Our 2015 July-December grants are announced, the 2014 annual report is released and a new reminder to thank your mom!
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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 5 | MAY 2015

2015 grants announced

New featured and sustained programs 

We are excited to announce the selection of featured programs for the remainder of 2015. The selections land heavily on the side of women's health, with four of the six programs focusing on women's reproductive and mental health. The latter is an area often overlooked but important as women struggle to build lives in conflict zones and unstable regions. 

In addition to six featured programs, the Program Selection Committee also chose a new group of Sustained Programs for the second half of 2015 through 2018. 

"Are you sitting down?"

Two weeks ago, I joined Program Director Dr. Veena Khandke in her office for one of the two biggest days each year we have at Dining for Women. Veena had a stack of files in front of her, one hand gripping them while she called the executive director of Muditar's US sponsor. “Are you sitting down?” she asked.  Then, “I would like to congratulate you!  Your “Safeguarding Maternal and Infant Health” program will be featured by Dining For Women in July 2015 and we are committing $36,107 to you!”
Read Beth Ellen's full blog post

2014 Annual Report is out!

We are very excited about the release of our 2014 Annual Report. This year's report is an interactive and personal story of the work you made possible this year. As you dig into it, you'll find it full of beautiful photos, compelling personal stories and links to interactive graphics, videos and web pages. 

We are also very proud of all our Annual Appeal donors and pleased to recognize their contributions to making DFW strong and sustainable. And we're announcing our new donor recognition program for higher level donors called the Founders' Circle.

Read more and download the report

2014 program video 

As you'll see in the report, 2014 was a great year for Dining for Women. We had record donations, connected with outstanding programs and laid the groundwork for growth in our reach and global footprint. Here's a video look back at the incredible work you made possible last year! You'll find this linked in the Annual Report as well. 
Featured Program for May


Cooking should be one of those activities that makes us feel safe and secure. What’s more comforting than home fires? But in much of the developing world, indoor cooking over open flames results in dangerous household air pollution. The World Health Organization estimates that 4.3 million die each year from its complications.

RIPPLE Africa has developed a low-tech, sustainable and efficient stone cookstove that burns significantly less wood and uses bricks that retain heat as the cooking surface. This is safer than open flames, reduces the indoor air pollution and saves women significant time spent gathering wood for cooking fires. That time can now be used on educational or economic activities in the home.

Learn More

3 things you need to know
(about RIPPLE Africa)

The Changu Changu Moto project will put a more sustainable and safer cookstove in the homes of 3000 families in Malawi. The stoves are innovative but extremely low-tech, using locally derived materials to build brick stoves that retain heat, use less wood and damage neither the health of the family nor the future of the forests. 

RIPPLE Africa was founded in 2003 by an English couple, Geoff and Liz Furber, as a small grassroots organization supporting local education and community projects in Malawi. What began with humble roots, employing just a handful of Malawian staff and welcoming a few overseas volunteers to help, has now grown to more than 2,000 Malawians working on a range of projects affecting every aspect of life and ultimately having a tremendous impact on the local community.

Malawi is affectionately known as “The Warm Heart of Africa.” The cuisine has remained relatively free of outside influences. Most meals consist of nsima, a thick maize porridge and ndiwo, a relish (or sauce) that varies in ingredients. Nsima is made from cornmeal, corn flour or ground maize but the relish is very different from region to region depending on what is grown there. It is a secondary element intended to give flavor to the food. More about Malawi food and customs.


Women's rights and natural resources

Dining for Women is moving to be a part of the broader conversation about gender equality and women’s global empowerment. We have connected with Oxfam America on some projects and recently Marsha Wallace was invited to become an Oxfam Sister on the Planet Ambassador. Through that lens, she opens our eyes to some issues in the world of international rights, compensation and environmental impact.  Read Marsha's blog post.

Travel to The Dominican Republic

Eighteen DFW travelers spent a week in the Dominican Republic visiting and working with the girls at the Mariposa DR Foundation. If you missed any of their blog posts and photos, you can catch up with them here.

Mothers' Day

On Mother's Day, we take the opportunity to honor all the women who mentored, supported and taught us. Mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers and grandmothers all can fulfill that role. This year, we've invited our programs to join us by telling personal stories of some of the mothers and daughters we are supporting. We'll be rolling out our Mother's Day campaign on May 1 and inviting you to make a donation in honor of the woman who made you the woman you are. Watch for more on how you can recognize your mom or mentor on this important day!

Program News

BlinkNow Founder named CNN Hero
Maggie Doyne, the founder and executive director of BlinkNow, one of our 2014 featured programs, has been selected as a CNN Hero. Maggie was a 19-year-old college student when she fell in love with Nepal and vowed to do something for the women and children there. With money saved from babysitting, she started the Kopila Valley Women's Center and School. We are proud to be a partner in how she's changing the world. Watch CNN video on Maggie!
Recovering from Ebola
We have several programs operating in Africa that have been battling Ebola. With the outbreak waning, we take a look at how programs are recovering and what life after Ebola is like for them. Read the first of three parts from Education Materials Coordinator Chris Worthy.

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Upcoming Events

Join us at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 8, for a conversation with Kay Yoder, director of operations for RIPPLE Africa. We'll be talking about how their sustainable cookstoves can change lives for families in Malawi. Register now on Google Plus  and get notified as soon as the Hangout link goes live. Or watch on demand whenever you're ready.

On-Demand Events

View our conversation with Leah Rashidyan, program director of MBH's Well Women in Northern Haiti program. She joined us to talk about how this program plans to fight cervical cancer in the country with the highest incidences in the world. Education and regular visits to the WWNH clinic will be key to diagnosis and treatment. 


Montville, NJ

Welcome to the latest member of the DFW family in the Mid-Altantic region. Thank you to chapter leader Ellie Wasserman for founding this group!

Chatham (MA)

Led by Sally Davol, the Chatham, MA, chapter celebrated it's third anniversary in March with what looks like a yummy cake. Congratulations.

Gainesville (FL)

Happy fifth anniversary to our friends in Florida. They celebrated in March with what looks like a cake! Thank you leader Kim Coffee for the photo.

Newfields (NH)

Congratulations on the second anniversary of this group in Newfields, NH, and their leader Reiko Johnson. Only problem is .. we don't see a cake!

Oneonta (NY)

Truth be told, there's no milestone here. But there is a pie. And we seem to have a baked-goods theme going on here. This is a Tofu Pot Pie and we're sure leader Janet Potter will get you the recipe for your next vegan potluck!

NYC (NY) -1

The chapter held their recent meeting at an art gallery owned by a member's husband. The exhibit included this painting by Holocaust survivor Sonja Eisenbergh. Doesn't look like there's any cake or pie. But we're pretty sure there was wine... Thank you for sharing the moment.

New leader

Ruth Bates has accepted the role of co-regional leader in the Northeast, working alongside Leslye Heilig. Ruth is well known to Dining for Women. She has been leading the virtual chapter since January 2012 and has been an active volunteer and mentor. Read more about Ruth and the other regional leaders.

Cause Marketing

Our cause marketing program is up and running and we're pleased to say we've been getting proposals from businesses who want to connect with us. Our existing marketplace page will be focused now on featuring organizations and individuals that meet and agree to our cause marketing guidelines.

You can learn more about cause marketing in this post and then check out the deal you can get on Philadelphia (PA) chapter leader Betsy Teusch's compelling new book "100 Under $100: One Hundred Tools for Empowering Global Women".

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