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Monitor Soybeans For Damage

With the recent excessive rainfall on a maturing soybean crop, many growers are reporting soybeans sprouting in the pod. In addition, lodging and plant disease such as Sclerotinia (white mold) may result from the excess moisture. Please consult with your merchandisers and grain dealers to be aware of discounting for damage. For example, sprouted seed is counted as damage at grading. Check out NCPSA's page to find out more tips to keep a check on this years beans.  
Soy Health Myths Debunked

Soy growers often get questions from people about soy and their health, such as whether GMOs are safe, whether soy increases the role of breast cancer or whether soy can increase feminine traits. Growers may not know always know the answers, but can rest assured soy is safe and healthy. These concerns are largely based on myths or misconceptions, many of which have been debunked. Continue to our page to find out more myths, and how farmers can can prepare for difficult questions.  
NCSPA's Ag Day Participation a Success

For the second year, the North Carolina Soybean Producers Association participated in the activities at N.C. State University’s Ag Day, an annual celebration at a football game honoring N.C. farmers and its ag industry. This year’s event was held on Oct. 3 at the NCSU vs. Louisville game. Find out more about the Ag Day game, its sponorship, and some of the activities.  
Herbicide Classification Chart and Quick Start Guide

Farmers know it is important to use multiple herbicide SOAs to keep herbicide-resistant weeds at bay. To find out about tools the The United Soybean Board has developed, continue reading at our site. 

Annual Fall Board Meeting
This years annual fall board meeting will be held on November 12-13, 2015.  The meeting will take place at the DoubleTree RTP in Raleigh, NC. The Research Committee will also be reviewing the proposals for annual production of agriculture research.

27th Annual Commodity Conference
January 13-15, 2016
Sheraton Imperial Hotel
Durham, North Carolina

This year's NC Commodities Conference will be the joint meeting of The Small Grains, Corn, Cotton, and Soybeans Associations. The conference will include vendor trade shows, commodity market outlook, commodity extension specialist presentations, annual yield awards, banquet with entertainment by the EMBERS & much more!  Registration and information can be found at



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