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Dear Friends of MGS,

At the beginning of the summer I visited the Maranyundo Girls School with 4 members of the Board of Directors of the Maranyundo Initiative.  We were reminded  by our visit and gatherings with all our Rwandan friends, parents and supporters that  MGS is flourishing.  We could see it for ourselves as we visited the campus. The classrooms are full of eager students and excellent attentive faculty. New technologies are being introduced to the teachers and the students. The girls continue to excel at their studies and inspire their classmates. Construction is underway to double the size of MGS to include the upper secondary levels. The new Multi Purpose Hall is in the final stage of completion and will serve the school and the community for years to come.

At a  lunch with members of the Parents’ Committee of MGS,  a parent stood and gave her heartfelt thanks to the Maranyundo Initiative. She spoke of how, because of her education at MGS, her daughter will have opportunities that she never dreamed were possible. She said that at the school fundraiser on campus she was unable to give any money but she now had two goats and she was going to sell one of them and bring Sister Juvenal the funds that she received from this sale. She is also willing to work on the construction for expansion, donating her time. She sees the future for her daughter and other Rwandan daughters in her investment of goods and services. It touched us all deeply and it reminded me of something very important in Rwanda.

While many countries are trying hard to keep girls out of school, the government and all the people in Rwanda continue to support ways to get more girls access to school. They believe that education of girls is necessary for the future of the country.

We hope that you will enjoy and learn more from this quick update and we invite you to visit our new website at

We at the Maranyundo Initiative hope that you are having a great summer with family and friends.


Daphne Petri

Board Chair, Maranyundo Initiative

Memorandum of Understanding was extended for the next 5 years

In June we renewed the terms of our unique partnership between Maranyundo Initiative and the Benebikira Congregation in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) first executed in 2010. We look forward to our continued collaboration - One brick at a time, one book at a time, one idea at a time, one girl at a time….. hand to hand.   Read More...

Maranyundo Girls School Expanding to become Science and Technology High School!

When asked what could improve the school, the only suggestion students had? "Expand the school so we can stay here for 6 years." Parents agreed. Read More...

Maranyundo is a test site for Raspberry Pi. Tiny Technology makes a huge impact at MGS!

Big changes are coming to Maranyundo!  This little device called the Raspberry Pi has been making waves all over the tech community for the last few years.  It is a credit card sized computer that only costs $35! Read More...

A Unique Partnership 

“When we planted this tree at the groundbreaking ceremony in 2006 it was just a wimpy little thing”, says Barrie Landry, one of the founders and current board member. This tall tree today represents the growth of the school and the robust partnership that has grown between the Maranyundo Initiative and the Maranyundo Girls School.   Read More...  

MGS Announces $50,000 Grant From Segal Family Foundation!

A representative from the Segal Family Foundation recently visited with Sister Juvenal Mukamurama at the Maranyundo Girls School in Nyamata. The Foundation has agreed to provide $50,000 to support the construction of additional classrooms. Read More...

Mothers and Daughters: A Word from Sister Ann Fox about the beginning of the school year.

" In no way is it possible any longer to tell who had arrived by car and who had traveled by foot... No one has more and no one was lacking for anything. They all have mothers. They have begun their journey." Read More...

Maranyundo Initiative looking for Teaching Fellow Candidates for the 2015 school year at Maranyundo Girls School!

Do you know a motivated young person interested in volunteering abroad in Rwanda? Are they good with computer technology and are or are willing to be TOEFL certified to teach English? Read More...
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