Gumstix's April Newsletter. Find out what is new @ Gumstix, including support for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, the BeagleBone Black and partnerships with Critical Link and Toradex.
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April 2016
— New Gumstix dev boards for Rasp. Pi, Beagle Bone, Critical Link and Toradex 
— Tiny Camera at Tiny $20 price 
— $39 to $79 Sale on Pre-Go devices & Pre-Go/Piski Product Comparison
— New DuoVero Zeyphr-Y - Now with 
WiLink8 WiFi and Bluetooth module.
— What's Trending
— Gumstix Scholar and News
New Products & The Best of Geppetto:
Design, clone and build custom expansion boards using Geppetto's Design-to-Order drop and design interface with the modules featured below or choose from hundreds of more modules for Video, Audio, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Introducing the Gumstix Pi Family

In February and March, Gumstix released two expansion boards for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module: Learn more here.
Design your own expansion board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module with this Geppetto module.

Gumstix BeagleBone Black Capes

Designed in Geppetto@D2O by Gumstix engineers, the Gumstix Astro, $89, and Rover, $79, capes can help break out your BeagleBone Black projects.
More than capes: Design and build your own expansion board for the BeagleBone Black with this Geppetto module

Dev Board for the Toradex Colibri iMX6

The Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Dev Kit, only $199, contains the hardware and software to get your Toradex Colibri i.MX6 COM and Gumstix Colibri i.MX6 Development Board up and running.
Design a board that makes the most of Colibri iMX6's NXP Freescale CPU with this connector module.

Gumstix Dev Kit for Mity-SOM 335x

The Gumstix MitySOM-335x Development Board, only $149, breaks out the Critical Link MitySOM-335x family of COMs for development. Test your MitySOM project or explore the COM's features with this Linux-ready multimedia platform.
Break out additional audio and video features for the MitySOM-335x with this Geppetto module.

Tiny Cameras at Tiny $20 Price​

Measuring just 22x22mm, a little bigger than a U.S. dime, the Tiny Caspa camera board is an affordable and compact solution to maker projects that require a digital camera in tight places, like quadcopters or robotic projects.
Expand the visual features of your Geppetto projects with the .3mp tiny camera board module.

Precision Geolocation Devices
Now on Sale from $39 to $79

The Price of a Pre-Go is 80% Less than the Piski!

For more details, see the Product Comparison between the Pre-Go and Piski here.

Perfect for maker UAV projects, each Pre-Go device is powered by the u-blox NEO 7M GNSS receiver for GPS services, including a crystal internal oscillator and supports UART and SMA connections. Shop here.
  • Pre-Go - $39
  • Pre-Go w/ SMA - $46
  • Pre-Go PPP - $79
  • Pre-Go PPP w/ SMA - $69
Learn more about GPS and the Gumstix Pre-Go devices here.

DuoVero™ Zeyphr-Y COM - $179

Award-winning dual-core power now with wireless connectivity. The DuoVero™ Zephyr-Y brings an ARM Cortex-A9 processor, crystal-clear SGX540 graphics capabilities and the super fast WiLink8 WiFi and Bluetooth module.

Gumstix In the News

New @ Gumstix

Introducing the Gumstix Guru, Keith Lee. Go check out his blog!
Gumstix now has its own platform at - come follow our platform and tell us about your maker projects!

What's Trending

USB Type-C Cables

One recent development in the maker world is the introduction of the small and compact USB type C, providing support for USB 3.1 and bi-directional power up to 100W. No matter the orientation, just plug in either end of the USB type-C cable into two devices and you're good to go. Learn more here.

Learn how Extreme Temperature COMs, like Gumstix's  IronSTORM-Y and IceSTORM, can  help researchers develop robotics and UAVs for the harshest conditions here.
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