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  The Movement Messenger | Vol. 2 – Issue 6 | July 2015
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Indie Books by New Internationalist

Movement Media began with the intention to work with people and groups whose work truly resonates with us and with whom we share mutual passion and concerns. Last month, we did some publicity work for New Internationalist Books, an offshoot of the independent media cooperative New Internationalist, which offers in-depth reporting in the service of exposing inequality and promoting global justice. It has done so through its celebrated magazine since 1973.

Goodbye God?On behalf of the Movement team, Jazmín has been taking the lead on promoting two of New Internationalist’s new titles. “Goodbye God?” is a full length graphic nonfiction book that tackles creationism in the classroom on both sides of the Atlanticin the US and the UK. Author Sean Michael Wilson goes further, picking apart other negative aspects of religion, and Hunt Emerson’s artwork throughout brings the book to life.

Cooked UpCooked Up,” edited by Elaine Chiew, is a petite book of short fiction featuring celebrated and emerging writers from around the globe. Food is the thread running throughout each tale of love, war, ethics, race, family, community, and other themes. 

Both titles and many more are available at NewInt.Org/books; drop by the site to check out the selection and support independent publishing! 

Ryan Fletcher
on behalf of Movement Media

In the Works

Dr. Bronner's

We are continuing to promote Dr. Bronner's 2015 All-One Report which details the company’s commitment to activism, corporate responsibility, environmental sustainability, modeling progressive business practices in general.

In conjunction, we have been continuing to promote the brand’s newly redesigned "Old and Improved" package labeling. 

Last but not least we were thrilled last month to announce a recent collaboration between Dr. Bronner's and Sea Shepherd to support the organization’s campaign to save pilot whales off the coast of the Faroe Islands.

Vote Hemp & Hemp Industries Association

Hemp History Week made a huge media impact this year, with coverage in top outlets including Rodale, Organic Spa, and Huffington Post & C-SPAN just to name a few of our favorites. Summer remains busy with hemp news as we prepare for the annual Hemp Industries Association Conference happening in September. Interested in attending? Learn more about the conference here.

In the News

bottles through the years
New Logo and Packaging for Dr. Bronner’s - Spaceship Type
by Armin

Organic exemption expected soon
by Geraldine Warner
The Gentle Barn logo
Young Steer Rescued By The Gentle Barn Moved To New Home
by Heather Harbin

muddy people bathing
Drought doesn’t make everyone a stick in the mud
by Deke Farrow

hemp greenhouse with sky
Colorado hemp grows from novelty to industry with potential
by Steve Raabe
hemp field and sky
The emerging [re] interest in industrial hemp 
by Adam Hinterthuer

3 Tasty and Nutritious Ways to Celebrate Hemp History Week
by Laurel Leicht

On our Minds

RyanRyan: Last month I took a deeper look at Mask magazine and I love what they are doing. Mask is an awesome new online independent style & culture magazine that is committed to being advertising free and to paying contributors! It's member supported, so check it out and consider signing up for a subscription for as little as $2 per month! 
LaurenLauren: Have I been living under a soundproof rock since 2000? I've only just discovered the new instrument, hang drum—an otherworldly percussive pan at the heart of an interesting, ongoing controversy over whether the concept of a musical instrument can be trademarked. 
JazminJazmín: I visited Charleston’s Old Slave Mart Museum over 4th of July weekend. During the 16th-19th centuries, Charleston was a hub of the slave trade, which also took place up North. In her “White Shoes” photo series, Nona Faustine poses nude in New York City sites related to early slavery in the United States. 
TomTom: I’m happy to hear that Oaksterdam University, the nation's only recognized cannabis college, came to Washington, DC! Oaksterdam's team of cannabis experts held a two-day certified career training program for DC residents interested in entering the legal cannabis industry. Even for those not interested in entering the industry, this event promised to be greatly beneficial for DC residents seeking to improve their growing skills and better understand their rights under new DC laws. 
MichelleMichelle: I wish this wasn't something on my mind, but after looking through this slideshow of animals who are now extinct, I am unable to shake it. This put all the damage that humans are causing the environment in such sad perspective for me. Who knew a slideshow could evoke such emotion? 

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