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November News

The cover of the SFT Fee Report

State Fire Training Fee Report

The State Board of Fire Service (SBFS) and Statewide Training and Education Advisory Committee (STEAC) have approved the State Fire Training (SFT) Fee Report. SFT will now begin working on the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) rulemaking process. SFT anticipates that the new fee adjustment will go into effect on July 1, 2020. If there is a delay in the approval process, the secondary implementation date is January 1, 2021.

Open Certification Task Books

Effective January 1, 2020, SFT will transition to "open" Professional Certification Task Books. The new open Task Book process will allow a Fire Chief, or Authorized Designee, to verify Task Book prerequisite requirements and initiate a Task Book similar to CICCS practices. Once implemented, it will be the responsibility of the Fire Chief to ensure that only the Fire Chief, or Authorized Designee on file with SFT, initiates a Task Book and that all prerequisites are met. Task books are valid for five years from date of issuance. Candidates shall verify if Task Book Addendum(s) are required, prior to submitting to SFT for certification. More information on this change can be found on the Regulations & Incorporated Documents web page.  

Curriculum Updates

Firing Operations

NEW CA-219: Wildland Firefighting - Firing Operations FSTEP Course

CA-219: Wildland Firefighting - Firing Operations is a new FSTEP course that provides information and develops skills required to perform and hold firing operations on wildland fires and prescribed burns. See the CA-219 Implementation Plan for more information.

CAL FIRE Aircraft Rescue equipment

NEW Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Awareness FSTEP Course

Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Awareness is a new FSTEP course that provides information to non-ARFF trained fire fighters who support aircraft rescue and fire fighting operations. See the Implementation Plan for more information.

Water Rescue picture in a small river

NEW Water Rescue FSTEP Courses

SFT collaborated with the Office of Emergency Services, Fire and Rescue Division and the CAL FIRE Training Center to develop a number of water-based rescue curriculum. These new courses are:

Please visit the FSTEP Curriculum website for course plans, task books and implementation plans.

ICS 300/ICS 400 Curriculum and Instructor Update

FEMA's Emergency Management Institute (EMI) released updated curriculum for ICS 300: Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents and ICS 400: Advanced Incident Command System for Complex Incidents in April 2019. Instructors will be required to complete an ICS Instructor Update Web Form to instruct the new courses. The Instructor Update can be completed through the SFT User Portal, located under the Web Forms tab. See the Implementation Plan for more information.

View from behind a podium to a classroom of people

Ethical Leadership for Instructors FSTEP Course

Ethical Leadership for Instructors (2018) is a curriculum update for the existing Ethical Leadership in the Classroom (2007) course. The goal of the course is to professionally develop and qualify instructors who deliver courses for SFT, as well as Skills Evaluator's administering SFT Certification Exams. SFT's Ethics course has been a cornerstone in qualifying instructors to deliver fire service training throughout California. See the Ethical Leadership for Instructors Implementation Plan for more information. All curriculum resources can be found on the FSTEP web page.

Community Risk Task Book Cover image

Course Prerequisite Updates

Through input of the Steering Committee, and approval from STEAC and SBFS, SFT has changed several course prerequisites. They include:

Certification Updates

Fire Inspector Task Book Image

Fire Inspector 1 (2014) Certification Update

SFT completed the curriculum and certification update to align with the 2014 edition of NFPA 1031: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner. A cadre was formed to review the changes and to determine if any other updates were required. The new course plans can be found on the Fire Inspector 1 web site

Fire Investigator Task Book Cover

Fire Investigator (2017) Certification Updates

SFT updated several items that were identified by stakeholders regarding the new Fire Investigator Curriculum and Certification. The changes included the PC832 course requirements, Law Enforcement experience from non-Fire Agencies, and moving the NWCG FI-210 from a task book initiation requirement to a certification requirement. 

Executive Chief Fire Officer Task Book Cover

Executive Chief Fire Officer (2014) Certification Updates

The Chief Fire Officer (2014) Certification requires an Associates Degree to obtain certification. SFT inadvertently omitted the Associate Degree requirement off of the Executive Chief Fire Officer (2014) application. An Associate's Degree will be required to obtain Executive Chief Fire Officer (2014) Certification

ARTP / ALA Updates

Fire Training Tower

ALA's Testing Non-Employees

Effective October 1, 2019, ALA's are now able to test neighboring jurisdictions while testing their own employees during a certification examination. At least 51% of the exam candidates must be employed by the ALA, and up to 49% of the exam candidates can be employees from neighboring agencies. Pre-employment candidates needing certification testing will still need to be directed to register through an ARTP. More information can be found on the Accredited Local Academy (ALA) Testing Non-employees Interim Procedure or the STEAC staff report.  

Notebook and Pen

Non-ARTP/ALA (Alternate Delivery) Candidate Skill Sheet Requirement Update

A Certification Exam Candidate who does not complete their Fire Fighter 1 training through an ARTP/ALA is classified in the SFT Procedures Manual as an Alternate Delivery Candidate. These candidates are typically completing their training through a non-ALA fire department and this change would allow a Fire Chief to provide a testing site with a letter that verifies full completion of the Fire Fighter training and skills taught rather than submitting the sixteen page State Required Instructional Psychomotor Skills Sheet (training record) for each candidate. The intention is to help streamline the alternate delivery verification process for an ARTP/ALA testing site. More background on this update can be found on the STEAC staff report and the new template letters can be found on the Evaluator Resources web page

Locker of Fire Fighting personal protective equipment

Newly Accredited Academies

Burbank Fire Department, Long Beach Fire Department, Las Positas College, and Southwestern College, were all recently approved by both the STEAC committee and SBFS and have now been added to SFT's list of Accredited Local Academies (ALA's). Congratulations to each of these new Accredited Academies!

Information regarding ARTP's and ALA's can be found on the Accredited Academies web page.


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