An Update from Head of School
Sister Juvenal Mukamurama


 Dear Friends,

When last I wrote you we were building our high school classrooms.  Now we have started the final phase of our campus construction - our Library and permanent laboratories.  It is set slightly away from the main campus so it is easily accessible to community groups and schools.  Since we are a school with rich resources, it is only right that we share them with others.  Because our construction in Rwanda - except for the big city projects –is done by hand, we have no fear of being disturbed by the noise.  Our crew of men and women are here from 7:00 to 5:00 working steadily all day to make our center.  We are grateful to them.
In our school system, the first three grades after primary are referred to as “O” level and the curriculum is the same for all students.  Grades 10-12 are called “A” Level and schools offer specialized studies which we call “combinations.”  Maranyundo offers three science related combinations with concentrations in physics, math, biology, economics and computers.   Entrepreneurship classes are required for all and our girls enjoy these very much.  They recently set up an Expo on parent visiting day to sell the products from their “companies.”

Our Farm:  we have cows to provide milk for our students’ breakfast porridge every morning. We also raise chickens, goats, pigs and rabbits in addition to bananas, mangos, avocados and vegetables.  Our cows give us biogas for cooking and our chickens and pigs make sure none of the leftover food from the dining room goes to waste.
Our girls continue to do well.  This year the top two students in the country in the “O” level national exams were Maranyundo girls.  The entire class scored in Division One.  Some of our girls applied for international schools, and 3 students are retained for Yale Young Africa Scholars program. Our country has many opportunities for competitions and our girls like to enter all of them. They came home from the Pioneer Olympiads with 6 gold medals, 11 silver, 9 bronze medals, cash ($150, $100, $75 and pizza gift) and certificates. We hosted the District basketball championship and our girls won and now hope to win the Nationals.

Two girls (Sylvie and Aline S4) who live in an orphanage center, entered the SOS international school exams and were selected to finish their high school in Ghana and attend University there.  Two others Alison and Christa S5 applied for schools in US and they are retained for finishing their secondary schools and attend Universities there. They finished their last term at Maranyundo; their schools began in August.

10 of our students won a District competition in public speaking, storytelling and poems. Recently they had another competition in writing and speaking with other schools and the basket ball team went to Kigali to compete with other schools at the national level.
The girls organize many special events and they do this on their own. Recent events included the Entrepreneur Class putting on a Maranyundo Expo on a Sunday family visiting day and a special farewell entertainment  for the family who had been staying at the school.  They organized a Saturday afternoon Walk for Remembrance during our Commemoration Days.

In Rwanda we have very few story books for young children in our native language.  Our girls are teaming up with the boys at Boston College High School to create a digital library of African based stories.  Our girls are doing the translations into Kinyarwanda and the boys are doing the digital technology. 

We are grateful to all of you who have helped make the Maranyundo Girls School what it is today.  Together we have been able to provide our girls with an education of excellence.

Sister Marie Juvenal Mukamurama
Head of School
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