We discuss important donation procedures, introduce you to Hope Through Health, and warm you up with a West African beef and spinach stew.

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The Chapter Meeting Menu | November 2015
Rochester Chapter
Members of our NY, Rochester-1 chapter, which is led by Barbara Quine-Moran and Linda Meagher.
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For the first time, we have a featured program in Togo, West Africa! Hope Through Health delivers effective, efficient, community-based healthcare in neglected settings such as Togo.

Your donations this month will empower 25 female Community Health Workers (CHWs) to provide maternal and child healthcare to 3,500 pregnant women and children under the age of five in the Kozah District of northern Togo, leading to reduced rates of maternal and child morbidity and mortality.
Program Fact Sheet | Recipes, Customs & Cuisine | Powerpoint Presentation | Program Video
Google Hangout: Posted here November 1st
Sustained Program
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November Sustained Funding Program: Emerge Global
When Emerge Global was our featured program in July 2011, your donations planted seeds that enabled young Sri Lankan girls who survived abuse to believe in themselves again. Your gifts empowered these girls with the skills needed to live independent lives and inspired them to work together to collectively change their communities. Emerge Global will now continue this important work with a sustained funding grant of $20,000 per year over a three-year period (November 2015-2017).

In Sri Lanka, girls aged 10-18 who have survived abuse and have had the courage to take their perpetrators to court are detained in shelters where they lose access to education and the outside world. DFW's project will teach business skills and jewelry design to 180 abused teens in shelters (60 per year), while helping them build their personal savings accounts for the future.
The Proven Platter
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The Proven Platter | Beef and Spinach Stew (Gboma Dessi)
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1
This month, we visit the small West African country of Togo. Sandwiched between Ghana on the west and Benin on the east, the southern end of Togo sits at the Gulf of Guinea, where plenty of access to fresh fish helps to round out the cuisine. While fish is an important source of protein, bush meat is also often consumed. The most well-liked bush meat is the giant rat. I think we'll skip that and make a delicious beef stew instead!
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Meeting Ideas & Suggestions
Icebreakers Icebreakers
Here are a couple of lighthearted icebreakers for your chapter meeting:
  • What is your favorite fall activity?
  • If you could receive an unexpected gift, what would you like it to be?
Another suggestion … Join the #62MillionGirls Campaign

In the October issue of The Dish, we told you about the #62MillionGirls Campaign, initiated by Let Girls Learn to raise awareness of the global girls' education crisis. The campaign encourages people to Tweet or Instagram a photo of themselves with the caption:

In school I learned to ______________. #62MillionGirls don't have that chance.

This would make a great icebreaker at your meeting. Ask your members to fill in the blank with something personal – stand up for others, follow my own path, love music, etc. And, don't forget to snap some photos and encourage everyone to join the #62MillionGirls Campaign!
Icebreakers Questions for Discussion
  • How do you think the Hope Through Health model of care will increase access to healthcare in this underserved region?
  • How do you think the use of Community Health Workers will increase trust in the healthcare system?
  • What do you think the long-term impact of this project could be?
Reminder Meeting Reminders – 13th Month Campaign is Under Way!
Thank you to all of our Chapter Leaders and members who have already made donations to our 13th Month Campaign! Our 13th Month Campaign continues through December, and we are asking all our members to invest in Dining for Women and the services we provide members. Here are a few key reminders:
  • Show our brief 13th Month video at your chapter meeting.
  • Please make your own 13th Month donation, and encourage all your members to donate as well.
  • Keep your chapter’s 13th Month donations separate from the regular program donations.
  • 13th Month donations must be sent to DFW’s home office. Program donations should continue to be sent to our Charlotte lockbox. 
  • Write member ID numbers on the memo line of each check.
If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact your Regional Leader or the DFW home office at or 864-335-8401. Be sure to watch The Dish for updates on the progress of the campaign!
Sharing Best Practices
Sharing Best Practices - The Benefits of Recurring Donations
by Gina League, Director of Administration

Monthly recurring donations are the easiest and most convenient way for you and your members to give to DFW and ensure that ALL our programs receive your support – even if they cannot attend your chapter meeting that month.

Recurring donations provide a predictable source of income we can count on to fund our grants program and our member services. They also help us increase our efficiency and reduce costs, allowing us to help even more women and girls.

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Chapter Leader Suggestions
  • Please talk about the benefits of recurring donations at your chapter meetings.
  • Print off a supply of the Monthly Giving by Automatic Withdrawal forms and hand them out to members or make them available at your meetings.
  • Show members how easy it is to set up a recurring donation online with the new Click & Pledge processor on our website.
Multiple Online Donations at Your Chapter Meetings
Our new Click & Pledge processing system has made it easier than ever to donate online to DFW. There are some special instructions, however, that we want to share with you, our Chapter Leaders – especially if you regularly encourage your members to make online credit card donations during your meetings.

Click & Pledge is a highly secure system with built-in fraud protection for the benefit of DFW and its donors. If multiple donations are made from the same device (laptop, mobile phone or tablet), or even the same Internet connection (i.e. your host’s WiFi) within a short period of time, Click & Pledge’s fraud protection will kick in and stop the transactions.

To prevent this issue from happening during your meetings, please ask that your members use their own devices AND their own Internet connections or data service. This issue only applies if multiple donations are being made around the same time on the same device or using the same Internet connection.

The only alternative to addressing this issue is for DFW to turn off the Click & Pledge fraud protection service, which would not be in DFW’s or our members’ best interests.

We apologize for any inconvenience this security measure causes your chapter, but we hope you will understand the importance that DFW places on donor security. If you have any questions regarding your members’ online donations, please call the DFW home office at 864-335-8401.
Sharing Best Practices
Our CA, Santa Cruz-3 chapter, led by Cheri Lippmann, has grown to two meeting nights! The top photo is from the inaugural Sunday night meeting. The bottom photo is from the chapter's long-standing Monday giving circle. The words on the flags are some of the gifts of Dining for Women.
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