We recognize International Women's Day, learn about an alternative chapter model, and try out a popular Nicaraguan fast-food.

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The Chapter Meeting Menu | March 2016
Chapter Menu
Congratulations to the FL, Venice-1 chapter which celebrated its 6th anniversary in January. Chapter Leaders are Deirdre Christman and Linda Underwood.
Our Featured Grantee for March
Americas Association for the Care of Children (AACC)
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This month, our featured grantee focuses on reducing maternal and child mortality in isolated communities of Jalapa, Nicaragua. DFW's donation of $44,003 over two years will fund the implementation of the New Mothers Education Project through the certification of 10 women as ongoing trainers who provide education in prenatal care, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, the new mother's health, nutrition, and infant development in the first year of life.

By providing trained healthcare workers and education to under-resourced communities, AACC is furthering the reach of health services, supporting mothers and vulnerable newborns and allowing women and girls in these communities to have opportunities to improve the economic outlook for their families.
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Our Conversation with Debbie Young of AACC can be found here.
Sustained Grant
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Sustained Funding Grantee: Nepal Youth Foundation
In January 2012, DFW supported the Nepal Youth Foundation and its Indentured Daughters Program (IDP). This innovative program has succeeded in ending the practice of indentured servitude called Kamlari and has rescued thousands of girls. DFW is proud to have invested in the work of the Nepal Youth Foundation and is now providing a sustained funding grant of $20,000 per year for three years (2016-2018). These funds will be used to provide vocational skills to freed Kamlaris so they can support themselves and their families.

This sustained funding grant will increase the employability and help end the poverty of the girls freed from the Kamlari system. It will allow the girls to make their own choices and share their own destinies.
The Proven Platter
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The Proven Platter – Nicaraguan Yuca and Cabbage Salad with Pork Cracklings
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1
Let's try something new this month! Yuca, (pronounced YOO-ka) is also known as manioc or cassava. Although you will often see this plant referred to in the US as "yucca", that is incorrect. Yucca is a totally unrelated desert plant in the agave family.
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Meeting Ideas & Suggestions
Icebreakers Icebreakers
International Women's Day (IWD) is Sunday, March 8th – a great time to reflect on progress made and celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It also marks a call to action for accelerating gender equality around the world. In recognition of IWD, here's a couple of suggestions for icebreakers or discussion starters at your meeting this month:
  • Describe a time in your life when you experienced gender discrimination.
  • Provide an example or an experience that demonstrates progress made toward gender equality.
Icebreakers Questions for Discussion
  1. How do you think the combination of field work and classroom training will help prepare trainees to educate women about their health and their children's health?
  2. How do you think direct education about infant care and child development will impact future generations in rural areas of Nicaragua?
  3. Why is it important that local women introduce education and healthcare in isolated communities?
Other Ideas Chapter Leader Tips & Reminders
Winter Weather -- It's still winter throughout much of the country, and snowstorms have been known to occur even in the early spring months. When bad weather occurs, DFW is negatively affected because chapter meetings get cancelled and attendance goes down. Last winter, DFW donations dropped significantly when snowstorms shut down many communities, particularly along the eastern seaboard. If bad weather occurs in your area, please keep member safety first and foremost and encourage your chapter members to make their monthly donations online. Donations made online will be credited to your chapter and DFW programs will still benefit! Just share this link with your members:
Click here to make a donation to DFW.

Meeting Invitations – Some chapters include the direct link to DFW's online donations page in all their meeting invitations (whether you use email, Evite or some other invitation service). If someone cannot attend the meeting, they can quickly and easily make their donation. And remember, automatic recurring donations are the best way to ensure that DFW programs are supported all year-long!

Evite and Pledgling – If you use Evite, please note that DFW does NOT use Pledgling. Evite is an online invitation service that many of our Chapter Leaders use to notify members of upcoming meetings. DFW home office has researched this Pledgling option and asks that our chapters do NOT use this service. A key issue is that donations would come to DFW in a lump sum with no record of the individual donors. Therefore, we would be unable to issue tax receipts for these donations to our members. This would cause a lot of confusion for our members and complicate our donations processing systems. In addition, there are processing fees associated with each donation made through Pledgling. The best alternative is to use a direct link to DFW's own online donations page, as described above.

Year-end Giving Statements -- Year-end giving statements have been sent out to all individual donors. If you or your chapter members have any questions about the year-end giving statements, please email Each chapter will also be receiving a year-end donations report in the near future. This is in addition to your regular monthly chapter reports.
Sharing Best Practices
MA, Great Barrington-2 daytime chapter
Sharing Best Practices
The DFW "Salon": An Alternative Chapter Model
By Leslye Heilig, Co-Leader, Northeast Region and Chapter Leader of MA, Great Barrington-1 and 2
For the past four years, I have been the Chapter Leader of a large, successful potluck dinner-based chapter, with approximately 25 to 50 members attending each month. This past spring, at the request of some members who did not feel comfortable driving in rural areas at night and who were looking for a more intimate and in-depth discussion, I started a daytime chapter. I continue to lead both chapters, and thoroughly enjoy each of them for their very different yet equally wonderful aspects. CONTINUE READING »
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