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January News

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Open Task Books

SFT has transitioned to "open" Professional Certification Task Books. The new open Task Book process will allow a Fire Chief, or Authorized Designee, to verify Task Book prerequisite requirements and initiate a Task Book similar to CICCS practices. The new Task Books have been published and are available to download from the CFSTES web page. It will be the responsibility of the Fire Chief to ensure that only the Fire Chief, or Authorized Designee on file with SFT, initiates a Task Book and that all prerequisites are met. Task Books are valid for five years from date of issuance and candidates shall verify if Task Book Update(s) are required, prior to submitting to SFT for certification. The fee for certification will now be collected along with the Task Book at the time of certification. Review the Open Certification Task Book Informational Bulletin and the Interim Procedure for more details. 

Gold certificate with Gold Seal

Digital Certification Certificates

SFT has now expanded the ability to print Professional Certification certificates through your SFT User Portal, similar to CFSTES/FSTEP diplomas. This will allow all Professional Certifications that are available in the SFT User Portal, the ability to be digitally printed with the exception of the Fire Chief Certification.

Four Fire Fighters training with fire hose

NEW Skills Coach Instructor

The new Skills Coach Instructor type will be used to assist the Registered Primary Instructor or Fire Fighter Instructor with the Psychomotor skills practice within a CFSTES or FSTEP course. This is a separate classification from the Registered Psychomotor Skills Evaluator. A Skills Coach must be directly supervised by the Registered Primary Instructor or Fire Fighter Instructor. Furthermore, a Skills Coach can only assist with skills practice (sets and reps). The Registered Primary Instructor or Fire Fighter Instructor is responsible for demonstrating the skills, and verifying the students skill set (signing off task books). At this point in time, the Skills Coach can only be used in the Fire Fighter 1 and Fire Fighter 2 course delivery. Review the Skills Coach Interim Procedure for information regarding the requirements and details. 

Curriculum and Certification Updates

Four Fire Fighters battling a structure fire on a residential garage

Fire Fighter (2019)

Effective January 1, 2020, the new Fire Fighter 1 (2019) and Fire Fighter 2 (2019) Certifications and Curriculum are available! The Certification Training Standards along with four new Course Plans have been developed based on current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Professional Qualifications, State Regulations and are approved by the Statewide Training and Education Advisory Committee (STEAC) and the State Board of Fire Services (SBFS). 

Agencies and stakeholders are encouraged to review the Implementation Plan and the new Fire Fighter 1 (2019) and Fire Fighter 2 (2019) web pages for more information. 

NEW: The Fire Fighter 2 (2019) Certification is now nationally accredited by IFSAC and is in the final stages of Pro Board accreditation! As a result, SFT has a Certification Upgrade Process for those who already have a SFT Fire Fighter 2 Certification and wish to upgrade. Additionally, SFT now has a Reciprocity Process for those with an IFSAC and/or Pro Board Fire Fighter 2 Certification from another State. Visit the Fire Fighter 2 (2019) web page for application information and more. 

Fire Fighter 1 (2013) Cover Photo of fire fighter battling garage fire

Fire Fighter 1 (2013) Certification Update

SFT aligned the Fire Fighter 1 (2013) Certification requirements with the Fire Fighter 1 (2019) Certification. This means that the Fire Fighter 1 Certification Task Book (2013) will no longer be required for Fire Fighter 1 (2013) Certification; however, a completed Fire Fighter 1 Certification Task Book (2013) will be required to be on file with SFT for applicants to obtain Fire Fighter 2 (2013) Certification. The Fire Fighter (2019) Implementation Plan has additional information regarding these changes. Applicants who have completed the Fire Fighter 1 (2013) academic training and certification exam can apply for Fire Fighter 1 (2013) Certification using the updated Fire Fighter 1 (2013) Application

Reminder Bell

Fire Fighter (2013) Certification Retires

Effective January 1, 2022, Fire Fighter 1 (2013) and Fire Fighter 2 (2013) Certifications will retire. Applicants who do not apply before this date, will be required to meet the the Fire Fighter (2019) certification requirements. The Fire Fighter 2 (2019) Certification requires applicants to complete a certification exam, therefore, beginning January 1, 2022, all Fire Fighter 2 Certification applicants will be required to complete a Fire Fighter 2 Certification Exam. 

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CFSTES Course Prerequisites

Most SFT mid-career CFSTES courses have prerequisites for enrollment. Typically, these prerequisites are the completion of the course work for the prior certification track. These prerequisites are designed to help ensure that the students have the required minimum knowledge to be successful in the course. To allow greater access to the SFT courses, SFT will allow career experience to meet course prerequisites. SFT will be updating various Course Plans to show the new requirements over the next few months. The new prerequisites can be seen in the STEAC Staff Report. Instructors can start admitting students utilizing the new requirements beginning January 1, 2020. 

IFSAC and Pro Board logos

Course Equivalency using IFSAC and Pro Board Certification

SFT became nationally accredited with the Pro Board and IFSAC in 2016 for the Fire Fighter 1 program. When SFT became accredited, a reciprocity program was established for out-of-state and DoD certifications; however, the reciprocity program was limited to the Fire Fighter 1 Certification. Effective January 1, 2020, SFT will now accept Pro Board and/or IFSAC Certifications as course equivalencies; however, some certification tracks will still require that the candidate complete additional SFT courses to ensure that the student has specific knowledge for working in California. The Pro Board and/or IFSAC certification cannot be used to meet course prerequisites until after the applicant has completed the course equivalency process with SFT. Review the Interim Procedure for additional information and the application process.

Fire Inspector Task Book Image

Fire Inspector 2 (2014) Certification Update

SFT completed a curriculum and certification update to align with the 2014 edition of NFPA 1031: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner. A development cadre formed and provided a number of updates/revisions including:

  • Added eight hours of additional instruction in the Fire Inspector 2C: Inspecting New and Existing Fire and Life Safety Systems and Equipment course to allow for complete instructional delivery
  • The requirement to have ICC Fire Inspector 1 has been moved from initiating the task book, to completing certification.
  • All SFT documents (Course Plans, Activities, Certification Training Standards, etc.) were all updated
More information regarding can now be found on the Fire Inspector 2 website
Burnt items in front of a door with evidence markers

Fire Investigator Update

Following the April 12, 2019 Statewide Training and Advisory Committee (STEAC) Meeting, the recommended administrative changes from Attachment 3 (PDF) were made to the Fire Investigator Application. SFT updated the Fire Investigation 1C: Preparation for Legal Proceedings Course Plan to remove the prerequisite requirement of the PC 832 Arrest course. This administrative correction creates alignment with the Fire Investigator Application. See the Fire Investigator Information Bulletin (PDF) for more information.

ARTP / ALA Updates

Fire Fighter equipment in a locker room

Newly Accredited Academies

El Camino College and Fremont Fire Department have been approved by STEAC and SBFS for re-accreditation. Congratulations to each of these Accredited Academies!

Information regarding ARTP's and ALA's can be found on the Accredited Academies web page.


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