Learn about the challenges facing Batwa women and girls; make a stunning Tapioca with Mango Coulis; find out how to opt out of our quarterly DVD mailing.
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The Chapter Meeting Menu | July 2016

A warm welcome to our new chapter in Los Angeles, CA which had its first meeting in May. Chapter Leader is Nora Paller. This is an area where we hope to grow in the future so thank you, Nora, for getting this chapter started!

Our Featured Grantee: Development in Gardening (Uganda)

This month, our featured grant will support some of the most marginalized people in Africa – the Batwa women and girls. For thousands of years, the Batwa people – one of Africa’s pygmy tribes -- dwelled in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, hunting small game and foraging plants and fruits for their sustenance.  They were known as “The Keepers of the Forest”. In 1992, the Batwa were evicted from their homeland when the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest became a national park and World Heritage Site in order to protect the endangered mountain gorillas. The Batwa were reduced to landless squatters with few opportunities to make their own livelihoods. Many Batwa died during the early years of exile and the tribe’s very existence was devastatingly threatened by extreme poverty, sexual exploitation and substance abuse.
The goal of DFW’s featured grant to Development in Gardening (DIG) is to break this cycle of poverty, malnutrition and oppression of the Batwa communities. This will be done by supporting Batwa women to become more self-reliant through sustainable agriculture initiatives. In collaboration with women leaders in the Batwa community, DIG will provide experiential training in sustainable agriculture, nutrition, improved cooking practices and business record-keeping by developing three community demonstration gardens and 400 women-led home gardens.
Our Conversation with Development in Gardening will be posted here by July 1st.

The Proven Platter – Tapioca with Mango Coulis

By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1
We are going to Uganda this month in support of Development in Gardening. It is July, it’s hot, and I’m hoping that you’ll be able to do some grilling. I’ve got Beef Skewers in Green Masala on the menu, although you could certainly use chicken or pork if you prefer. A Cabbage Salad with Pineapple presents a fresh new take on coleslaw with an African twist. And for dessert, we have a stunning Mango Coulis with Tapioca.



Icebreakers Icebreakers
Summer is the time for vacations, so here are some vacation-themed icebreaker ideas:
  • What is the longest road trip you have ever taken?
  • What was your favorite vacation when you were growing up?
  • What do you miss about being on vacation as a kid?
  • What is your favorite activity on vacation?
Discussion Questions for Discussion
  1. What do you think about the conflict between the need to preserve endangered species and the needs of the indigenous people in the region?
  2. How do you think the combination of building gardens and training the Batwa how to develop and cultivate them will empower Batwa women?
  3. Why is it important that Batwa community leaders are involved in providing oversight and ownership?
Other Ideas Chapter Leader Tips & Reminders
Annual Report cover
2015 Annual Report Now Available – How many women and girls did we impact? What record did we break last year? Where is our organization heading?  You’ll find the answers to all these questions and much more in DFW’s 2015 Annual Report. It’s also an opportunity for us to thank all of those who contributed or supported us in some way in the past year.  We’re proud of what we accomplished together in 2015.  We hope you are too!
Read our 2015 Annual Report
Print our 2015 Annual Report

Member Profile Survey – Don’t forget to complete our Member Profile Survey and encourage all your chapter members to participate as well. By knowing more about our members’ skills and backgrounds, we can involve more members throughout our organization. Please use the link below. There will also be a link in each issue of The Dish. Be sure to encourage any new members to complete the survey as well!
Member Profile Survey

Quality of Grantee Videos – The videos of our monthly featured grantees provide an excellent opportunity to see the women and girls we are serving and the challenges they face – all without leaving your living room! We strongly encourage all members to watch these videos either at their chapter meetings or on their own. 
From time to time, we get feedback from members about the quality of the picture, sound, or content of these videos. Dr. Veena Khandke, our Director of Grants and Partnerships, acknowledges that some videos are definitely better than others. “Some grantees just have more resources and are more tech savvy so they can produce better quality videos.  Others do not have the technical skill or the funds, and their videos are less professional in appearance or sound,” says Dr. Khandke.  “A majority of them are under time and resource constraints to get the videos to us by our very tight production deadlines. They have to do all this before they even receive our grant. Once we receive the video clips, our DVD producer tries to enhance the sound quality to the best of his ability However, additional improvements, such as introducing more material or voice overs, would be very costly and are not possible.”
DFW works with all grantees to ensure our members get the best educational materials possible.  “I talk with all our grantees about issues such as sound quality and the use of subtitles.  I encourage them to have their beneficiaries on camera to show our members the faces and voices of those we are funding. We all must remember, though, that we are funding small, grassroots organizations that are very focused on helping women and girls in some of the most impoverished areas of the world, not on producing videos. They do the best they can with the resources they have.”

Quarterly DVDs: Is Your Chapter Ready to Opt Out? – Many of our chapters watch the grantee videos on laptops or Smart TVs and are choosing to “opt out” of receiving the quarterly DVDs that we mail to our chapters.  This can help DFW save money!
Opting out is easy – just send an email to  Be sure to include your name and that of your chapter.  Your chapter will then be removed from the next quarterly mailing.
If you choose to opt out, here is how you can still show the grantee video at your chapter meetings:
  • “Stream” or play the grantee video on your Smart TV or laptop/computer.The video can be accessed:
    • On DFW’s website – just go to the webpage for that month’s grantee (a direct link is always available on the homepage of our website).
    • On YouTube - use this link to access DFW’s YouTube channel; you can even subscribe to DFW’s channel and get an alert whenever a new video is uploaded. Here's a handy link about how to subscribe.
For the above option, you will need an Internet connection.  But what if your meeting location does not have an Internet connection? You can:  
  • Download the video onto your computer or create your own DVD before the meeting.You can do this with the MP4 file that is posted on each grantee’s webpage.(Under Presentation Resources on the right hand side of the page.)
If all of this sounds too complicated, no problem … just continue to receive your quarterly DVD as you do now!
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