small business development such as beekeeping. By working with Maasai women who are the principal managers of natural resources in this region, APW is helping to protect communal lands, reduce human-wildlife conflict, support active rangeland management, and foster conservation and the economic empowerment of women.
Fact Sheet | Recipes, Customs & Cuisine | Powerpoint Presentation | Video
Our Conversation with African People & Wildlife Fund will be posted here by May 1st.
Sustained Grant
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Sustained Funding Grantee: Girl Determined
Girl Determined, located in Mandalay, Myanmar, is sparking a movement of girls with leadership skills to advocate for their own rights and a future that does not re-create the risks they now face. It is the only organization in Myanmar advocating for the rights of adolescent girls. The organization was a DFW featured grantee in December 2012, receiving $50,000 for organizing Colorful Girls Circles, training facilitators, creating curriculum, bringing girls together and exposing the reality of girls' lives in Myanmar.

Girl Determined will now receive a sustained funding grant of $20,000 per year for three years to further develop a model in which communities manage implementation of their core Colorful Girls Circles projects. Girl Determined will provide training, oversight and quality control and an increased focus on girls' rights advocacy. These projects will directly serve 4,000 adolescent girls.
The Proven Platter
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The Proven Platter – Making Your Own Coconut Milk
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1
We're off to Tanzania this month. "Prawns in Coconut Sauce" and "Pilau Masala" are headlining the menu. These recipes have been graciously shared with us by Miriam Kinunda, the author of the blog "Taste of Tanzania." I've tested both recipes and I give them the thumbs up. You'll find many other recipes to choose from on her site, as well as some very good ones on our own DFW recipe site.

One very common ingredient in Tanzanian cuisine is coconut milk. Of course, if you lived in Tanzania, you would make your own. In fact, Miriam Kinunda exhorts us to never buy the stuff in the can. Once I realized that all the recipes I am sharing with you this month call for coconut milk, I set about researching the best way to make my own coconut milk. I hope you'll find my article and recipe useful!
See This Month's Proven Platter
See All Recipes from Tanzania »
Meeting Ideas & Suggestions
Icebreakers Icebreakers
Here are a couple of spring-themed icebreakers for you to use at your May meetings:
  • What is your favorite spring flower or plant?
  • What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother's Day?
Icebreakers Questions for Discussion
  1. How do you think empowering women with their own income can impact their children?
  2. What might the long-term impact be of including women in making decisions about the use of natural resources?
  3. How might beekeeping serve to have an impact on women, their families and the community?
Other Ideas Chapter Leader Tips & Reminders
New DFW Regions – In February, we announced plans to reorganize DFW's regions in order to better serve our chapters and membership, promote and manage future growth, and make the workload of our volunteers more manageable. This plan includes increasing the number of regions from eight to 12 and moving certain states into more geographically and culturally appropriate regions. Since then, we have recruited eight new Regional Leaders, and are now putting these new regions into place. Here are the names and contact info for all our Regional Leaders. More info on these dedicated volunteers will be shared in the May issue of The Dish, and your Regional Leader will be in contact with you soon.
Carolinas NC, SC Kay Manley*
Central IN, KY, MI, OH Anna Schoon
Corinne Blakemore
Florida FL Abbie Sladick
Heartland No change (IA, IL, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, WI) Barb Harris
Mid-Atlantic DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, VA, WV Peggy Smith
Merle Steiner
Northeast No change (CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VT) Leslye Heilig
Ruth Bates
Northwest AK, ID, OR, WA Memory Blodgett
Karen McCune
Rocky Mountains CO, MT, WY Betty Purkey-Huck
Susan Tocher
Southeast AL, AR, GA, LA, MS, TN Helen Borland
Kira Walker
Southwest AZ, NM, NV, UT Tammy Frazier
Lisa Kerley
Texokana KS, OK, TX Vacant**  
West CA, HI Patty Karabatsos
Linda Dougall
*The new Carolinas region will take effect on May 20th. Until then, the current Regional Leaders will continue to serve North and South Carolina.

**The Regional Leader position for Texokana is vacant at this time. In the meantime, Justine Allen, our Member Engagement Coordinator, will provide services to current and new chapters/members in Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. Justine can be reached at
Chapter Photo
What a beautiful photo of our CT, Torrington-1 chapter which was taken at their March meeting. This chapter has been meeting for at least eight years and is affiliated with the Center Congregational Church. Chapter Leaders are Deb Pokrinchak and Alice-Jane Slaiby.
Member Profile Survey – As we move towards our 2020 Vision, we are eager to have more members involved at every level of DFW. At the end of May, we will launch our perpetual Member Profile Survey. All members will be encouraged to complete this survey with their skills, backgrounds, and areas in which they would like to volunteer. We will use this database to match members with DFW's volunteer needs. This may include committee work, board member searches, special projects, or consulting opportunities. A link to the Member Profile survey will be in The Dish every month so that new and seasoned members will always have access to it.

This information will be held in a secure database and will only be used for DFW purposes. Please encourage your chapter members to participate in this survey which will be released in the next issue of The Dish. We look forward to engaging our members in new and fulfilling ways while continuing to move DFW's mission forward.
Mother's Day
Honor Your Mom this Mother's Day – Searching for something special for your mom this year? Honor her by supporting moms across the globe with a gift to DFW. Our online donations process makes this very easy – just click here, select the amount of your gift, "Add to Cart", and then "Go to Checkout". The next screen will confirm the amount of your donation and direct you to "Pay Now". The "Make Your Payment" page is where you will have the opportunity to designate your donation in honor of or in memory of a loved one. You will be asked the following:
  • Who would you like to honor with this gift?
  • To whom should the tribute notification be sent?
  • Would you like to add a personal note to the recipient?
An email will be sent to your mom informing her of the gift that has been made in her honor. If you have any questions about this, please email, or call the DFW home office at 864-335-8401.

Mailing Reminders – Thank you to all our Chapter Leaders for sending in chapter meeting donations promptly and accurately. Just a quick reminder about where to send everything:
  1. Chapter meeting donations
    Dining for Women Monthly Chapter Donations
    PO Box 890272
    Charlotte, NC 28289-0272

    This is a bank lockbox, or processing center, and DFW pays for every piece of paper that is sent here. To minimize our bank fees, please send only the transmittal form and checks to the lockbox. DO NOT SEND IN CASH, auto withdrawal forms, photos, cards, or any other documents to this address.

  2. New member info
    Email to

    For Mac users, we are unable to open .numbers files. Please save your file as an .xls or .pdf before you send it to us. If this is not something you are familiar with, here is a brief video tutorial.

  3. All other correspondence
    Dining for Women
    PO Box 25633
    Greenville, SC 29616

    This includes anything other than your chapter donations and transmittal form (i.e. Automatic Withdrawal forms, funds from chapter fundraisers, annual appeal donations, photos, notes, etc.)
The Dish
The Dish – Please check with your chapter members to make sure they are all receiving The Dish, DFW's monthly newsletter, which is emailed to all members in the last week of each month. If someone is not getting The Dish, please suggest that they first check their Spam or Junk folder, and then have them email We may have an incorrect email address on file, or the member may have inadvertently unsubscribed from the newsletter or some other emails through MailChimp. If this has occurred, the member will need to re-subscribe here. FYI, all issues of The Dish are available on our website under Newsletter Archive.
Banner Photo: Congratulations to the IL, Western Springs-1 chapter which celebrated its 5th anniversary in March. Chapter Leader is Laurel Seidelman. Chapter members are shown displaying the beautiful table runner that is being presented to all 5-year chapters this year as part of DFW's Recognition Plan. The table runners are sewn by women of the Ng'ombe community in Lusaka, Zambia, who participate in a 12-month life skills training and empowerment program offered by Clothed in Hope, a 501(c)(3) organization.
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