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Paternity leave over, I am now back at work, and trying not to burn my candle at both ends. The baby is doing great, and I have been learning how to formulate my writing mentally until I have the opportunity (between feedings) to get it down on my computer (or phone). I find myself thinking more and more about the technological future Penny is going to face when she's old enough to start understanding it, as well as how poorly the tech world accommodates families (read: it doesn't).

What I've been reading

  • RT, Sputnik, and Russia's New Theory of War - I admit to being fascinated, and not a little horrified, at the new front of information warfare opening up around the social web. Like the world's best intelligence agencies, I worry that the asymmetry, and perhaps cynicism, required to wage this form of warfare is beyond the ken of liberal democracies.
  • America Wasn't Built for Humans - Andrew Sullivan has a very thoughtful take on the new forms of tribalism developing, and how the internet has enabled it. He also ends with a rare prescription for a way forward.
  • The South's Ellis Island - The Bitter Southerner is one of my favorite new "explainers" of the modern south because it tells stories that go beyond the standard narratives of this region. This is one great example - a look at a small town near Atlanta where tens of thousands of refugees have been resettled for the last several decades.


  • Relevancy and Truth - Why I think that our institutions of journalism will ultimately outlive Google and Facebook. Namely: the latter have no real discernable values, per se. (This post went big.)
  • When lies aren't lies - A digression from the above that I split off into a separate post. Most opinion polls are bunk. People express things they know to be untrue as signals of tribal belonging.
  • There are no GAFAs in enterprise - Even the most dominant enterprise software vendors command only a small slice of their overall markets.
  • The three types of enterprise software - Breaking down the major categories of enterprise products as I see them, how their routes to market differ, and what they fundamentally mean to the companies that use them.


  • This might not be relevant to you, but if you have young kids, you should know about GoCubes. Along with strawberry pop tarts, they're among my favorite new parent hacks. They're chewable coffee candies, complete with caffeine, and I love them. (This is not a sales pitch - I have no interests in this company. I just think they're awesome and more people should try them.)
  • Our product team at SAS Customer Intelligence got some good news, and I tweeted about it. 🙌🏻
  • My video course on Product Management for the enterprise is up on O'Reilly's Safari platform, in case you're interested!

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