We celebrate the top ten moments of Movement's first year!
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Activists at Heart, Publicists by Trade

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  The Movement Messenger | Vol. 1 – Issue 4 | October 2014
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Gratitude for our first year's success

Movement Media officially began on October 1, 2013, one year ago. Last September, Lauren and I were attending Expo East--the big East Coast gathering of the natural products industry which we attend for Dr. Bronner's, Fair World Project, and our hemp industry clients. One night after a benefit dinner for the GMO labeling campaign in Washington State, I discovered I had appendicitis! Early the next morning I went to the emergency room and about 8 hours later I was undergoing surgery in a Baltimore hospital. 

On Monday I was back home in Washington, DC, on pain killers and waiting out my 2 weeks of prescribed bed rest during what was Movement Media's first official week as a business. Lauren, Jazmín, Michelle, and Tom came together and helped cover for me as I healed. Eventually I was back on my feet--and since then we've had an amazing year of many hard fought campaigns, exciting accomplishments, and really enriching work with colleagues who have become dear friends over the years. This business could not have begun without the support of David, Michael, and Trudy Bronner, Christina Volgyesi, Dana Geffner, Eric Steenstra, Iselin Gambert, Jen Angel, and Adam Eidinger. And of course, a big thanks and my heartfelt appreciation to Lauren, Jazmín, Michelle, and Tom -- I feel delighted, inspired, and fortunate to work with all of you. Thank you so much. 

We start this newsletter with a top ten of our favorite projects that we've been involved with this past year. Really, these 10 barely scratch the surface, but it’s a start. Check it out. 

Once again, thanks to everyone who has supported us for a fantastic first year and please, let's be in touch! 


Ryan Fletcher
on behalf of Movement Media
Momentous Moments of Year One 

1) Dr. Bronner's new website
We consulted and crafted strategy to assist with Dr. Bronner's new website launched earlier this year. We advised on content and style and wrote much of the copy to revamp this site. 

2) Advocacy Videos
We worked with our clients to produce a variety of advocacy videos on everything from industrial hemp to fair trade issues.
3) Dr. Bronner's Animal Advocacy 
We worked with Dr. Bronner's to roll out a new project to build partnerships with a variety of animal advocacy organizations and helped direct $100,000 toward supporting effective action on behalf of animal advocacy and protection. 

4) David Bronner Takes on Pro-GMO Media and Support for Yes on 92
In addition to Dr. Bronner’s donation of one million dollars to the GMO labeling initiative in Oregon, Yes on 92, and its support of the GMO labeling effort in Colorado, David Bronner has become a vocal proponent for GMO labeling, publishing the article, “Herbicide & Insecticide Use on GMO Crops Skyrocketing While Pro-GMO Media Run Interference,” in numerous online media. Movement has helped coordinate Dr. Bronner’s media presence within the GMO debate, and worked with David to connect with leading journalists covering the issue. 

5) Hemp Planted in Kentucky
We organized a press conference and media event for the first industrial hemp planting in KY post the passage of Section 7606 of the farm bill, which legalized research cultivation of hemp in key states with existing pro-hemp laws. Though the imported seed was detained, and the inaugural planting delayed that day, the event generated many articles at the local, state and national levels, covering the return of hemp to U.S. soil

6) Connections with Local Youth Organizers    
Every summer, Many Languages, One Voice (MLOV), a local group working for language access in DC, hosts a leadership development program for English Language Learner and immigrant youth which combines political education with hands-on organizing skills. We’re delighted that Movement was invited to present a Media 101 workshop to help empower youth to get the stories that matter to them in press.

7) Small Farmers Cool the Planet!
This is one of our latest projects. We've been working closely with Fair World Project (FWP) to publicize work and research showing that we can restore balance, and reverse climate change through regenerative organic agriculture. FWP is working on educating consumers and citizens to help them understand that through small-scale farming, this is possible. An educational video is in the works and just last week we marched with FWP and 400,000 others in NYC for the People's Climate March. 

8) Expanded Dr. Bronner’s Public Relations and Media Presence Internationally 
We’ve continued work to expand Dr. Bronner’s media presence in international markets. Last spring, we had the opportunity to join Dr. Bronner’s international meeting at Expo West where we discussed media, PR and marketing strategies with international distributors and managers with representatives from Australia, Germany, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. We have continued to work closely with these individuals to share media strategy advice and consult on Dr. Bronner’s international markets’ PR outreach. Check out this video from Singapore

9) Our own website:  
Shortly after Movement Media began, we launched our own website. It is an evolving project which has expanded to include our growing client base, new videos, and an archive of all our newsletters. 

10) ForestEthics
We enjoyed working with ForestEthics throughout the year on their campaigns to expose the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and to halt Tar Sands projects in the Pacific Northwest. 

In the Works

Dr. Bronner's Supports GMO labeling in Oregon and Colorado

With voters in Oregon and Colorado headed to the polls in November to decide on the issue of mandatory GMO labeling, we’ve been working to disseminate far and wide David Bronner’s recent article, “Herbicide and Insecticide Use on GMO Crops Skyrocketing While Pro-GMO Media Run Interference.” Prominent media outlets nationwide are closely following these labeling initiatives as the movement to label GMOs gains momentum and benefits from the support of “organic goods industry heavyweights” such as Dr. Bronner’s.
Hemp Industries Association

The 21st annual Hemp Industries Association Conference was a huge success, with record attendance including founders of nascent state chapters and new hemp businesses joining HIA. While conference attendees lobbied Congress to support hemp legislation, Movement worked with videographer Nasreen Alkhateeb to shoot footage for the upcoming 2015 Hemp History Week video. Thanks, Nasreen! 
Fair Word Project

Fair World Project attended the People's Climate March in NYC last week. An estimated 400,000 people attended the march. We were there with the Fair World Project, who, in conjunction with Organic Consumers Association, Carbon Underground, La Via Campesina, The Rodale Institute, and others hosted a press conference on the positive impact regenerative organic agriculture can have on climate change. 

We conducted a number of interviews on this subject for a forthcoming video, including with Vandana Shiva. Here is an excerpt of Vandana’s interview on hope.

In the News

combine harvesting wheatThe biggest proponents of GMO labeling in Oregon launch their first ad
The ad buy represents an early shot in what is expected to be an expensive battle.
by Niraj Chokshi
hemp leaves
Hemp crop from detained seeds harvested in KY 
Kentucky's hemp experiment is expected to grow next year. 
by Bruce Schreiner  

Bloomberg LogoDr. Bronner's betting big on Oregon's pro-GMO labeling campaign
by Dana Tims
hempseed-covered snacksMeatless Monday: Hemp seeds add protein to apricot chews
This is the third in a three-part Meatless Monday series on incorporating hemp seeds into recipes.
by Sarah Gish

On our Minds

RyanRyan: There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about the gentrification that has all but consumed my hometown. Check out this insightful piece on gentrification in DC at Jacobin. On a lighter note, a development project I am actually excited about: Native Foods, the awesome vegan restaurant chain, opened in DC this week! 
LaurenLauren: My dear friend Kelsey Kobik, an astute photographer and videographer up in Maine, has launched her new website. Stunningly beautiful, seeing the world through her lens--congratulations, Kelsey!
Also, I've been pondering the history of mapping boundaries and the creation of states and nationalism with the help of Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities.
Jazmin Jazmín: Latino USA’s language-focused episode features DC local Quique Aviles’s blunt analysis of gentrification in our own neighborhood. And here’s a recent episode of Alt.Latino, a weekly music and culture program available to NPR affiliates                                               starting this October. Ask for it!
TomTom: For the first time ever, Dr. Oz has asked his fans to sign a petition. The petition is for the EPA to reject approval of Enlist Duo, a 2,4-D and glyphosate herbicide combination developed by Dow Chemical Company for use on GMO crops.
Michelle: Gnarled and funky is more delicious: hear how Vermonters and Jamaicans continue heirloom apple traditions. Also, army men toys find a new pastime with Yoga Jones

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