Remembering Ralph Bronner; other major announcements from Dr. Bronner's including their first annual CSR report, new product labels, and new toothpaste; plus a new issue of For a Better World; and much more!
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Activists at Heart, Publicists by Trade

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  The Movement Messenger | Vol. 2 – Issue 3 | March 2015
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Defying Normal: Dr. Bronner's Engine for Social Change

This past month at Movement Media we’ve been gearing up to make a series of major announcements on behalf of Dr. Bronner’s. However there is one piece of news that none of us could really prepare for. With heavy hearts, we faced the recent passing of Ralph Bronner, a force of love and guidance behind the Bronner business and family. Ralph was the first son of company founder Emanuel Bronner, and helped transcribe his father’s Moral ABC after Emanuel lost his sight. Following his father’s death, Ralph helped steer the company in a soulful and right direction, all while remembering to stay human, and always put people before profits. Father, husband, and teacher, Ralph was known for saying that he was “not normal,” and he was right. Ralph was an incredibly inspiring and exceptional human-being. He was also a storyteller. You can see some of best recorded stories here. Enjoy. We did. 

Ralph Bronner
In Memoriam 1936-2015

We are honored to be working with Dr. Bronner’s this spring to publicize a series of developments that bridge the Old and the New. You can see more details in our In The Works section below. 

All the best,
Ryan Fletcher
on behalf of Movement Media 

In the Works

Dr. Bronner's

We have been working closely with Dr. Bronner’s, family owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America on preparing four important announcements to share this spring. As the company looks forward to a year, and more so -- a long future -- of growth, action, and social-giving, this week the company is unveiling its new “Old & Improved” product labels, their first annual All‐One Report, a brand new toothpaste product, and the republishing of founder, Emanuel Bronner’s Moral ABC book. For more information check out Dr. Bronner’s latest press release
Emmanuel Bronner

We are particularly excited about the company’s first annual All-One Report. This striking document includes a collection of writings and stories by company leadership and staff expounding on the brand’s dedication to social and environmental change; data on the brand’s sustainability programs and progressive business practices; its financial contributions to charitable and activist causes including GMO labeling, drug policy reform, animal advocacy, and the commercialization of industrial hemp; and details on how Dr. Bronner’s plans to reach future sustainability goals. This report blows us away -- we think you will be impressed as well. 

All One Report contents

Vote Hemp & Hemp Industries Association

This month we have been spreading the latest press release for the 6th annual Hemp History Week Campaign, while continuing outreach to campaign endorsers and new supporters Jason Mraz and Doug Fine, and new sponsor Daily Greens. Stay tuned for more from Vote Hemp and Hemp History Week -- including news of the 2014 market data for hemp products in the U.S., and hemp planting events this coming spring. 
Fair World Project 

The Spring issue of beautiful For A Better World coverFor a Better World-- Fair World Project’s quarterly publication-- is now available. From farmworkers organizing for higher wages and fair treatment in Washington state to the close link between migration and Free Trade agreements as well as an introduction to “ag-gag” laws that attempt to prevent whistleblowers from shining light on factory farm practices -- the issue is packed with diverse stories on food justice, the latter article is even written by our own Movement Media director, Ryan Fletcher. 

“Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet!”, the crowdfunding campaign to help publicize how small-scale farming can reverse climate change, has raised an impressive $6,000, and is now in the final days, with 4 days to go to get to $8,000. Take a look at the crowdfunding page, check out the perks, and consider giving to this important project! 

In related news, the Small Farmers Cool the Planet video that we are creating for Fair World Project  is in final production and will be released in mid-March. Stay tuned to Fair World Project and the next Movement Messenger for more on this.

In the News

smiling farmer
Southern Oregon medical marijuana growers fear industrial hemp could ruin their crops
By Noelle Crombie
field of hemp
As Marijuana Legalization Continues, Industrial Hemp Legalization May Be Next
By Kathleen Caulderwood

In Memoriam: Ralph Bronner
Whole Foods Magazine
David in a cage
Will marijuana legalization light up Jewish advocacy?
By Rebecca Spence

Shiny Hair
“No poo” wasn’t for me, here’s what is
By Margaret Badore

On our Minds

RyanRyan: Two things this time around. First, a song via a new music video by my old friend David Combs. Second, our friends at Aid & Abet are booking events for this interesting new collection of social justice influenced sci-fi stories. 
Lauren: Music minded, per usual. Enjoy some not-so-easy but profound listening: Sacred Harp (Appalachia shape note a cappella singing) and No Know sound band
Jazmin Jazmín: The just premiered film, Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley, will resonate with Movement Messenger readers who feel a connection with cooperatives, palm oil, revolution, and justice. Check out the trailer.
TomTom: February 26th marked the day that marijuana became legal in Washington, DC, after 70% of city voters approved legalization in November. This is a huge step for the national movement to legalize marijuana. This Washington Post article details DC’s new law, the political struggle to enact it and what it means for citizens of the district.
MichelleMichelle: This month I want to link our readers to a story the New York Times ran this past Sunday about scientist Wei-Hock Soon. He's a well known climate change skeptic and it's come to light that he's been accepting money from corporate funders whose industries are hurting our environment and impacting global warming -- a conflict of interest to say the least.

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