In this edition: The first programs funded as Reserve Programs are announced, a look at the innovative February program SHE, and new campaign to tell "My DFW Story". Lots more.
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Our First Reserve Programs announced for 2014

By Beth Ellen Holimon
DFW Executive Director

I am pleased to announce that three programs tackling education in the poorest parts of the world were selected at the end of 2014 as Dining for Women's first Reserve Programs.

A look at our programs in 2014 shows that education is highly valued and the lion’s share of grantees focus on that area. Of the 24 featured, sustained and reserve programs we supported last year, 13 or 54 percent were focused on education. Perhaps that’s because it is a place where we can truly make the most significant difference and reach the greatest number of women and girls.

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Download a template of the Reserve Program press release for distribution to media in your area

February Featured Program

SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises), Rwanda

See a problem? Fix it. See a need? Fulfill it. That's what SHE did. Knowing that 10 percent of girls in Africa miss school during menstruation and eventually drop out, SHE zeroed in on solutions. The organization developed an affordable product called the go! Pad that is manufactured from the renewable and abundant natural resource of banana fiber. The program we're supporting will provide go! Pads to 10 schools in the Kyonza District of Rwanda. But beyond supplying affordable pads, the program will offer training on puberty education and menstrual hygiene management to teachers enabling them to facilitate taboo-breaking discussions among both boys and girls. She is dedicated to keeping girls in school. No matter what time of the month it is. Period. 

— About the program
Want some facts and numbers?  Here's an infographic to inform your discussion.
Hangout with SHE on Thursday, Feb 5 at 2 p.m. ET - Register to get updates and link via email
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WITH EACH OTHER: Beth Ellen has been to a lot of meetings since becoming ED less than three months ago. And she's hearing your stories. Like this one from Anne Capestrain, chapter leader in Springfield, IL, and board member. We're on a mission to collect great stories from our members.  Do you have one to share? 
WITH OUR PROGRAMS: Program Director Veena Khandke has been digging into reports and we've got a few new ones updated on the site. A final report was posted from Anchal; and two reports from the first year of 2013's Breaking Ground were posted. The reports, when published, appear in the sidebar from the main program page. 
WITH THE MEDIA: Do you know any journalists in your town? Reporters, TV or Radio hosts, bloggers with influence? If so, we're interested in gathering contact information and maintaining a centralized database of news contacts. This will be helpful for chapter and regional leaders as well as those of us here at the home office. You can help by contributing any news contacts you have. -30- (That's news speak for "that's it"). 
Best Practices
NEW LOCKBOX INFO: Our old lockbox is now closed. Before sending in your program donations, please check the address and be sure you are sending to Dining for Women Programs, PO Box 890272, Charlotte, NC 28289-0272. Only send your checks and the transmittal form! Please discard any old forms or labels. Look carefully because both lockboxes have a Charlotte address. Any mailed correspondence and any non-program donations should be sent to our home office.
ON-DEMAND/CRP: View our conversation with Monica Greco from the Collateral Repair Project. This hangout was fascinating, especially since this program faces several unique challenges helping urban refugees to create new communities. 
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The Last Word
BANNER CHAPTER:  Now this is our kind of chapter: Lancaster, CA, wore PJs to the meeting and had breakfast for dinner for their December meeting. They also had a Bead for Life fundraiser for 13th Month. Thank you to leader Monika McQuarrie for sharing. Next time, invite us!
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