Vivacious, extremely talented, and armed with a red hot new release
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Ms Evelyn Rubio
 Vivacious, extremely talented, and armed with a red hot new release

There’s hot and then there’s hot and seasoned performer Evelyn Rubio presents a live stage presence coupled with a new CD release that is just that, hot, hot , hot…..
Unlike many U.S. performers that are looking to expand to continents beyond North America Evelyn actually comes to us the other way.  Her home is now here in the states but Evelyn was born in Mexico and literally began performing professionally in the theatre at the age of nine.  Two years later Evelyn was under contract with Mexican television with a show for children titled “My Little Stars” which was recorded and broadcast from Mexico City.  Soon afterward the door opened for her again and this time she would  be funded to manage her own show performing in the city parks around Mexico City.  Evelyn's love of the blues and soul music started as a teenager when she heard the great American artist Aretha Franklin on the radio. From that time forward her career began to shift from television into that of a well rounded blues singer.  Her first album was a blues, rock, funk combination release in 1999 titled, "Evelyn Automarginados". After which a Canadian Production company cast Evelyn in one of their lead roles for Jesus Christ Superstar as Mary Magdalene until the run ended in 2004. 

It can be noted that after the Jesus Christ Superstar run that Evelyn didn’t just decide to jump on the blues band wagon on her own either.  Evelyn was mentored by the late great Calvin Owens who you may remember as being B.B. King's band leader for quite some time.  Mr. Owens was impressed with Evelyn and took her under his wing and as Evelyn shares, “I lived the stage life learning from the master himself.”  In fact within a month of being in the USA she had met Mr. Owens and he offered her a 5 year 5 album contract on his label. In 2007 Mr. Owens produced Evelyn’s second CD “La Mujer que Canta Blues” which leads up to her third release, her newest, “Hombres” which by the way is released in both English and  Spanish.  It can be further noted that she also worked with James "Boogaloo" Bolden (another B.B. King band leader) and was on his release, "No News 'Just the Blues" as well. 

As sexy and appealing as Evelyn is she's equally accomplished having started at a young age, then acquiring a solid blues foundation, and now today Evelyn is recognized as a multi-talented blues artist everywhere she performs.  Her vocals present a raspy, sexy quality, she’s an extremely gifted sax player, and her stage presence has been honed from both her theatre days abroad and then here in the states within the blues community by Calvin Owens. In fact if you get a chance to listen to the tracks on her latest release “Hombres”  you may well come away with a deep appreciation for what Evelyn is capable of delivering to audiences.

Speaking of audiences, on the live stage side of things Evelyn has just returned from a stellar performance in Alexandria, Louisiana at the The Little Walter Blues Festival with prior stage engagements in both Manhattan, New York and San Francisco, California.  Evelyn has performed on the main stage at Tall City Festival, not once but two years in a row.  Plus she has performed at the Blues on the Hills Festival five years in row from 2010 thru 2015. 

Now residing in Houston Evelyn has opened for international acts at the marvelous theatre in the round, The Arena Theatre, on more than one occasion. Even more recent Evelyn headlined at the new giant Golden Nugget Casino and Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana just down the road from Houston. 

Industry Note: air time and review copies of "Hombres" available upon request
for both domestic and international promotional considerations

John in Houston PR or dial 832.916.7716 

Evelyn captures an era gone by with a memorable, steamy, highly entertaining portrayal in "Meant to Be" - click to view
"On Hombres I had the freedom to be myself so it's very personal to me. I am so proud of the final product.  I hope everyone enjoys the music."
"I want my saxophone solos to speak to the audience and on this CD backed by such a high quality orchestra I am hoping I have done just that...."
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