We begin our 13th Month campaign, introduce you to DB Peru, and spice up your week with a Potato Terrine recipe.

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13th Month Campaign
13th Month Campaign – Making the Vision Real
Every month, we ask members to support our featured and sustained funding programs. Now, it is time to invest in Dining for Women as a program. The way to do that is through our 13th Month Campaign, which runs from October through December.

This annual appeal is our primary method for supporting DFW as an organization, allowing us to conduct rigorous screening and vetting of grant applicants, monitor and evaluate our funded programs, provide excellent educational materials, and support and engage our 430 chapters and 8,500 members.

Recently, we announced our 2020 Vision, which describes our goals to expand DFW's reach and impact so that we can help even more women and girls. Donations to our 13th Month Campaign will help DFW fulfill our bold plans for the future.

As a Chapter Leader, you have an important role to play in the success of our 13th Month Campaign. We hope you will support the campaign by making your own donation, and then encourage your chapter members to contribute as well. Our goal is 100% participation by the end of December. Just one additional donation at the level that you usually give to our monthly programs will help us reach our goal!

Because we process 13th Month donations a little differently from monthly program donations, please see the Meeting Reminders below for specific instructions.

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NEW!! Click & Pledge for Online Donations
Donating online to Dining for Women is now easier than ever with our new Click & Pledge processing system. Members can conveniently make one-time, recurring or in memory/in honor donations all in one place – whether they are on their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Click & Pledge is a simple, user-friendly, and highly secure system that is designed specifically for non-profits and is widely used throughout our industry. Continue Reading »
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OcTOber Featured Program: DB Peru
DB Peru's mission is partnering with local communities to provide access to healthcare knowledge and delivery, and improving living conditions for the people of Peru. The organization works in the Peruvian Amazon jungle – an area sometimes known as "the forgotten place" – with remote indigenous communities who have limited access to health care.

Peru has some of the highest incidence and mortality rates of cervical cancer in the world. DFW's grant will provide resources to deliver an innovative cervical cancer screen-and-treat program – the first of its kind to provide rapid, local diagnosis and prevention in the region.
Program Fact Sheet | Recipes, Customs & Cuisine | Powerpoint Presentation | Program Video
Google Hangout: Posted here October 1st
Sustained Program
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October Sustained Funding Program: Fistula Foundation
Our sustained funding program for October is the Fistula Foundation, which aims to end the suffering caused by childbirth injury and obstetric fistula. The Fistula Foundation was a DFW featured program grantee in February 2008 and September 2011. It has been awarded a sustained funding grant of $20,000 per year over a three-year period (October 2015-2017).

This grant will provide previously unavailable access to life-changing fistula repair surgeries for 135 women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, and South Sudan. This surgery helps end the shame and isolation that women suffering from obstetric fistula experience, and allows them to live more integrated and productive lives.
The Proven Platter
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The Proven Platter | Spicy Potato Terrine (Causa Rellena)
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1
We get to explore a new cuisine this month: Peruvian food! My sister-in-law, Maria Chisholm, grew up in Lima, Peru, and she was only too happy to share with me her food memories and the things she still likes to cook. I'm really excited to share them with you.
See All Recipes from Peru »
Meeting Ideas & Suggestions
Icebreakers Icebreakers
During our 13th Month Campaign, we ask our members to invest in Dining for Women as a "program". This is a great time to reflect on why we love DFW!

For an icebreaker this month, ask your members to share what DFW offers to each of them. What has DFW meant to you? What makes your DFW experience so unique and special?

Icebreakers Questions for Discussion
  • How do you think the remote location where DB Peru is operating impacts the difficulty of delivering medical care?
  • How will DB Peru's success change the daily lives of families in the Loreto District?
  • How do you think cervical cancer screening and treatment will impact future generations along the Napo River?
Other Ideas Other Meeting Ideas
  • Play the 13th Month video – "Making the Vision Real" – at your chapter meeting. The video link can be easily found on the homepage of DFW's website (
  • Designate a "13th Month Champion" for your chapter – someone who can talk about the 13th Month at each meeting and encourage member participation.
Reminder Meeting Reminders – 13th Month Instructions
A package has been mailed to each chapter with instructions for the 13th Month Campaign. In order to minimize postage costs, only one package was sent to each chapter – addressed to the Chapter Leader that is listed first in our database. Please watch for this package and, if you do not receive it, check with your Co-Leader. Here are a few key reminders:
  • Keep your chapter's 13th Month donations separate from the regular program donations. It is a good idea to put out two baskets at your meetings and to label one for the featured program and one for 13th Month.
  • Ask your members to write "13th Month" on the memo line of their checks. This will help ensure that everyone's donation is used as it is intended.
  • Write member ID numbers on the memo line of each check.
  • Send all 13th Month donations directly to the DFW home office, NOT the Charlotte lockbox where you send your program donations. For your convenience, 13th Month donation forms and return envelopes have been included in the instructions package mailed to each chapter.
If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact your Regional Leader or the DFW home office at or 864-335-8401.

Chapter Fundraisers
Some chapters choose to conduct a fundraiser for our 13th Month Campaign. Prior to planning any fundraiser, please remember to complete the online Fundraiser Approval Form. This form is sent directly to your Regional Leader who will review the proposed fundraiser and forward it to DFW home office for approval. You may want to review our Chapter Fundraising Procedures for more information.
Sharing Best Practices
Sharing Best Practices
One Chapter's View of the 13th Month Campaign
This month, Merle Steiner, Co-Leader for the MD, Rockville-1 chapter shares what the 13th Month Campaign means to her chapter.

Our Rockville, MD Chapter is about to celebrate its 8th Anniversary. We are very proud to have been one of the early chapters joining the Dining for Women family. We have watched DFW grow from a group of creative, intelligent women working from their kitchen table to the amazing organization it has become.

Our chapter includes so many women who volunteer with or work for non-profit organizations, so we have a keen sense of need for the 13th Month Campaign. Our members' experiences in the non-profit world have enabled them to see how important the office infrastructure is for the quality and effectiveness of the programs that non-profits create and/or support. These members understand that the unique strength of Dining for Women rests on its amazing business model but also the extraordinary efforts of a hard-working staff. Continue Reading »

Sharing Best Practices
The CA, Agoura-1 chapter, led by Julie Kassan and Marilyn Way, celebrated its seventh anniversary in August. The chapter began in 2008 at the suggestion of Rita Dickinson, chapter leader of AZ, Phoenix-1 who lives in Agoura part of the year. The chapter has been meeting continuously since then and has raised over $25,000 since its inception.
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