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Funk Orchestra Packs Music Store Collaboration - The Key Ingredient

In-store Promotion at its finest... 

Record store owners that are still in business are not dinosaurs but rather they are survivors.  They, like all of us, remain passionate about an industry that is in flux.  Their mission is simple - find a way to win and that is exactly what so many of them are doing in these heady times.  So when a world recognized funk orchestra comes along and teams with a music store it becomes a thing of beauty.  Music purchases are still made as an impulse reaction to hearing the music. This is exactly what makes radio so powerful.  Radio listeners, consumers, hear the music and may well react to what they've just heard.  So imagine the power of an in store performance in regard to potential CD sales, not individual track sales, but CD sales. Now you're talking something really cool. Of course success doesn't just arrive magically. The pre-show promotions have to be worked out and implemented prior to the upcoming show date.  In addition, on the show date itself, the quality of the live performance has to be outstanding and outstanding is exactly what just occurred at Cactus Music in Houston, Texas. 

Cactus management teamed with ThunderSOUL Orchestra's label,
Suite 28 Records, and the afternoon came together without a hitch. 

This particular event delivered a thirteen piece orchestra coupled with a photo op and autograph session.  The line at the cash register was impressive and equally impressive were those that wanted what they had just purchased autographed.  Memories are made on days like this, perhaps you own an album that someone signed, if so you remember the details of that particular day or evening to this very day.  That's cool and cool just happened at Cactus Music.  People brought their kids to hear and see ThunderSOUL and ThunderSOUL delivered big time.  The group's front man Tino came to the front of the stage for example and noted publicly how many children were in the audience.  Then he brought our attention to a gentleman that had been dancing old school and brought the man over to the stage area.  He asked the man if he would show the kids some old school moves and the man made some cool moves for all of us to see.  Then the group's percussionist Donny joined in and added some moves of his own - everybody in the room was down with it.  Inclusion is the word - if you deliver a show that invites all demographics to participate the room comes alive with a coolness all its own.  ThunderSOUL is all about sharing and caring - their roots come from a man who was every bit that way and that is what he instilled in his band members.  ThunderSOUL is passing it along.  Sharing and caring. 

On the other side of the success equation is the record store management team.  You have to staff enough people for the day, you have to get the word out, have enough stock on hand, serve up some beverages, and when you tie it all together it can spell success.  On this particular day success would be the appropriate word - everybody was digging it.

Record Store: Cactus Music
Location: Houston, Texas
Band inquiries: contact store

Record Label: Suite 28 Records
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Learn more online

Suite 28 Records - Artistic expression without constraints

Dedicated to their beloved mentor, Conrad O. Johnson, Sr., affectionately known as “Prof,” ThunderSOUL Orchestra has recorded a new album recently released by Suite 28 Records.  From 1968 to 1977, Prof transformed the struggling Houston, TX Kashmere High School Stage Band into a world-renowned funk powerhouse.  During this time, Prof broke the race-barrier and status-quo by placing his students in the fiercely competitive arena of national high school stage band competitions. Opposite of the established, conservative tone of these gatherings, Prof encouraged the Kashmere Stage Band to embrace their own style, introducing elaborate funk arrangements and showmanship. In the face of tremendous odds, the band went on to win prestigious awards and perform across the United States, Japan, and Europe.  Check these guys out....
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