#Ferguson Reading List, Small Farmers Can Curb Climate Change, Dr. Bronner’s Fights GMOs, Farmers Harvest Hemp 

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  The Movement Messenger | Vol. 1 – Issue 3 | September 2013
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People’s Voices: Many Struggles, One Fight

As summer winds down, it's back to school and back to work for many across the country. However, the events of this summer make it hard to focus on business-as-usual. We've been outraged at the recent acts of state violence in Gaza and Ferguson, Missouri. Our hearts go out to the victims and survivors of this brutality. 

The people’s uprisings in Ferguson have inspired us, and we have been appreciating the critical journalism surrounding Michael Brown’s death, which helps expand our collective understanding. A small sampling of pieces that have moved us, or that we’ve found useful, is included in a special section below.   

In other absolutely outrageous and tragic news, last month, Luke O'Donovan—a hate crime survivor whose case we helped publicize—was sentenced to 10 years in prison for defending himself from his attackers. We highlight an important piece on this by Natasha Lennard in our “In the News Section."

September will be a busy month for Movement Media. Dr. Bronner's is continuing efforts to promote GMO Labeling with a new agit-prop label in support of Oregon’s Measure 92. Fair World Project will be representing at the People's Climate March in New York while promoting the theme of small farming and its potential for reducing climate change. The first hemp harvests in over 50 years are happening now in Kentucky, Colorado and Vermont, and the hemp industry will meet in DC for its 21st annual conference. Also, our friends at Compassion Over Killing will hold their annual DC VegFest here in Washington, DC. 

As always, we welcome your thoughts and communications.

All the best,

Ryan Fletcher
on behalf of Movement Media

In the Works

Small Farmers Can Curb Climate Change

Our friends at Fair World Project (FWP), a project of the Organic Consumers Association—the nation’s largest network of green and ethical consumers—is calling on the United Nations to put small farmers at the forefront of September’s climate change summit in New York. United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has convened a climate summit in New York on September 23rd; however, absent from both UN and government discussions is the critical and hopeful message that small organic farmers and pastoralists can cool the planet and feed the world. Check out this awesome infographic on the subject. We will be publicizing several releated events and helping Fair World Project make a video exploring this topic! 
Dr. Bronner's Supports GMO labeling in Oregon and Colorado

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps has created a special advocacy label for its quart-size liquid soaps in support of GMO labeling and the Oregon and Colorado voter-led efforts to label GMOs, Measure 92 and Initiative 105, respectively. Natural product stores throughout Oregon and Colorado, and Dr. Bronner’s webstore, will stock the limited edition soap label starting in September through November of 2014. An image of the special Colorado ‘GMO Info’ label is available here.
Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association

As hemp is harvested in Colorado, Vermont and Kentucky this autumn, leaders in the hemp industry and hemp legalization movement will gather in Washington, DC for the 21st annual Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Conference and Lobby Day, September 21 - 22. (Interested to attend? Registration information can be found on the HIA website.) We'll be at the conference, interviewing hemp farmers and business leaders for HIA and Vote Hemp's upcoming video projects, connecting attendees with journalists covering hemp, and developing media strategy for elevating nationwide dialog on hemp legalization, hemp businesses and products in 2015. 

Growing Warriors has proceeded with processing the hemp grown in Mount Vernon, Kentucky, with help from Fibershed, a North Carolina organization working to expand the local, artisan and American-made fiber and textile industry. 
Good Clean Love
Movement is delighted to introduce a new client, Good Clean Love. Good Clean Love, a certified Benefit Corporation founded by Wendy Strgar, is a leader in the sexual health industry, offering alternatives to the harmful petrochemical products that dominate the marketplace and harm our bodies. With offerings including the best-selling organic personal lubricant in the country, Good Clean Love is addressing an important but often not discussed aspect of personal health. The heart of Good Clean Love’s mission is to increase the quality and quantity of loving relationships on the planet. For more on that, check out it’s innovative Love Agent program. We’ll share more about Good Clean Love soon, but for now, we’ll say: welcome!

In the News

Our Hen House Logo
“The Conventional View Serves to Protect us from the Painful Job of Thinking” is the apt title of this podcast featuring an interview with David Bronner, where he runs the gamut of discussing how Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps’ company ethos plays out it in its practices. 
Bars of Soaps in German LifeFive generations of master soap makers come full circle in Germany.  
German Life’s Kim Carpenter focuses in on Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps through a German Lens.
David Bronner and Coconut Oil

August Right To Know Champion – David Bronner
Just Label It! interviews David Bronner, its August’s “Right to Know Champion,” on the topic of GMO labeling movement leaders and his own inspiration to fight for transparency.
Drawing of Luke O'Donnovan

Prison and Exile for Luke O’Donovan: a Price of Fighting Back Against Gay Bashers
Natasha Lennard covers the cruel and archaic sentence inflicted on a man fighting for his life in this opinion piece for Vice.
Hand holding hempseeds
Homecoming for Hemp: Rebirth sprouting in Kentucky Research Plots
"What we've learned is it will grow well in Kentucky," Comer said. "It yields a lot per acre. All the things that we predicted."
Daily Coffee New Logo

Fair World Project’s analysis and rankings of leading US coffee roasters’ practices are spelled out in this article by Nick Brown.

Daniel McGowan in hoodie
Environmental Activist Daniel McGowan, Jailed for Blogging, Is Suing the Bureau of Prisons

by Anna Merlan, Village Voice
Drawing of Luke O'DonnovanDaniel McGowan, Jailed For HuffPost Blog, Files Lawsuit Against Bureau Of Prisons

by Matt Sledge, Huffington Post
Daniel McGowan entering police vehicle
Environmentalist Daniel McGowan Sues over Arrest for Writing Article

in Democracy Now!

On our Minds

Ryan: 11 RyanNorth Carolina police willfully ignored whistleblower video of chickens buried alive; check out this opinion piece by Compassion Over Killing’s  Executive Director Erica Meier in the Raleigh News and Observer. 
Lauren: Are grocery stores agents of gentrification? Vann R. Newkirk II examines this concept in Irrigating the (Food) Desert: A Tale of Gentrification in D.C.
Jazmín: More deaths at the hands of law enforcement: Border Patrol shootings
Tom: What if our windows were made of solar panels, and entire buildings were covered in them?
Michelle: A landmark Oregon Supreme Court ruling changes how animals are considered in court; a Lone Star tick bite changes how omnivores eat. 


#Ferguson Reading List

The Ferguson Riots are Not a Shift Away from Peace, They're a Challenge to Violence | by Natasha Lennard | Vice News 

This is Why We're Mad about the Shooting of Mike Brown | by Kara Brown | Jezebel 

Step Back with Riot Shaming | by Mask Magazine

Activists Explain Why the Mike Brown Shooting is a Feminist Issue | by Jezebel

The Making of Outside Agitators | by Crimethinc

What They Mean when They Say Peace | by Crimethinc 

Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered ByPolice | by Mia McKenzie | Black Girl Dangerous

The Price of Blackness | by Lanre Akinsiku | Gawker

Racism and Black Life: Feared, Presumed Guilty, Harassed | by Carolyn Hyppolite | Still Small Voices

We Stand with Ferguson Curriculum Guide
 | National Domestic Worker's Alliance 

"Outside agitators” | by 
Mumia Abu Jamal

Ella’s Song: “We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest Until it Comes” | by Nan Dillard featuring music by Sweet Honey in the Rock | Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
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