In this edition: A message from Beth Ellen Holimon; a look at key program focus areas, changes in Food for Thought 2015, smarter ways to shop and help DFW, information about our January featured program and more.
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2015: A year of deeper connections, collaborations

By Beth Ellen Holimon
DFW Executive Director

Great companies are measured by the ability to constantly manage for both the level of returns, and the duration over which those returns will be realized.   Nonprofits are typically measured by the reach and impact of their mission and how they use the donor dollar.  These measurable tests are the first we must pass to find our way into the hearts of our members.

I have been impressed with the dozens of people I meet for whom DFW has passed the impact and donor dollar tests, by the transparency that is a bedrock value of the organization and, perhaps most importantly, that the DFW mission is securely nestled in the hearts of every one of these members, volunteers, and staff.  I have been overwhelmed with the commitment, excitement, and ideas from members.

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January Featured Program

Collateral Repair Project, Jordan

Refugee women fleeing conflict in the Mideast, come alone or with their children and families. They have lost their homes, their belongings, their communities, their sense of identity. They have only what they can carry — and hope. Collateral Repair Project fulfills their basic needs and, because refugees are not permitted to work in Jordan, focuses on empowering women. Women learn to more effectively cope with stress, protect their health and wellness, develop social relationships and rebuild the sense of identity and community they have lost. 
— About the program
— Hangout with CRP on Jan 9 at 2 pm ET - Register today
— PTSD: For refugees, deep but invisible scars

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The Impact Challenge

Double the impact of your gift

Our $32,500 matching challenge is well underway and we are steaming toward our goal with help from donors from Portland, OR to Portland, ME. Remember that your gift will be matched dollar for dollar and have twice the impact. If your company has a matching program, you can and your chapter members can further increase your impact. 

Please remember to talk about the 13th Month Campaign in your meetings this month. We have a lot of tools to help you answer questions, including an FAQ online, a detailed infographic, and Marsha's inspiring message.

Thank you for your support of the campaign and the work we do together. Ready to make your donation?

Please make sure all 2014 donations are postmarked by Dec 31st.  Regardless of how the check is dated, all donations must be postmarked by Dec 31st in order for the donor to get a tax receipt for 2014.

Shopping with a purpose
HOLIDAY OPPORTUNITY: Did you know that every time you buy anything at all from, a percentage can be returned to DFW? All year, all items, all the time. That's because we are part of the Amazon Associates program. You don't have to sign up or learn any codes. All you need to do is copy this link and bookmark it in your browser. Everytime you go to Amazon, go through that link and DFW will receive anywhere from 4 percent to 10 percent of your total tab. Pretty cool, right? Share this with everyone. It's a great way to help DFW - all year long.
FAIR TRADE: Many Dining for Women programs offer fair trade shopping that benefits the women and girls in their programs. This may not be a complete list, but here are some links: Bead for Life sells beautiful beaded jewelry handmade from paper by artisan women in Uganda; Heshima Kenya sells gorgeous scarves on Etsy; Anchal makes handmade scarves and quilts crafted by women in India using ages-old techniques; Indego Africa supports a varied community of artists and craftswomen in Rwanda from textiles to baskets and jewelry; Mercado Global's artisans in Guatemala sell handmade accessories, including handbags and jewelry. Learn more about the work these organizations do and how we've supported them. 
PROGRAM IMPACT AREAS: We took a look at the impact areas our programs have focused on since 2006. Find out what the top impact area is and some other interesting stats about our featured programs. 
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 2015 sees some changes to Food for Thought. We'll be looking at new ways to bring you information including graphics, videos, recordings and blog posts. Education Coordinator Chris Worthy explains the changes and why untethering Food for Thought from the monthly program will really give us some meaty and timely topics to chew on.
STOP THE VIOLENCE: As part of our coverage of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and the 16-day awareness campaign surrounding it, we created a digital magazine where we brought together information from a variety of digital sources. They included tweets, Facebook posts, articles online, videos and more that all added to the conversation. We also wrote an article about DFW featured programs working to end the violence and invited some of our programs to contribute stories of women and girls they are working with. This year's campaign is over, but we'll keep adding to this magazine and looking for more ways to keep this critical issue top of mind. View the magazine online or through the Flipboard the app on your mobile device.
Best Practices
DOWNLOAD THE NEW TRANSMITTAL FORM: Although the new forms have been on the website for many months, we are still getting a few donation submissions each month coming to the old lockbox. Effective January 1, that account will be closed and anything going to it will be most likely returned to you. If you have old forms or envelopes, discard/recycle them and download this transmittal form from the website  (clicking will download the form to your computer). Note the new address is at the bottom of the form. Thanks. 
ON-DEMAND/LEARNING ABOUT MICROCREDITS: View our conversation with Robyn Neiter, founder and executive director of the Women's Microfinance Initiative, and learn why WMI succeeds where other microloan programs often don't. 
MISS A MEETING, MISS A LOT: Stay connected even if you can't get to a meeting. You can attend a Virtual Chapter meeting live or on-demand. Please remind members they can connect and get notifications through the Virtual Chapter’s Facebook page.
Learn about how our Virtual Chapter works.  
Next Virtual Chapter meeting: Jan. 6 at 7:30 ET. Click to join.
GIFTS THAT KEEP GIVING:  It's that time of year when visions of American Express bills dance through our heads. Travel Director Patricia Anderson suggests we step back and consider the gifts travelers receive from memorable new experiences. 
Next to Last Word
BANNER CHAPTER:  Susan Tocher's Boulder (CO) chapter is all in (feet, that is) for DFW. Want to get your members to hokey pokey? Get down with holiday socks. Don't worry about getting up, your DFW sisters will help. Thank you, Susan, for getting the year off on the right foot. (That one might have been too much. :)). Happy Holidays!
Last Word
MEMBERSHIP SURVEY: The last word goes to Dr. Veena Khandke, interim program director, who analyzed the results of our membership survey from last summer. 
The 2014 Membership Satisfaction Survey was conducted in May and we would like to thank everyone who participated. Email invitations were sent to 6618 members; 1284 responded, which is a low response rate of 20 percent. Of these respondents, 235 respondents or 18 percent were chapter leaders and 1 percent or 12 respondents were regional leaders.
A majority of the respondents were 51 or older, have a postgraduate degree, are married and are middle to upper income.  More than 40 percent are retired.  A majority reported being completely satisfied or very satisfied with their chapters and the DFW organization as a whole.  Most reported feeling connected to their chapters because of the enthusiasm of the chapter leaders, the learning opportunity that DFW provided and meeting other members.  The DFW staff at the home office are analyzing other information in the survey to fine tune operations and improve services to members and donors.
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