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The Chapter Meeting Menu | November 2016

The TX, Houston-6 chapter just started meeting in January and already has a roster of 32 members!  According to Chapter Leader Sandy Lease “everyone who shows up is so interested and their support for DFW feels natural to them.” Our thanks to Sandy for creating such a vibrant chapter and to all her members for their wonderful enthusiasm!

13th Month Annual Appeal – We’re Off to a Great Start!

Thank you to everyone who has made their one special gift to our 13th Month Annual Appeal.  Every gift helps transform the lives of women and girls and will be used to fund our grants, conduct rigorous screening, vetting and monitoring of our grantees, provide educational materials that foster informed global citizens, launch our grassroots advocacy program, expand our number of chapters, and ultimately help even more women and girls.
As of Oct 12th, we have raised more than $66,000 toward our 2016 goal of $360,000. Last year 2,011 members (25 percent) generously participated in the 13th Month Annual Appeal. This year, we are aiming for 100 percent of members making one additional gift, at whatever level they are able. The DFW Board of Directors continues to be a 100 percent giving board, and our staff is 100 percent giving as well. Whether it is $5 or $5,000.  Every gift counts.
If you have not already done so, please make your donation and encourage your chapter members to donate as well. Let them know that just one additional donation by each member will allow us to reach our goal!

Our Featured Grantee: Amman Imman

Amman Imman – Water is Life -- empowers and helps preserve Africa’s most vulnerable indigenous peoples and engages students worldwide as socially conscious leaders. It establishes points of civilization that flourish, beginning with the construction of permanent water sources. Its’ programs emphasize the role of women and youth as a guiding force for societal stability, optimism, and resilience.
DFW’s grant of $49,402 will fund the Herds for Economic Resiliency (HERds) project which includes a livestock loaning program for women in the village of Tangarawshane, Niger. With your donations, Amman Imman will be able to provide animals (cows and goats), training in how to care for them, and the infrastructure to create a viable, sustainable program.  This project supports children’s nutrition and women’s economic independence.
Our Conversation with Amman Imman will be
posted here by November 1st.

Sustained Funding Grantee – Emerge Global

In Sri Lanka, girls aged 10-18 who have survived abuse and have had the courage to take their perpetrators to court are detained in shelters where they lose access to education and the outside world. Dining for Women’s sustained funding grant of $60,000 over three years (November 2015 – 2017) allows Emerge Global to teach business skills and jewelry design to 180 abused teens in shelters, while helping them build their personal savings accounts for the future.

The Proven Platter – “Around the World Appetizer Party”

By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1

Hello Diners! I’ve got lots of good recipes coming your way this month. I thought I’d share with you a tradition that we have started with my group. Every year in either November or December, depending on what month we are meeting, we plan what we call our “holiday appetizer party.” Initially the idea was to bring a favorite appetizer, or bring an appetizer that you were thinking of trying out for the holidays. There is no better audience for feedback than our enthusiastic DFW members!



Icebreakers Icebreakers
Last month, we asked you to submit your favorite ice breakers and several chapter leaders shared some great ideas.  Please keep your suggestions coming to
Here’s a great icebreaker from Polly Ferguson, leader of the CA, San Jose-2 chapter:
We did this round robin ice breaker at our November meeting last year. Just before we started eating, I asked each member to talk to the person on their right during dinner because, after dinner, I was going to ask them to introduce that person and state why they are thankful for her and her involvement in our chapter.  It was wonderful!  One member mentioned how the person sitting next to her was the first to talk to her at a meeting; another mentioned how the presentations of the person sitting next to her were always so in-depth and personable; another mentioned how a spinach salad made by the person sitting next to her was now one of her signature dishes. We all felt very bonded, and very much in a Thanksgiving frame of mind after all the thank yous. We learned a lot about each other, too. I'm going to do it again at this November's meeting.
Discussion Questions for Discussion
  1. What emotional and psychological benefits do you think the Tangarwashane women will experience once they have livestock to manage?
  2. Why is it important that Amman Imman representatives be involved in the initial distribution of animals as well as the animal husbandry training?
  3. What will young girls learn as they watch their mothers tend livestock?
Other Ideas Chapter Leader Tips & Reminders

13th Month Annual Appeal

  • Keep your chapter’s 13th Month donations separate from the regular monthly chapter donations.
  • Ask your members to write 13th Month on the memo line of their checks.
  • Be sure to write member ID numbers on the memo line of all checks.
  • Send all 13th Month donations directly to the DFW home office, NOT the Charlotte lock box. Please use the 13th Month donation transmittal forms and envelopes that have been  mailed to each chapter.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your Regional Leader or the DFW home office at, or 864-335-8401.
  • All 13th Month donations must be received by the home office, or postmarked by December 31st, 2016.

Easy Fundraisers — and Shopping Too!

Here are a couple of easy chapter fundraisers courtesy of two past DFW grantees and current cause marketing partners:  
BeadforLife — Host a BeadforLife Marketplace at your chapter meeting and BeadforLife will donate 20% of sales to DFW. BeadforLife provides everything you need for an unforgettable event filled with music, memories and major impact! There is even an option to host online, so you can impact lives with a single click. Two weeks notice is needed to allow enough time to properly pack and ship products to you prior to your chapter meeting. Click here for more info.
Mercado Global — Our newest cause marketing partner – Mercado Global – encourages chapters to host a trunk show and 20 percent of proceeds will benefit DFW! Contact to receive an invitation template and everything you will need for your event. Please plan your trunk show at least five weeks in advance.

NEW Volunteer Opportunities

Finance Committee Advisory Members — We are seeking volunteers with a nonprofit accounting and finance background to serve on this board-level committee. The deadline to apply is December 1st.
Regional Co-Leaders — Interested in becoming more engaged with DFW and other chapter leaders and members in your region?  Want to help DFW grow?  Our Regional Leaders are responsible for the overall management of their region, including oversight of a team of volunteer leaders, the development and support of regional strategies to grow new chapters, retain existing chapters, and increase awareness of DFW and its mission. We are currently looking for a number of Regional Leaders or Co-Leaders in the following regions:
  • Carolinas (NC, SC)
  • Central (IN, KY, MI, OH)
  • Florida
  • Heartland (IA, IL, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, WI)
  • Northwest (AK, ID, OR, WA)
  • Texokana (KS, OK, TX)
Applications are available on our Volunteer page, along with a complete job description. For questions or further information, please contact Wendy Frattolin, Communications and Membership Director, at

Website Improvements

You may notice that a few things are a little different on our website, specifically the “LEAD” section where a lot of chapter resources are located. Based on feedback we have received from our volunteer leaders, we are improving this section to make it easier for you, our chapter leaders, to find what you need to manage your chapter.  

The “LEAD” tab is now called “CHAPTER RESOURCES” and several sub-tabs have been added to the dropdown menu for quick and easy access:
  • Dinner Affirmation – You can read the affirmation right on this webpage or you can download and print a PDF for use at your meetings.
  • Quick Links – A page of links for forms and other resources you need on a regular basis. 
  • Chapter Leader Newsletters – An archive of all the Chapter Leader newsletters over the past two years.
We will continue to improve and enhance these website chapter resources over the coming weeks, and we really want to hear from you – do you like the changes being made? Could something be done differently?  Do you have additional suggestions that will make the Chapter Resources section better for all chapter leaders?  Email – we welcome your input!

REMINDER! DFW Informational Materials

Our new DFW informational materials, including a rack card and tri-fold brochure, are available to you to promote DFW in your local area. The rack card allows you to add a label with local chapter information (use Avery labels 5160 – 1” x 2 5/8”). Please contact your Regional Leader, or email if you would like copies of these printed materials.

Quick Links

Sharing Best Practices — Invite Your Spouses Night

DFW has several couples’ chapters and some of our chapters enjoy including spouses at one of their meetings. The WI, Brookfield-1 chapter, led by Wendy Petersson and Amy Dexheimer, is one of them.  We asked Wendy to share her chapter’s experience:
Once a year, we invite our spouses to join us for one of our chapter meetings. Our husbands are always impressed with the DFW organization, and the way a simple idea has made such a big impact.  We spend time discussing the featured grantee at the end of our meeting - husbands too – and everyone goes home believing they have learned something valuable at each meeting. The length of the discussion depends a lot on the subject.  
I recall a few years ago when our husbands joined us for a meeting that was about a new stove design that had been developed, and we were supporting the effort to get the stoves into homes to replace the indoor fires women were using.  We have quite a few engineers in the group and that discussion, and their interest in how the stove works, went on for a long time! But, the favorite part for our husbands is the food!  They love the meals!
Personally, I think it's really beneficial for them to see what our group does, when we have our meetings. Everyone is supportive once they understand what DFW is all about!
If your chapter has a “spouses night”, please take a photo and send it in to If you have a couples’ chapter, we’d love to hear about that too!

Bolivian Pique Macho

Some chapters ask or assign members to bring a certain dish to their monthly meetings. Others keep it informal and simply ask for a “dish to share”. Either way is fine – it’s whatever works best for your members! Linda McElroy tried something a little different with her Seattle chapter in September when the featured recipe was Pique Macho, Bolivia’s expression of meat and potatoes.  Linda assembled a large platter and asked everyone to bring a contribution for the dish. The host did the meat, someone else did the topping ingredients and one brought the potatoes. Since it was a small group of five, they just assembled the platter and helped themselves from it.  According to Linda, this was one of their most fun meals! 
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