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America's ThunderSOUL Orchestra Packs Them In Down Under

Jackson Browne Opens Studio Doors
to ThunderSOUL Orchestra 


"528-0728" is now spinning at Radio Stations Nationwide
This world has a lot of cool people in it but none cooler than Jackson Browne and friends. The guys were on the west coast when Fernando Pullum felt the synergy and said "We got to capture this!"
A phone call was made and so was history. You see the members of ThunderSOUL hold a unique place in history.  They are all graduating students of the "Prof's" education, musically and perhaps more so personally.
Noted actor/producer Jamie Foxx saw it too.  Early on Mr. Foxx realized that something very special had taken place in Houston Texas.  Something that touched a high school band years ago that was staying with them years and years later.  It was the Kashmere High School Band under the direction of their beloved "Prof" Conrad O. Johnson.  A man that not only gave them the knowledge and discipline to be great musicians but also gave them of himself.  The new album title is a direct reflection of their youth, it is "Prof's" old phone number.  A number they could call 24/7 and a man would answer and listen and be there if they needed him.  You were more than in his band, you were in his world, a world of caring and giving through actions.  Mr. Foxx learned of their successes both in concert and in their private lives due to this one man.  He captured it and released it.  To this day young people are inspired by Mr. Foxx's presentation of the real life winners from Houston's fifth ward. 

Years later, on the west coast, the guys encounter a chance opportunity to capture their unique and fresh vibe through the compassion of a west coast musician.  He told the guys that this should be recorded right now and that he could make a call and possibly get them into Jackson Browne's recording studio immediately.  He made the call and Mr. Jackson said absolutely.  So through ThunderSOUL's quest to spread the news that one man can make a difference another good man rises up.  First, Jamie Foxx and now Jackson Browne.  The end result is the track list below.  Check it out - it kicks ass!
Track Titles and Times 
1)  What U Need - 3:35
2) Pleasure - 3:41
3) Hey - 3:55
4) Alva's Suite - The Interview - 2:21
5) Johnny Reason - 4:24
6) Noise - 2:46
7) Too Many Keys - 1:44
8) I Wanna Go Home - 4:35
9) HaHaHaHa Yeah - 3:37
10) All About Love's Holiday - Interlude - 1:45
Click on the phone number and check out the vibe
ThunderSOUL Orchestra has it working....
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