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A drought was predicted for North Georgia this year. Though the rain is sporadic, since returning from our trip out west, the only guarantee of a dry spot around here has been under an umbrella.


Beth and I are pleased to make a few announcements. First; our daughter, Allison, and son-in-law, Joshua, will be the proud parents of a baby girl around Thanksgiving. Lilliana Wallace is still waiting for a middle name; but, everyone likes the first one. Second; 2015 has been a big year for our son, Andrew. In January he took over the Boy’s program. Recently, he was engaged to Karla Whitley of Asheboro, North Carolina. Though they were friends for a long time as they worked in their respective departments at SHA, Karla left SHA for a position back in North Carolina. I guess absence made the heart grow fonder. They make a cute couple; and, I’m looking forward to Karla returning to SHA to bring back her ministry strengths to the SHA team. It’s great to see young couples commit themselves to God even before one another. That’s what makes the “one another” work.

Along with a congratulations to two other excellent and committed SHA counselors, Mario Twyman and Alix Pittard, who were wed recently; Andrew and Karla are just two more of the multitude of couples that have found SHA to be their “eHarmony” of Christian residential programs and schools. A third congratulations is in order for another SHA-inspired couple, Christina and Ian Jones. Ian, is a former SHA counselor, turned youth pastor; while Christina is a teacher here at SHA. They recently brought Emma Harmony Jones into the world. Interestingly, E. Harmony Jones is actually quite appropriate. I can’t make this stuff up!


Despite our recent two week “trip” out west, June has been a blur. The time with our son, daughter-in-law and grandkids seemed over before it even started. Late nights and early mornings were the protocol-as we savored every minute we could spend together. After they fished themselves into imbecility, my grandkids’ parents finally mustered up the courage to let gramps take them for some short and “slow” motorcycle rides-a time none of us will ever forget. The sights, the sounds, the smells and the time we shared together were all as sweet and refreshing as a cold watermelon on a hot summer day. Our departure was brutal, however. We left death grips and a tear-soaked parking lot in Jackson, Wyoming. But, the memories we took home with us.

After wrestling the motorhome over 4,300 miles, and for me a few thousand more in the sky, we eventually made it back home in time to fulfill our pending commitments at SHA.  Beth’s fingernail marks still distinctly visible in the the passenger seat captain’s chair. Upon arriving safely at the farm, she was sure that she had logged some “flying” miles of her own-complements of her goal-oriented, sleep-deprived and highly caffeinated husband the new “Chuck Yeager” of motorhome pilots. They don’t call them “captain’s chairs” for nothing. But, when the coffee dissipated, so did my will to work. Beth seemed fresh and ready to go; yet, it was all I could do to grind through a full day of several L2P radio recordings and then many other interviews as a guest on other radio programs. But, when the week was over as promised I snuck away to the mountain house for some much-needed R and R and waited for Beth, and the rest of my Georgia family, to join me for a quiet 4th of July weekend together. As I write, I’m over-looking a scene that, if the weather clears up by tomorrow, will allow us to view over 20 different fireworks
displays across three different states! You’re right, Mr. Capra, it is! It surely is!


Not long before leaving for the west, I did a three part series with our kids on the philosophy, politics, science and theology concerning the subject of homosexuality a discussion that spanned three weeks. It spawned many questions and much interest from the kids. Better yet, it opened their hearts and minds to many things. Afterwards, two kids asked to speak with me privately, in the company of another counselor. Later, a third approached me. The result was that all three kids, two girls and one boy, renounced any future plans to pursue that lifestyle! Despite what liberal-minded people may imagine or conjure up, all I did was share the truth in love about what I know about this subject through research, experience, science and God’s Word. I never coerced or used shame or fear tactics to invoke these renunciations. Besides, anything I can talk someone into, someone else can talk them back out of. I really feel that God’s truth opened up spiritual doors and turned on spiritual lights for these kids. I saw hope and relief in their eyes. There’s so much confusion about this topic; unfortunately, much of it comes from those who would call themselves “trained professionals" and now unfortunately, from our own American lawmakers.


In less than a year, I’ve attended mental and behavioral health conferences where the movers and shakers and policy makers have collapsed like dominos to what I’ve observed to be political correctness, peer pressure, job security, career advancement, illogic, lack of common sense, junk science and a spirit of the enemy concerning the LGBT community. I’ve seen well-educated people instruct classrooms full of other well-educated people (therapists/other mental health pros) to discourage their “clients" from making any attempt at freeing themselves from a life enslaved to their homosexual desires. In fact, straight from one instructor’s mouth she said, “We’ve gone from "tolerance," which is actually insulting, to "acceptance." And, though that’s progress, we must move to "embracing this lifestyle.” She went on to say, “We are doing away with gender binaries and recognizing the ‘reality,' 'legitimacy' and 'importance of ‘gender fluidity’.” In other words, a person’s anatomy has nothing to do with their gender! Though I’ve put this person’s words in quotes, it’s possible the quote isn’t exactly word for word; but, it is very close.

After Bruce Jenner was hailed as a hero, I finally had to speak up. The Emperor’s New Clothes was exposed by little ole me. I asked why a conference full of well-educated people are now defining heroes and taking their mental health cues from an individual who is emotionally disturbed and on suicide-watch as I spoke? Then I reminded them that their own Diagnostic Statistical Manual (the DSM) the “bible” of modern mental health would have defined Mr. Jenner as mentally ill just a few decades ago. The problem is that, like our government, particularly the Supreme Court, Americans now make our moral and legal decisions based on feelings. Logic, hard science and “the obvious” no longer matter. God’s Word isn’t even in the equation. Thanks postmodernism!


Shortly after returning from out west, the Supreme Court proved their “supreme” fallibility by legalizing the oxymoronic concept of same-sex “marriage” in all 50 states-a decision that has already affected SHA. The blind masses have no idea what or how this is going to impact our nation. I believe it IS God’s judgement on us-just a continuation of what’s been happening in the midst of Him trying to be patient and gracious with us for the past 50 years. But, as a nation, we aren’t catching on. Already, secular associations are strong-arming SHA to agree to unbiblical policies in this area or be ousted as members! I see a long and tough row to hoe coming for SHA; because, legal mandates are right around the corner. Just what we need at SHA another giant to slay! I’ve been warning about this for years. When government becomes God and foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? I’m not as upset with our government as I am a citizenry that is short-sighted, ill informed and brain-washed in postmodern thought enough to vote-in the government it actually deserves. I’m even more upset with the church, who’s infrastructure dwarfs that of it’s homosexual antagonists, for allowing a mouse to slay a passive lion!

If we don’t get involved in the policy-making process in this country, our kids and grandkids are going to find themselves in an even darker and dirtier place than we already live in today; because, faith without works is DEAD! Without some drastic and immediate action, SHA may never be allowed to steer another kid out of a lifestyle that is statistically proven to take many more years off a person’s life than cigarettes ever could! Why? Because it will become illegal for a loving, caring professional to tell a kid or an adult that his “feelings," no matter how dangerous they might be to his future and the future of others, are to be followed and nurtured and not to be tampered with by religious nut-jobs like the folks at SHA. It doesn’t matter that we see kids healed regularly! Between SHA and L2P we have a microphone, a platform and a proving ground for our position. Yet, these things don’t hold a candle to the huge microphone and platform modern psychology and homosexual lobbyists possess. And they have no proving ground at all! But, the church has all three of these things in abundance! It just isn’t organized and mobilized enough. As a church, we’re too comfortable. But, sure enough, the polygamists, pedophiles and incest-rights advocates are already organizing and mobilizing to capitalize on the great big door our Supreme Court has now left open for them. These advocates of perversion are NOT comfortable, at least, not until they get what they want. But, we saw this coming. When and how can the church get better mobilized and organized? At SHA, we’re not used to being comfortable.

As I’ve said before, real ministry is real messy! Please pray for us as we all pray that the church at large will awaken to her responsibility to God and to generations after us. Our “Wonderful Life” will no longer be wonderful if we refuse to deal with the Emperor’s New Clothes!

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