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March News

PPE on Coat Rack

Fire Fighter 2 (2013) Tenured Path

The Fire Fighter 2 (2013) Tenured Path is designed for fire fighters who meet and exceed all required prerequisites, education, and training standards set forth by SFT for Fire Fighter 2 certification but do not have a SFT Fire Fighter 1 certification. The Fire Fighter 2 (2013) Tenured Path is for the experienced applicant that has not completed the Fire Fighter 1 Certification Examination and is now seeking continued professional development within the State Fire Training system. Agencies and stakeholders are encouraged to review the Implementation Plan and the updated Fire Fighter 2 (2013) webpage for more information.

Fire Fighter 2 (2013) and Fire Fighter 2 (2013) Tenured Path certifications retire December 31, 2021. Beginning January 1, 2022, all applicants shall be required to use the new Fire Fighter 2 (2019) Certification, which requires certification exams.

CALFIRE employee answering questions in front of a roster

Applying for Certification

In January 2020, SFT implemented open task books which changed the certification application process. Certification Task Books are now available on the SFT CFSTES Certification webpage and are now initiated by the Fire Chief or authorized signer. Once an applicant has finalized the task book, they shall submit a copy of the task book, certification application for the level they are applying, and all required supporting documentation listed in the application. SFT no longer uses certification checklists. Certification applications can be found on the CFSTES Certification webpage.

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Course Roster Template Update

The Course Roster Template (xlsx) has been updated to include student phone numbers. Registered Instructors and Host Agencies are required to use the new Course Roster Template by April 30, 2020. Course returns using the old template will not be accepted beginning May 1, 2020. 

Curriculum and Certification Updates

Four Fire Fighters battling a structure fire on a residential garage

Fire Fighter 1A: Structure (2019) - Behavioral Health and Cancer Awareness 

The State Board of Fire Services (SBFS) and the Statewide Training and Education Advisory Committee (STEAC) have approved two Behavioral Health and Cancer Awareness topics to be incorporated into the Fire Fighter 1A: Structure Course Plan. This will add Topic 2-3: Stress and Resilience and Topic 2-4: Cancer Awareness. These eight (8) course hours were forecasted and incorporated into the Fire Fighter 1A: Structure Course Plan, so there is no added course time. SFT will be adding stand-alone Behavioral Health and Cancer Awareness FSTEP courses to the SFT course catalog later this year.

Chief Fire Officer 3D Course Update

Chief Fire Officer 3D (2019) will be phased-in to the California Fire Service Training and Education System. This course has been realigned to include expanding/extended Type 3 incidents, allowing for dual certification with the NWCG S-300 Extended Attack Incident Commander course. S-300 is the base course for CICCS certification as an Incident Commander Type 3 (ICT3). Chief Fire Officer 3D (2014) will retire on December 31, 2020. For Chief Fire Officer Certification, an applicant may use the 2014 or 2019 course. The Chief Fire Officer 3D (2019) Implementation Plan has additional information regarding these changes.

River and Flood Water Rescue (1996) Course Retirement

The River and Flood Water Rescue (1996) course will retire on June 30, 2020. Agencies should utilize the River and Flood Rescue Technician (2018) course as a replacement for River and Flood Water Rescue (1996). The River and Flood Rescue Technician (2019) Implementation Plan has additional information regarding these changes.

ARTP / ALA Updates

Fire Fighter equipment in a locker room

Newly Accredited Academies

Santa Monica Fire Department has been approved for Accredited Local Academy (ALA) Re-Accreditation and San Bernardino County Fire Protection District has been approved for ALA initial accreditation. Congratulations to each of these Accredited Academies!

Information regarding ARTPs and ALAs can be found on the Accredited Academies webpage.

Skills Evaluator Application Requirements Change

Beginning July 1, 2020, all applicants applying to become a Registered Skills Evaluator will be required to have a SFT Instructor 1, Training Instructor 1, or Fire Instructor 1 certification. Additionally, beginning July 1, 2020, all Fire Fighter 1 Skills Evaluator applicants shall possess a SFT Fire Fighter 1 certification. Use the new Registered Skills Evaluator Application when applying. Information regarding Skills Evaluator registration can be found on the Evaluator Resources webpage.

Fire Fighter 2 Skills Evaluator and Lead Evaluator 

To be eligible to be a Skills Evaluator and Lead Evaluator for the new Fire Fighter 2 (2019) certification exams, you are required to have a SFT Fire Fighter 2 certification. SFT has completed an administrative review of all current Skills Evaluators and Lead Evaluators who have a SFT Fire Fighter 2 certification listed in their SFT User Portal. All Registered Skill Evaluators and Registered Lead Evaluators with a Fire Fighter 2 certification were issued a Fire Fighter 2 Skills Evaluator and/or Lead Evaluator through the SFT User Portal. If you have a SFT Fire Fighter 2 certification that was not listed, submit a copy of your Fire Fighter 2 Certification with a Registered Skills Evaluator Application or Registered Lead Evaluator Application

Fire Fighter 1 and 2 (2019) Certification Exam Application

ARTPs and ALAs requesting the Fire Fighter 1 (2019) and/or Fire Fighter 2 (2019) certification exam shall use the Certification Examination (2019) Scheduling Request Application. Course requests shall be submitted 6 weeks prior to the first exam through the SFT User Portal, and the Fire Fighter (2019) Academy Roster Template is required to be uploaded at the time of application. ARTPs or ALAs utilizing CSTI or IAFF for Hazardous Material training and certification, need to review the Fire Fighter 1 (2019) CSTI and IAFF Hazardous Material Reciprocity Information Bulletin for details on scheduling and returning the Fire Fighter 1 (2019) certification exam. The Fire Fighter Academy Results Template has been updated to include Fire Fighter 2 and will be required to be used when uploading Psychomotor Skills Exam results. 

The Fire Fighter 1 and 2 (2019) cognitive exams will be delivered through the SFT Testing Portal. Lead Evaluators administering the exams shall review the Cognitive Exam Proctor Instructions prior to administering the cognitive exam. 


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