Small-scales farmers rolling back climate change, Lisa Bronner in Rodale, and other Movement Media news.
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  The Movement Messenger | Vol. 2 – Issue 2 | February 2015
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Fair World Project Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

2015 is off to a good start here at Movement Media. This month we highlight Fair World Project’s Indiegogo crowdfunding project to fund their Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet and Feed the World educational campaign. Between September and now, I’ve traveled between New York City, Nicaragua, and the San Francisco Bay Area to film interviews and footage for a new short documentary on climate change and agroecology that will be the centerpiece of this Fair World Project effort. We can’t wait to share the video with you next month. 

We are working with Dr. Bronner’s to unveil some big announcements and news this March; in the meantime Lisa Bronner published a great piece over at Rodale, and the San Diego Union Tribune ran an extensive new feature on Dr. Bronner’s past and present. 

In other news, our friends at the Humane Society of the United States made the Wall Street Journal last month with news that they landed the endorsements of Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis for its shareholder proposal that Hormel Foods Corporation, the maker of Spam, detail the financial risks that could arise from the meatpacker’s reliance on hog farmers who house pregnant sows in enclosures called gestation crates. Read the article to learn more. 

Finally, I want to give a shout out to my friend Jonathan Kirkendall who just revamped the website for his private therapy practice. His work is devoted to helping others live mindful and fulfilling lives. If you have ever wanted to explore mindfulness meditation or therapy with a true rebel spirit who understands facing fear and walking the less traveled path, Jonathan might be your guy. 

Read on for our In the Works, In the News, and On Our Minds updates. Until we meet again, be well, and we hope to be in touch soon. 


Ryan Fletcher
on behalf of Movement Media 

In the Works

Dr. Bronner's

As Dr. Bronner’s prepares to make some big announcements this spring, we’re busy creating media materials and outreach strategy prior to  Natural Products Expo West, advancing progress on Dr. Bronner’s fair trade ingredients videos, working with with animal advocacy groups and vegan living programs to promote cruelty-free lifestyles, and continuing work on Hemp History Week. We’re also excited to share Lisa Bronner’s second publish on Maria Rodale’s blog, and also in Prevention: “If It Can Rot, Eat It!
Vote Hemp & Hemp Industries Association

Will 2015 finally be the year of the legalization of hemp farming in the U.S.? This past month, both the House and Senate introduced complementary versions of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which would remove hemp from its current scheduling in the Controlled Substances Act. This bill introduction, so early in the session of a new Congress, seems a good omen to the hemp movement; yet much work remains with less than ½ of all states on board to legalize hemp. Be sure to read the San Francisco Chronicle two-part article in the “In the News” section below, by Brooks Mencher, with whom we worked extensively to explain the long history and ongoing struggle to bring back common-sense policy on hemp to the U.S. after decades of prohibition.  
Fair World Project 

Fair World Project poster by Favianna RodriguezThis week, Fair World Project launched an Indiegogo fundraiser for its Small-Scale Farmers Can Cool the Planet and Feed the World Campaign. Funds raised will go towards distributing a work by political artist Favianna Rodriguez created especially for Fair World Project, and to complete and distribute a mini documentary on small-scale farmers, climate change, and regenerative organic agriculture. Follow @fairworldprj on twitter for updates and check out the Indiegogo campaign now. 
DC Public Library - Orwellian America

Big Brother is watching you. If you don’t already get that feeling walking around DC, the posters Movement wheatpasted throughout the city last month may have reminded you. 

Big Brother is watching you poster in the wild

These were part of promotional work around the Orwellian America event series put on by DC Public Library, which kicked off with a standing-room-only screening of “The Internet’s Own Boy” at the Black Cat, and continued with other events throughout January. We love to see our public library engage with vital topics like government transparency and privacy, and had a great time working on this project. Many thanks to Eric Riley for seeking us out!
New Internationalist Books 

Why Things Are Going to Get Worse...And Why We Should Be GladLast month we concluded our work on “Why Things Are Going To Get Worse…And Why We Should Be Glad,” the new title by Mike Roscoe published by New Internationalist Books--stay tuned for reviews. If you have questions about how our global economy came to be and how we might direct where it’s headed, this book is for you. 

In the News

Field of HempMaligned and banned: The American comeback of industrial hemp
By Brooks Mencher
Senator Mark Leno
An end to exile: Hemp’s bright American future
By Brooks Mencher 
Shikaki conditioner
Safe Shampoos, Without the Questionable Chemicals
By Julia Westbrook

All-One Ark
Dr. Bronner's grandsons refocus soap biz
By Peter Rowe
soapy human in the All-One Ark
Sudsing up with Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
U-T San Diego

NBC coverage of industrial hemp
Groups to Lobby for Industrial Hemp Use in VA
montage of hemp product images
Will 2015 bring legalization of hemp?
By David Bergman
Politico logoHemp has friends in high places, but no crop insurance
By Jenny Hopkinson

On our Minds

RyanRyan: I was captivated recently by writer Lindy West’s recent piece “Ask Not for Whom the Bell Trolls: It Trolls for Thee” on This American Life. She eloquently traverses the intersecting topics of internet trolling, rape culture, fat shame, and men who hate women with a surprising and humanizing twist. It brought tears to my eyes.  
Lauren: DC city government is in the beginning stages of selling historic McMillan Park--the first de-segregated park in the district, and an Olmstead park designed during the City Beautiful movement of the early 20th century--to the highest bidder for commercial development (think luxury condos and a franchise shopping center.) Join me as a Friend of McMillan Park in organizing to keep this public space for public use! 
Jazmin Jazmín: Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is taking control of his labor and getting the best use out of his PR by speaking to the press on his own terms. See this astute analysis of NFL exploitation and player resistance.
TomTom: This past month new Maryland Governor Larry Hogan repealed the phosphorous management tool regulations introduced by former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. Agriculture is the number one cause of pollution in the Chesapeake Bay and the phosphorus management tool regulations would have improved the cleanliness and quality of the bay and helped bring back sea life like crabs and oysters. Thriving sea life could lead to a thriving economy by putting fisherfolk and water workers back to work. Hogan should see that it is a no brainer to clean up the environment and give a boost to the economy at the same time. 
MichelleMichelle: MIT researchers believe they’ve identified the mechanism that gives us the elusive aroma of new rain. Very cool.
Also, check out the top ten vegetarian restaurants in the world and start planning trips--real or imaginary--to try them in

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